My base assumption is that each season is roughly a calendar year.
All timing below is based on that. (See FAQ for details.)
We're given almost no specific dates or times, so much of what's here is a guess.
I assume that aired canon happens chronologically unless we're told otherwise.

Several seasons have incomplete information. I'll get to them as I have
time. I'm putting this up even in its incomplete form because I figure a partial timeline
is better than nothing.

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Lines between entries are a basic 'time passes' indicator, for situations
where I don't know how much time has passed between events,
usually in different episodes.

nb: In late eighth season, prop canon appeared suggesting that the end of first season happened in August 1997, rather than later in that year. I ignore that (see FAQ for details on why).
If you believe that the date on the calendar is correct, basically this entire timeline will be wrong for you in specifics, and only good for a general sense of the universe's overall chronology


Ancient History

5-10 million years ago

After a journey of possibly thousands of years, the Altera (Ancients) discover a 'great belt of stars' and make their home on a world they call Avalon (Earth), and begin building astria porta (stargates). (Avalon part 2)

The Ancients live on Earth, based in the city of Atlantis on the Antarctic continent. (SGA: Rising pt 1)


Several million years ago

The Ancients in the Milky Way are struck by a virulent plague that starts to wipe out the race. (Full Circle, SGA: Rising pt 1)

The Ancients leave Earth, flying off in the city of Atlantis, headed for the Pegasus galaxy. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Millions of years ago (3-50 million), Ayiana, who was possibly/probably an Ancient, was put into cyrogenic stasis and somehow wound up in the Antarctic. (Frozen)

This is most likely to have happened when the Ancients flew off in Atlantis, but there is no specific, spoken canon to support that.


'Ages ago'

Ages ago, built up over several millennia, there was an alliance of four races: the Ancients, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox.

The Ancients supposedly moved on long ago, leaving behind their technology, knowledge, and allies. In fact, they were overcome by plague -- most died, but some of them ascended to a higher plane and became known as Ascendants, although for the most part they didn't interfere with other races.

The Asgard have remained active participants in galactic (and inter-galactic) affairs, interacting with younger races.

The Furlings seem to have vanished leaving only one trace, on Ernest's planet. That trace evidence has since fallen into a sea and vanished as well.

The Nox remain, but have withdrawn from galactic affairs for the most part.


ca. 100,000 BC

A plural-minded organism (almost bacteria-like) that lives on P5C-353 creates an orb and retreated to it when its/their world is dying. They lay dormant for 100,000 years. (Message in a Bottle)


ca. 28,000 BC

A ship is launched from the Asgard homeworld, its crew in suspended animation. The Asgard also embark on (or possibly continue) a plan of genetic manipulation, changing their form. (Revelations)


ca. 13,000 BC

A likely alien gate terminal on Hadante is set up. (Prisoners)


ca. 9000 BC

Altair's biosphere begins to fail, and a man named Hubald creates an underground complex for the survivors of his race. About a thousand people transfer their consciousnesses to synthetic bodies, to allow the ract to survive in at least some fashion. (Tin Man)


ca. 8000 BC

Myrddin is among the Ancients who flee Atlantis and return to Earth. (Avalon part 1)

Ra arrives on Earth and takes a human host. (Stargate, the movie)

The Goa'uld who controls the planet where Kelowna, Andaria, and Tirania eventually emerged attempts some experiments with creating naquadria bombs, and nearly destroys the planet. (Meridian)


ca 3000 BC

Ra is still on Earth. (Moebius part 1)

SG-1 travels back in time to roughly 3,000 BC to try to find and take a ZPM in Ra's possession before he leaves the planet with it. They gain access to Ra's temple in a public audience, then slip further in, taking out a Horus guard to steal his armor. Teal'c disguises himself as the Horus guard (complete with retracting helmet) and steals the ZPM. Unable to return to the jumper, SG-1 plants the ZPM and a camcorder with recordings from all of them detailing what happened and why in a First Dynasty tomb that Daniel knows will be dug up shortly before they leave in the future. (Moebius part 1)

SG-1 is trapped on Earth in the past. They decide to jumpstart the rebellion, but during the process, Jack, Sam, and Teal'c are captured and executed. Daniel survives and works with a man named Kapet to continue planning the rebellion, more slowly and carefully this time. (Moebius part 2)


ca. 2995 BC

The alternate-timeline Jack, Sam, and Teal'c arrive in ancient Egypt to keep Ra from leaving with the stargate, and to help with the uprising. No record of their existence or action survives into the future -- only the actions of the original-timeline team, on the camcorder. (Moebius part 2)

The uprising against Ra succeeds, and the stargate is successfully stolen and buried where it can be found later by Dr. Langford. (Moebius part 2)


ca. 2000 BC

Omoroca comes to Earth to try to free its people from Goa'uld tyranny. The Goa'uld Belus kills her. (Fire and Water)


ca. 1000 BC

Thanos is still living on Jonas's world. He creates naquadria in the lab, but something goes wrong and it explodes, killing him and releasing sub-atomic particles that catalyze a nearby naquadah deposit, which turns into naquadria. (Fallout)

nb: This is a timeline glitch, since originally Thanos is supposed to have nearly destroyed the world with that explosion around 8,000 BC, according to both Daniel and Jonas in Meridian


ca. 900 BC

Early Mayan tribes are using a piece of alien technology to serve as a Fountain of Youth. It's connected with Chac, the Mayan rain god (who may also be the Goa'uld Telchak). (Evolution, part 1)




ca. 0001

The stargate at Giza is buried. (Frozen)

(Personal note: This is beyond absurd. We have extensive written records from the period, and people would have jotted down a note or two about hordes of godlike alien enslavers being thrown off the planet en masse by a widespread uprising of the downtrodden. Really. The original explanation of this happening ten thousand years ago makes much more sense.)

Hathor is imprisoned (by an unknown person or persons) in a sarcophagus that is later found in a Mayan temple (no idea whether she starts out in the temple, or if the sarcophagus is moved there). (Hathor)

The Bedrosian and Optrican world undergo a period of severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, later known as the Upheaval, which buries their stargate and DHD. (New Ground)

Egeria spawns the Tok'ra. (Upgrades) She is then assumed killed on Earth (by Ra), but is in fact imprisoned on the planet Pangara. (Cure)

The Goa'uld abandon Kelowna completely -- the ring platform falls into disuse. (Homecoming)


ca. 100

The planet Madrona is terraformed [sic] by an unknown race. (Touchstone)



Myrddin sets up a test for the Knights of the Round Table in a series of hidden chambers under Glastonbury Tor, designed to test their worthiness to be given the riches of Ambrosius Aurelianus (possibly King Arthur). (Avalon part 1)



Teotihuacan suffers a great upheaval and its civiliation disappears, possibly as a result of Goa'uld incursion. (Learning Curve)



A chemical disaster nearly destroys P7J-989, and the few survivors place their bodies into suspended animation, in the care of a Keeper, to keep the race alive until the planet can restore itself. (Gamekeeper)


ca. 1000

Anubis is banished from the System Lords 'forever' -- they even attempt to murder him, and think they've succeeded. (Last Stand)

Thor creates Cimmeria as a safe world for some Norse people he rescued from Earth. (The year is a guess -- it happened an Asgard 'ten-span' ago.) (Thor's Chariot)

A village of Christians from England is taken by Sokar, possibly through the Antarctic gate, and put on a world where he convinces them he's actually Satan. (Demons)

Goa'uld arrive on the Crystal Unity's world, and one touches a crystal. The energy in the crystal kills him, and in retaliation, the Goa'uld gather up all the Unity (crystals) and put them in a pit, then shoot them with staff weapons, shattering almost all of them. (Cold Lazarus)

The inhabitants of PXY-887 defeat the Goa'uld on their world, and take on the names/guise of the 'spirits' of the human Salish tribe that the Goa'uld brought there, to allow the two races to live in harmony. (Spirits)

A Goa'uld in the body of an Unas is trapped in the caves that make up 'Thor's Hammer', where he lives for the next thousand or so years. (Thor's Hammer)

The Asgard lose the ability to sexually reproduce: every Asgard alive from this point forward has been alive since at least this time, using a succession of cloned bodies to survive. (Revelations)


ca. 1249

Meteor strikes hammer Edora. (A Hundred Days)


ca. 1300

Pyrus ('the godslayer') is born on P3R-636. (Need)


ca. 1399

Meteor strikes hammer Edora. (A Hundred Days)


ca. 1440

The locals on P3X-289 discover a stargate in the ruins of Danaan, and determine that it was of some ritual significance in the ancient worship of the goddess Morrigan. They move it to their National Museum of History. (Revisions)


ca. 1549

Meteor strikes hammer Edora. (A Hundred Days)



Ohper of the Nox is born. (The Nox)


ca. 1600

The surviving people of P3X-289 build an energy dome complete with computerized systems maintenance, to give their race someplace to survive on the now-toxic surface of their world. (Revisions)


ca. 1699

Meteor strikes hammer Edora. (A Hundred Days)


ca. 1700

Apophis defeats the System Lord Shak'ran. (Cure)

The Latonans build the Sentinel as a defense system for their entire planet. (The Sentinel)

Written Tagrean history begins as Tagrea emerges from its dark age. (Memento)


ca. 1795

Saroosh is born. (Tok'ra, part 1)


ca. 1800

The geothermal vents powering the dome on P3X-289 begin to cool, reducing its source of energy and causing it to start to contract. (Revisions)

Napoleon takes Sekhmet artifacts, probably out of an Egyptian tomb or crypt. (Resurrection)

nb: No date is actually given, but this, give or take a couple of years, is the most likely -- Daniel says the artifacts likely came from an Egyptian tomb or crypt, Sam says they go back to Napoleon, and Napoleon [or at least his troops] was in Egypt from 1798 to 1801.

An unnamed Ancient abandons a time machine on a world whose history he or she had been studying. (It's Good to Be King)


early 1800s

Seth sets up a cult in England, near Stonehenge. (Seth)

Saroosh and Selmak are blended. (Tok'ra, part 1)


ca. mid-1800s

Ma'chello is born, grows up, and becomes a fugitive from the System Lords (he's already a fugitive by 1899). (Holiday)


ca. 1849- 50

Meteor strikes hammer Edora. (A Hundred Days)

The Rand Protectorate discovers the 'Great Ring of Avidan' in the Kirellian wastelands, and puts it in a museum. (Icon)



Bra'tac is born.


late 1800s

Martouf and Jolinar become mates, for more than the next hundred years. (Tok'ra, part 1)





Teal'c is born. (The Light)

Bra'tac is First Prime to Apophis. (Into the Fire)


ca. 1900

Baal gives up ownership/control of P4S-237 (where Ellori's people live). Mot, an under-System Lord, sets himself up as Baal's emissary without telling Baal, taking the mined naquadah for himself. (Prophecy)

The Pangarans discover a Goa'uld temple on their world, and begin digging to find more. (Cure)


early 1920s

A 'stone' (actually looks like metal with crystal inserts, in an elongated, rounded shape) -- is discovered in an Egyptian tomb wrapped in a scroll with writing on it no one could read. (Paradise Lost)



Catherine Langford is born. (Torment of Tantalus)



Dr. Langford discovers a stargate at a dig at Giza. (1969)


ca. 1940 - 1944

President Roosevelt orders tests done on the stargate 'during the war' to see if it could be used as a weapon. The experiments are headed by Professor Langford, Catherine's father. (Torment of Tantalus)

Nazis recover Sekhmet artifacts originally found by Napoleon. (Resurrection)

nb: The date is an assumption on my part, but I think it's a completely reasonable one. Sam said the Nazis recovered the artifacts, and 1940-1944 was the Nazi occupation of Paris.


ca. 1942

The Pangarans find Egeria, who has been imprisoned on their world for two millennia, and begin performing medical experiments on her. (Cure)

The first Loop of Kon Garat is flown in the Hebridan system. (Space Race)

nb: This date could be off by several years in either direction, depending on how long a Hebridan year is. In 2003, the 59th Loop is raced. (Space Race)




The stargate is activated for the first time in some 2,000 years when Dr. Ernest Littlefield goes through to a destination later designated as P3X-972. (Torment of Tantalus)

After Ernest vanishes through the wormhole, the program is shut down. (Torment of Tantalus)

The gate is crated and sent to an armory, where the military could deny its existence. (Torment of Tantalus)


Late 1940s (post-WWII)

The Russian military takes a DHD away from the Germans, who had found it at Giza. They study it even without a gate to attach it to. (Watergate)


mid-20th century

Nicholas Ballard spends decades searching South America for the piece of alien technology he's convinced forms the basis of the Fountain of Youth. (Evolution, part 1)


ca. 1950

The Pangarans begin performing medical experiments on Egeria. (Cure)

Orbanians working in a lab develop the nanites that allow for the Urrone system of learning to spring up. (Learning Curve)


mid- to late 1900s

Bedrosia and Optrica engage in a decades-long religious war. (New Ground)



Jack O'Neill is born. (Brief Candle)


ca 1962

Alec Colson is born. (Covenant)



July 8

Daniel Jackson is born. (I believe 1965 to be more likely, but 1964 is possible.) (1969, Forever in a Day)


ca. 1968

The Vyans stop using the pesticide Dargol, because of its adverse effect on their fertility. Their population growth slows to effectively nothing. (Past and Present)



Michael (last name unknown) is drafted. (1969)

George Hammond is a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. (1969)

July 18

George Hammond's father has his first heart attack, and is admitted to the hospital.(1969)

July 20

George Hammond watches the moon landing at his father's bedside in the hospital where his father is recovering from his first heart attack.(1969)

August 4

SG-1 is captured by the USAF at Cheyenne Mountain after accidentally time-travelling to the missile silo that would later house the stargate. (1969)

Lieutenant George Hammond, assigned to Cheyenne Mountain, finds out that he'll one day be a general when he helps the time-travelling SG-1 escape military custody. (1969)

August 4-10

SG-1 travels cross-country in a bus with Michael and Jenny, along Route 66. Michael and Jenny are going to Woodstock. (1969)

August 10

SG-1 makes it to the East Coast. Daniel and Sam go to talk to Catherine in New York (in disguise, more or less -- Daniel as a German whose father supposedly worked with Catherine's father), to ask her what she knows about the gate's current whereabouts. Jack and Teal'c go to an observatory to test Sam's theory that they're looking for a solar flare. (1969)

August 11

Michael and Jenny drop SG-1 off in Washington, where they go to the warehouse where the stargate is stored, and hook it up to a bunch of truck engines to open a wormhole to send them back to their own time at 6:03pm ET, when the solar flare strikes. (1969)


Late 1960s to early 1970s

Hammond and Henry Hayes know each other as lieutenants. (Lost City, part 1)

nb: The time is a guess on my part, but with Hammond canonically a lieutenant in 1969, it seems reasonable.


ca. 1970

The Pangarans begin using Egeria to breed symbiotes that they then use to create tretonin, a medicine that renders them impervious to all ailments. Egeria deliberately produces offspring with no genetic knowledge at all. This lasts for some 30 years. (Cure)



Nick Ballard discovers a crystal skull in a ruined temple in Belize (possibly while searching for the Fountain of Youth? -- Evolution, part 1), which transpors him to an alien world where he finds 'giant aliens' who rise up like mist to greet him. When he is transported back to the temple, it collapses around him, and he barely escapes. (Crystal Skull)



Daniel's parents die when a slab of heavy rock they're placing in an exhibit in the New York Museum of Art falls, crushing them. (Gamekeeper)


ca. 1973

The Goa'uld Moloc decrees that only male children of Jaffa would be allowed to live -- all female children must be put to death. (Birthright)


mid to late 1970s

Nick Ballard checks himself into a psychiatric institute, having convinced himself that his trip to another world was a hallucination. He remains there for about 20 years. (Crystal Skull)



Work begins, using three supercomputers, on trying to figure out how to open the stargate. (Children of the Gods) The original research team had to create an interface between the computer and the stargate. They did this by generating a series of instructions based on electrical impulses to which the gate's control crystals would respond. They found these by trial and error -- thus the fifteen years. (48 Hours)



Jack O'Neill is a captain in the Air Force. He is part of Operation East Fly, a mission to retrieve a Russian agent named Boris from a house in East Germany. The team also includes Captain Kawalsky, under the command of Colonel John Michaels, who is killed in action by snipers. (Gamekeeper)



Loki is stripped of his stature [sic] after being discovered performing unsanctioned experiments on humans on Earth. His experiments stop. (Fragile Balance)



Cassandra (eventually Fraiser) is born. (Rite of Passage)


ca. 1985

Rya'c is born. (Bloodlines, assuming he's 12 there)



The Kelownans discover a stargate and a ring-transfer platform in their country. (Meridian, Homecoming)

Alec Colson's wife and daughter die in a plane crash, and he starts Colson Aviation in hopes of making flying safer for everyone. (Covenant)


ca. 1988

Merrin of Orban is born. (Learning Curve)

nb: The year is a guess -- in 1999, she said she was 11 years old, but there's no clear indication how long an Orbanian year is.

Tomin of Orban is born. (Learning Curve)

nb: The year is a guess -- in 1999, his father said it would be another six months before Tomin turned 12, so this could be 1987 as easily. Also, there's no clear indication how long an Orbanian year is.



Teal'c is made First Prime to Apophis.

There's no canonical evidence at all of when exactly this happens, but he'd been First Prime for a while before he met SG-1, and he wasn't yet First Prime when Drey'auc was pregnant with Rya'c, who has to have been born within a year or two of 1985. (Threshold)

It's highly unlikely to be any later than 1990, and is probably several years earlier -- he was First Prime when he killed Hanno's father during Hanno's childhood (he was roughly ten years old), and Hanno was a full-grown adult in 1997 (he appeared to be in his early 20s), when he accused Teal'c of the crime. (Cor-Ai)

So, at a rough guess, 1986 or 1987 are the most likely years for him to have become First Prime.

On Apophis's orders, Teal'c kills one of the Byrsa to teach them all a lesson. He chooses young Hanno's father, knowing that he's too lame to run quickly, and thus slows down everyone else when they flee the Jaffa. (Cor-Ai)



Jack O'Neill's duties are classified. (Children of the Gods)



Sam clocks more than 100 hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War. (Children of the Gods)



January 16 - March 20

Jack O'Neill serves in the Gulf War with Harlan Beck, in Operation Proven Force out of Incirlik. (Jack possibly runs a part of the operation, but he never quite says so explicitly.) He is possibly already a colonel at this point, or a lieutenant colonel. (Fragile Balance)



1992 or 1993

After years of trying, Catherine Langford finally succeeds in petitioning the administration to reopen the project. The Stargate Project officially starts up as a secret project under Pentagon control, as they try to unlock the gate's secrets, under the command of General West. Some research is being done at Cheyenne Mountain with the gate itself, other research is being done at the Pentagon. Captain Samantha Carter is part of the Pentagon team. (Children of the Gods)



Hammond's wife dies of cancer. (Tin Man)



The Tok'ra incite an uprising on Vala's homeworld against the ruling Goa'uld -- which happens to be the symbiote Vala is infested with. She is captured alive, tortured, and beaten for days on end,. (Prometheus Unbound)

The Tok'ra responsible for the uprising rescues Vala, removes the symbiote from her, and nurses her back to health. (Prometheus Unbound)

A short time after the uprising against Vala's Goa'uld symbiote, Camulus arrives on her world and claims it as his own. The Tok're who'd inspired the original uprising vanishes. When the people refuse to surrender, Camulus orders them wiped out. (Prometheus Unbound)




Note: I know the movie was 1994. This is fudging to make it fit with show canon, where Daniel -- who was recovered in early 1997 -- had been on Abydos for 'over a year', but not two years. That puts the first Abydos mission in late 1995. Best I can do.


Daniel stops visiting his grandfather, Nick Ballard, in the psychiatric institution, when they have a falling out over Daniel's 'insane' theories. (Crystal Skull)

Charlie O'Neill dies by accidentally shooting himself with Jack's gun. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

nb: The year is never actually given, but the implication is that it's no more than a few months before the stargate program starts up.

Jack retires from active duty. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

nb: The year is never actually given, but the implication is that it's no more than a few months before the stargate program starts up.

Daniel presents his theory about aliens using pyramids as landing platforms before an academic audience, and is left speaking to an empty room. Catherine Langford offers him a position at the SGC, which he accepts. (Stargate the movie)

Jack is recalled to active duty to be a part of the stargate program. (Stargate the movie)

With Daniel's help, the gate is opened and a team -- Daniel, Jack , Major Kawalsky, Major Ferretti, Lt. Brown, Lt. Freeman, Lt. Reilly, and Lt. Porro -- is sent through for Earth's first contact with Abydos. (Stargate, the movie)

Daniel is offered a wife (Sha're) by the headman, her father (Kasuf). Jack bonds with Kasuf's son, Skaara. (Stargate, the movie)

While they're there, Ra arrives in his ha'tak, and takes exception to the presence of strangers on 'his' world. His troops kill several members of the Earth force, and capture the others.(Stargate, the movie)

Ra winds up killing Daniel in his attempt to kill Jack (Daniel's first death), then revives him to question him further. Jack and the others are thrown in a pit. (Stargate, the movie)

Ra's troops then attack the Abydonians in retribution for helping the interlopers. The Abydonian youth rise up in protest, with Sha're's help/guidance, and manage to stage an escape for the prisoners. They combine forces, and attack Ra's temple. (Stargate, the movie)

Eventually, Jack and Daniel manage to ring an activated nuclear warhead up onto Ra's ha'tak as it flees the planet, destroying it and Ra. (Stargate, the movie)

Jack, Kawalsky, and Ferretti return home and report that Daniel is dead, as are the Abydonians and Ra, and that the Abydonian stargate was destroyed behind them. (Children of the Gods)

Daniel stays behind, marries Sha're, and organizes a local militia among the boys. After the report that Abydos was destroyed, the gate is covered with a tarp and the program is largely scrapped. (Stargate, the movie)

Jack retires from active duty again. (Children of the Gods)

Jonas Quinn and Professor Kieran begin working together on the naquadria project on Kelowna. (Meridian)


1995 - 1996

At General Hammond's request, Sam starts researching alternative applications for the stargate, including time travel. (1969)

Jack and Sara O'Neill separate and divorce. Jack moves out to a new home. (Children of the Gods)



General George Hammond replaces General West, assigned to oversee the secure shutdown of the program as his last act before retirement. (Children of the Gods)

Doctor MacLaran begins working on creating a superheavy element. (Red Sky)




early 1997

Late January/ early February

General George Hammond is one month away from retirement. (Children of the Gods)

The program is in the final stages of shutdown when Apophis comes through the gate, killing several SFs and taking one sergeant (female) back with him through the gate, effectively starting the program back up again. (Children of the Gods)

Early February

Colonel Jack O'Neill (Ret.) is brought to Cheyenne Mountain and admits to having lied about killing the Abydonians and Dr. Daniel Jackson's death. He's reactivated so he can lead a team through the stargate to find out if the alien intruder had come from Abydos.(Children of the Gods)

February 5-7

Captain Samantha Carter joins the Cheyenne Mountain base and reports for duty.

The second mission to Abydos sets out to retrieve Daniel Jackson (who had remained behind after the first mission), with a team including Jack, Sam, Kawalsky, and Ferretti.

Daniel reveals the Abydos cartouche that he found.

Apophis, with Teal'c's help, kidnaps Sha're and Skaara.

Daniel returns to Earth for the first time in more than a year. (Children of the Gods)

(nb: the days are a guess, based on other info)

February 10

SG-1 (consisting of Col. Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Capt. Sam Carter) and SG-2 (consisting of Maj. Kawalsky, Warren, and Casey) travel to Chulak for the first time, to rescue Sha're and Skaara. (Children of the Gods)

Sha're and Skaara are chosen to be Goa'uld hosts -- for the wife and son of Apophis, respectively. (Children of the Gods)

Teal'c decides to throw in his lot with Jack and the others, and swears his allegiance after helping to free all the prisoners. (Children of the Gods)

Teal'c leaves his wife Drey'auc and young son Rya'c behind. (Bloodlines)

Kawalsky is infested with a very young Goa'uld. (Children of the Gods)

Drey'auc and Rya'c are outcast after Teal'c's betrayal, forced to leave their home and live in the camps outside the city.) (Bloodlines)

February 10-11

Nine teams are approved, whose original (and continuing main) duties are to perform reconnassaince, determine threats, and if possible make contact with the peoples of the worlds they go to. The teams were to operate on a covert, top-secret basis, with only the Joint Chiefs and the president knowing of their existence. The initial briefing after Daniel was brought back from Aybdos was classified S.C.I. Top Secret. (Children of the Gods)

The stargate is covered with a retractable iris made of titanium, to prevent unwanted intruders. (Children of the Gods)

February 13
(give or take a day)

The irreversibly Goa'uld-infested Kawalsky is killed when Jack and Teal'c team up to close a wormhole on his head. (The Enemy Within)

February 23

Date of Jack's report about the mission to Chulak. (Politics)

February/early March

At least one offscreen mission happens for SG-1, to P3X-595, where Sam drinks something local that causes her to strip off an unspecified amount of clothing. (Emancipation)

SG-1 travels to Simarka and discovers descendants of Mongols. (Emancipation)

Sam is kidnapped but is eventually freed. (Emancipation)

The Shavadai women, traditionally veiled and effectively cloistered, are freed of those constraints in honor of Sam. (Emancipation)

The mission lasts at least three days. (Emancipation)

SG-1 and SG-3 bring back a virus from P3X-797 that causes humans to revert to pre-human states. (Broca Divide)

Hammond declares a Wildfire Directive -- nothing gets in or out of the mountain. (Broca Divide)

Almost the entire base goes down, including Jack, Sam, and Hammond. (Broca Divide)

Teal'c and Daniel travel back to P3X-797 in search of a cure, but Daniel falls victim to the virus. (Broca Divide)

Within a day, the disease has been identified and neutralized on the base, and vaccine is being shot into all the local sufferers, who recover. (Broca Divide)

A presidential directive is issued to evaluate the scientific and cultural value of each mission -- ensuring that the SGC will never be a purely military operation. (Broca Divide)

March 10

Date of Hammond's official report about the 'Touched' virus that had infected the entire SGC. (Politics)



SG-9 travels to P3X-513, where the team spends several weeks getting to know the locals. (First Commandment)

Four-five weeks into the mission, Captain Jonas Hanson, the team leader, spends two full days out under the brutal sun looking for a lost child, and goes insane. He is convinced he is a god: he kills one of his own men (Frakes) and several natives, then begins working the locals to death building him a temple. (First Commandment)

Eventually, thanks to SG-1's intervention, the natives overthrow him (literally: they fling him into a stargate set for Earth, but without using an IDC. He dies.). (First Commandment)

SG-1 discovers a planet where a crystalline race used to live. (Cold Lazarus)

One of the few survivors knocks Jack out thinking he's a Goa'uld, then mimics his form when it realizes its mistake, returning to the SGC in an attempt to find Charlie, to heal Jack's wound. (Cold Lazarus)

The imitation Jack goes to see Sara O'Neill, saying some things about Charlie and their relationship that Jack never had. (Cold Lazarus)

Jack recovers and also returns to the SGC. The crystalline entity begins losing cohesion. (Cold Lazarus)

The crystalline entity is returned back through the stargate before it dies. (Cold Lazarus)

After the Pentagon makes unhappy noises about how much technology the SGC hasn't brought back from the 19 worlds it's visited so far, SG-1 travels to P3X-774 -- the Nox homeworld -- in search of a creature that can turn invisible. (The Nox)

Teal'c faces Apophis (who is also on the planet) for the first time since his defection. (The Nox)

Jack and Sam each die for the first time. Daniel dies for the second time. All killed by Apophis's Jaffa, all healed by the Nox. (The Nox)

First use of a Goa'uld's personal forcefield when Apophis turns his on to defend against SG-1. (The Nox)

The Nox bury (or possibly just disable) their stargate as soon as SG-1 go back home, so that the SGC could never return and bring more trouble to their world. (The Nox)

On a mission to Argos (P3X-8596), Daniel delivers a baby (the second time he'd done so), who is named after him (Dan-ell). (Brief Candle)

Jack gets infected with nanites that begin rapidly aging him. (Brief Candle)

The Argosians are freed from the artificially accelerated lifespan that had been forced on them by Pelops, and live at a normal rate thereafter. (Brief Candle)

The effects of the nanites on Jack are reversed with no ill effect. (Brief Candle)

On a mission to P3X-974 (Cimmeria), SG-1 meets the Cimmerians for the first time. (Thor's Hammer)

Jack and Teal'c are trapped in a cave system and discover an Unas possessed by a Goa'uld -- first interaction with an Unas. (Thor's Hammer)

Gairwyn leads Sam and Daniel to Kendra, a former Goa'uld host, who eventually agrees to lead them to the place where she exited the cave system where Jack and Teal'c are trapped. (Thor's Hammer)

To rescue Teal'c, Jack orders Daniel to destroy 'Thor's Hammer' -- a device specifically designed to kill Goa'uld symbiotes, which would also have killed Teal'c. (Thor's Hammer)

Daniel gives Gairwyn a Sagan box, to be passed along to Thor if he ever shows up again. (Thor's Hammer)

Materials from the initial Stargate Project in the 1940s are declassified, and sent to the SGC for study. (Torment of Tantalus)

The first real evidence that the Goa'uld didn't build the stargates is found when the SGC discovers that the coordinates for Ernest's planet aren't on the cartouche found on Abydos. (Torment of Tantalus)

Catherine goes through the stargate for the first (and only) time. (Torment of Tantalus)

Ernest Littlefield is discovered after spending 50 years alone on a planet. He and Catherine Langford are reunited. (Torment of Tantalus)

The first evidence that there was once an ancient alliance of four races is found, but is then lost when a storm destroys the building where the stargate was housed, making it impossible to return. (Torment of Tantalus)

Drey'auc begs a priest to perform the rite of Prim'ta for Rya'c, despite their outcast status. The priest agrees to come to the camp to perform it. (Bloodlines)

Teal'c admits for the first time that he has a wife and son he left behind when he betrayed Apophis. (Bloodlines)

Teal'c returns to Chulak for the first time since his defection, determined to stop Rya'c's rite of Prim'ta. (Bloodlines)

SG-1 meets Bra'tac for the first time. (Bloodlines)

To save a gravely ill Rya'c, Teal'c gives him his symbiote. (Bloodlines)

Daniel shoots a tank full of baby Goa'uld, killing them all. (Bloodlines)

To keep him alive, Teal'c is given the immature symbiote that Daniel and Sam had taken to bring back to the SGC for study. (Bloodlines)

Drey'auc, Rya'c, and Bra'tac stay behind when SG-1 (including Teal'c) return to the SGC. (Bloodlines)

Nem captures and examines all of SG-1, looking for the 'oldest' (the one with the most historical knowledge). He chooses Daniel and releases the others with false memories, to keep them from returning. (Fire and Water)

The SGC holds a memorial service for Daniel, on eyewitness reports from the rest of his team that he burned to death on a mission. (Fire and Water)

Nem discovers that his mate, Omoroca, was killed four thousand years ago by a Goa'uld (Belos). (Fire and Water)

The SGC realizes for the first time that there may be Goa'uld left on Earth. (Hathor)

Hathor is released from the sarcophagus where she'd been trapped for thousands of years, and finds her way to the SGC, where she basically drugs all the men into obeying her. (Hathor)

Daniel is raped by Hathor. (Hathor)

The women on the base and Teal'c team up to stop Hathor. (Hathor)

Janet Fraiser uses a rifle for the first time in years. (Hathor)

Jack is briefly turned into a Jaffa, complete with pouch, but is healed completely in the sarcophagus before he receives a symbiote. He joins the women and Teal'c. (Hathor)

Hathor's tank of offspring (created with Daniel's DNA) is destroyed. (Hathor)

Hathor escapes through the stargate to Chulak. (Hathor)

Sam and Janet Fraiser are both recommended for a commendation for their actions during Hathor's attempted takeover of the base. (Hathor)

SG-1 discovers the planet Hanka and realizes its potential for astronomical information (an upcoming total eclipse would allow the nearby singularity to be photographed). SG-7 takes over, setting up a research station. (Singularity)

Three months after SG-1 discovers Hanka, almost all the Hankans and all of SG-7 die from a virulent bacterial agent in the soil and water. Only Cassandra surived. (Singularity)

Teal'c is put on trial for crimes committed during his service as First Prime to Apophis, specifically the killing of Hanno's father on Catargo when Hanno was still a child of roughly ten years old. (Cor-Ai)

Teal'c refuses to defend himself, accepting full responsibility for what happened, regardless of circumstances.

SG-1, and later just Daniel, speak in Teal'c's defense, trying to convince the Byrsa that Teal'c's a good man. (Cor-Ai)

In a raid on the Byrsa village while Teal'c is still on trial, Shak'l dies at Teal'c's hands. (Cor-Ai)

He's freed when Hanno decides that the Teal'c before him is a different man than the Teal'c who killed his father. (Cor-Ai)

Maybourne takes over as Pentagon liaison, after Kennedy is promoted. (Enigma)

Tollan is destroyed in a natural cataclysm (massive volcanic activity), the result of an unstable orbit. (Enigma)

The Tollans escape safely except for a small group who stayed behind to close the stargate so that no one could return through it and be harmed. Ten of that group survive long enough to be brought back to the SGC and returned to health. (Enigma)

Narim and Sam meet. (Enigma)

Narim sees an animal for the first time in his life -- an eagle flying across the sky. Later, he touches one for the first time -- Schroedinger the cat. (Enigma)

The SGC uses a miniature UAV for reconaissance for the first time. (Enigma)

For the first time, an offworld activation totally overrides the SGC's regular procedures to allow someone entry to the base without authorization, when Lya of the Nox comes through. (Enigma)

The Nox and Tollans meet for the first time, thanks to Daniel. The Tollan survivors go to live among the Nox. (Enigma)

Jack and Sam spend several days stranded in an ice cave, and are officially listed as MIA. (Solitudes)

A second stargate, complete with DHD, is discovered buried in Antarctica about 50 miles from McMurdo base, and is retrieved and sent to Area 51 for storage. (Solitudes)

At some point soon after this, a research station is set up in the Antarctic at the site where the second gate was found. (Frozen)

SG-5 finds and brings back a small amount of raw naquadah from an unknown source. (The Serpent's Lair)

nb: The timing on this is completely unclear, other than that it happened 'some months' before Apophis and Klorel attempted to attack Earth from space.

SG-1 are replicated perfectly as robots, who originally aren't even aware that they're copies. (Tin Man)

Once the situation is made clear, the robot team (reluctantly) agrees to stay on the planet where they were created, and which holds the power source they need to survive. (Tin Man)


late 1997

Senator Kinsey is placed under a special executive gag order regarding the stargate program. (Inauguration)

Daniel finds the quantum mirror on P3R-233, and travels to an alternate reality where he was never part of the stargate program, and where Apophis (with Teal'c as First Prime) is in the process of very successfully attacking and conquering Earth. He escapes barely in time, to warn his own reality about the danger on its way. (There But For the Grace of God)

The AR-Earth is conquered. (There But For the Grace of God)

Senator Kinsey cuts off all federal funding to the stargate, leaving Hammond with no choice but to shut the program down immediately (on orders from the president). (Politics)

Teal'c is trapped on Earth, despite his request to be allowed to leave to continue his fight against the Goa'uld. (Politics)

Apophis and Klorel approach Earth in ships, intending to attack. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

SG-1 directly defies orders and goes through the stargate to the coordinates Daniel brought back from the alternate reality, in an attempt to stop the coming attack before it happens. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Zat guns make their first appearance. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Jack kills Skaara/Klorel to save Daniel's life. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)


late 1997 - early 1998

Sha're/Amaunet becomes pregnant. (Secrets)

nb: the timing on this is a total guess, but she gave birth during the first half of the next season/year.

Apophis gathers a large group of boys from many planets and begins training them to infiltrate the SGC, complete with uniforms and good replicas of SG uniforms. (Rules of Engagement)

The alpha site is set up -- a planet that's held in reserve as a colony in the event of a catastrophic event or attack on Earth, meant to save the best and brightest of humanity (personal note -- which appears to translate into the best and brightest of US citizens who happen to have high clearances, and damned if I ever spotted anyone who looked remotely like a farmer in the group). (The Serpent's Lair)

Shock grenades make their first appearance. (The Serpent's Lair)

Skaara/Klorel is revived in the sarcophagus. (The Serpent's Lair)

The SGC serves as a command and control center for all USAF ops regarding the approaching Goa'uld ha'tak vessels. Has a link through AF SATCOM for encrypted communications to all AF bases and to NASA. (The Serpent's Lair)

Colonel Samuels introduces the 'Goa'uld Buster', the Mark 12A naquadah-enhanced warhead. It fails. (The Serpent's Lair)

Daniel is fatally injured but heals himself by using a sarcophagus (second time). (The Serpent's Lair)

Bra'tac burns his bridges, calling Klorel 'a parasite within a child' and refusing to worship or obey him, then telling Apophis that he won't worship false gods anymore. (The Serpent's Lair)

SG-1 and Bra'tac manage to avert the attack on Earth by blowing up both Apophis's and Klorel's ships (with C4 on Klorel's ship, and by damaging the shields on Apophis's ship and sending it close enough to be caught in the blast when Klorel's ship explodes). (The Serpent's Lair)

Jack and Sam fly in death gliders for the first time (as passengers only, in the second seat). (The Serpent's Lair)

Daniel escapes through the stargate aboard the ship, using Earth as the point of origin and gating to the alpha site. (The Serpent's Lair)

Apophis and Klorel ring out to Klorel's ship and escape through the stargate in the nick of time. (The Serpent's Lair)

NASA interacts directly with the SGC for the first time, as the space shuttle Endeavor picks up Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac in the death gliders after they escaped the exploding ha'taks. (The Serpent's Lair)

The program and the SGC are saved.

Joe Spencer picks up a 'stone' at a yard sale and sees mental images of a stargate and wormhole -- he buys the stone. At roughly the same time, Jack picks up a matching stone in Daniel's lab, recovered from P3R-233. He and Jack O'Neill make a mental connection even though neither one knows the other, and begin seeing things through each other's eyes on a fairly regular basis. (Citizen Joe)

Shortly after Joe picks up the stone he calls the Air Force and inquires after Colonel Jack O'Neill, finding out that there is in fact such a person, but doesn't pursue it any further at that point. (Citizen Joe)

Joe starts telling his 'stories' to anyone who'll listen. (Citizen Joe)




early 1998

Three new SG teams (10, 11, and 12) are added. (In the Line of Duty)

Cronus sends an ashrak after Jolinar. (In the Line of Duty, Fair Game)

Drey'auc 'removes' her marriage with Teal'c, and marries Fro'tak. (Family)

Goa'uld arrive on Nasya for the first time in over three hundred years, and nearly succeed in wiping out the local population. The refugees are brought to Earth. (In the Line of Duty)

Sam is forcibly taken over by the Tok'ra Jolinar on Nasya. (In the Line of Duty)

Cassie learns that she can sense Goa'uld inside a host body. (In the Line of Duty)

The SGC institutes standard ultrasound/MRIs for returning teams, to ensure that they haven't been infested with Goa'uld. (In the Line of Duty)

Jolinar explains that it's possible for a Goa'uld (Tok'ra) to leave a host without killing it. (In the Line of Duty)

Daniel is shot by a zat for the first time. (In the Line of Duty)

Jolinar of Malkshur dies at the hands of an ashrak, but manages to save Sam's life before she dies. (In the Line of Duty)

All four members of SG-1 are sentenced to life imprisonment on Hadante for aiding a murderer and trespassing on ancient grounds (with weapons). (Prisoners)

Sam realizes that Linea has discovered cold fusion. (Prisoners)

Daniel is tricked into a fight with Vishnoor, is nearly strangled to death, and wins anyway (when Linea takes out Vishnoor with a hidden device). This leaves Daniel the de facto leader of the prison population. (Prisoners)

After SG-1 has been there roughly two days, Linea, the 'Destroyer of Worlds', escapes from Hadante with them, and uses them and the SGC to escape into the galaxy, free. (Prisoners)

SG-1 are trapped in a virtual reality on P7J-989, where Jack (with Teal'c) is forced to relive the most blown mission he's ever gone on, and Daniel (with Sam) is forced to relive the deaths of his parents. Eventually they figure it out and escape. (Gamekeeper)

The Residents of P7J-989 discover that the Keeper has been lying to them for years about the state of their planet, and leave the virtual reality they'd been living in to re-enter the real world. (Gamekeeper)

Shyla attempts suicide. Daniel stops her. (Need)

SG-1 are sentenced to the naquadah mines as punishment for Daniel's supposedly having tried to kill Shyla, and for refusing to tell the truth to Pyrus. (Need)

During an escape attempt, Daniel is buried under a rock slide, and nearly dies. (Need)

Daniel becomes addicted to the sarcophagus after using it repeatedly at Shyla's insistence, and starts 'going darkside' While going through withdrawal, he nearly shoots Jack. (Need)

Pyrus the Godslayer dies. (Need)

Heru'ur realizes that Cimmeria is no longer protected by Asgard technology, and invades the planet. (Thor's Chariot)

Gairwyn's husband and brothers die while sending the Sagan box through the stargate to the SGC to call for help. (Thor's Chariot)

Kendra dies, probably at the hands of Jaffa or Heru'ur. (Thor's Chariot)

Sam discovers that she can use Goa'uld technology. (Thor's Chariot)

SG-1 meets Heru'ur for the first time. (Thor's Chariot)

Sam and Daniel discover that Thor is a Roswell Grey. (Thor's Chariot)

Thor goes to Cimmeria to stop the Goa'uld invasion, and leaves behind an Asgard teacher for the Cimmerians and a new Thor's Hammer (which will make an exception for Teal'c). (Thor's Chariot)

Heru'ur escapes through the stargate. (Thor's Chariot)



Sam discovers two new elements in the material making up the shell of the orb that SG-1 brings back from P5C-353. (Message in a Bottle)

Jack becomes infested with an alien lifeform that inhabited the orb. (Message in a Bottle)

The alien lifeform also begins infecting the base itself, including the computers. (Message in a Bottle)

Hammond initiates a Wildfire directive -- shutting down the mountain and sealing it off at level-four quarantine, with nothing in or out of the mountain. (Message in a Bottle)

The SGC's autodestruct countdown is triggered when containment of the alien organism is breached -- the computers are too infested to allow it to be stopped. (Message in a Bottle)

The alien organism agrees to leave Jack and the base, and be sent through the stargate to a primordial world (P4G-881) where they/it can flourish, leaving just in time to allow Hammond and Sam to cancel the autodestruct before it's too late. (Message in a Bottle)

Apophis snatches and brainwashes Rya'c (with nish'ta, or a variant) to lure Teal'c into a trap, in an attempt to re-establish his power base among his Jaffa and the other Goa'uld after being shamed by his losses when he attacked Earth. (Family)

Bra'tac travels to Earth himself for the first time. (Family)

Bra'tac and SG-1 stage a raid on Chulak to recover Rya'c. (Family)

Jack kills Fro'tak, who has betrayed them to the Jaffa in the palace. (Family)

SG-1 brings the still-brainwashed Rya'c back to the SGC along with Drey'auc. Drey'auc notices that he's mysteriously regained two missing teeth. After he's subdued, Fraiser removes them to find that they're filled with two inert chemicals that when mixed become deadly. (Family)

Teal'c zats Rya'c to break the brainwashing's hold on him. (Family)

Drey'auc and Rya'c go to live in the Land of Light. (Family)

Armin Selig, a reporter, gets hold of a lot of classified information about the stargate program, and starts writing a story. (Secrets)

Jacob Carter pulls various strings to open up a spot for Sam in NASA's shuttle program. (Secrets)

One Abydos year to the day after Daniel leaves Abydos in search of Sha're, Kasuf contacts the SGC looking for him to return, as promised. (Secrets)

Jack and Sam are scheduled to receive the Air Medal from the president. (Secrets)

Daniel is reunited with Sha're, but learns that she's pregnant by Apophis, and that Amaunet is just 'sleeping', not gone -- for the sake of the child, who would die if Amaunet was in control. (Secrets)

Kasuf learns that Sha're has been taken over by a 'demon'. (Secrets)

Sam turns down her father's offer to help her get into the shuttle program. (Secrets)

Armin Selig tells Jack that he knows all about the stargate, and Jack's role in the program, with details to prove it. (Secrets)

Heru'ur arrives on Abydos in search of Amaunet. (Secrets)

Armin Selig is struck by a car immediately after talking to Jack. He blames Jack (and by inference the military/government), and dies in Jack's hands. The presidential award ceremony is cancelled. (Secrets)

Sam learns that Jacob has cancer. (Secrets)

Daniel delivers Sha're's baby. Amaunet instantly resurfaces and demands the child, but Teal'c, disguised as a Horus guard, enters the chamber and claims the child for Heru'ur, then zats her. Daniel leaves the infant with Kasuf, to be raised in secret. (Secrets)

Hammond, Jack, and Sam return to Cheyenne Mountain, where Hammond presents them with the Air Medal. He assures Jack that Selig's death was an accident, not a hit. (Secrets)

Teal'c, still pretending to be a Horus guard, delivers Daniel to Heru'ur. Daniel suggests an alliance between the Tau'ri and Heru'ur. Heru'ur ridicules the idea and says he may conquer Earth after defeating Apophis, then gets ready to ribbon Daniel. (Secrets)

Jack and Sam arrive on Abydos in time to see Heru'ur with Daniel as a prisoner, and several fallen Jaffa around the stargate after Teal'c took advantage of the kawhoosh to start taking them out. Jack tries to shoot Heru'ur, whose personal shield blocks the bullets, so Jack flings a knife through the shield and into Heru'ur's hand, piercing the ribbon device in the process. Heru'ur rings out to his mother ship and leaves. (Secrets)

Apophis arrives through the stargate and reunites with Amaunet, who tells him Heru'ur took their child. They leave, but Amaunet looks directly at Daniel in his hiding place, without betraying him. (Secrets)

Teal'c gets stung by a huge bug, whose venom begins changing Teal'c's into what amounts to the bug's offspring by modifying his DNA. (Bane)

Maybourne gets authorization to remove the slowly changing Teal'c for study/experimentation, and takes him away in shackles. (Bane)

Dr. Timothy Harlow, after originally helping Maybourne get Teal'c for study, has a change of heart when he realized how far Maybourne was going to go, and reverses the process of genetic change in Teal'c -- then 'accidentally' destroys all the evidence to prevent any further research. (Bane)

Jacob Carter moves to Colorado Springs to be closer to Sam while he's dying of cancer. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Sam remembers some of Jolinar's memories, and SG-1 uses them to find the Tok'ra. (Tok'ra, part 1)

SG-1 makes the first contact with the Tok'ra and attempts to form an alliance of some sort. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Saroosh is just a few days shy of her 203rd birthday when SG-1 sees her for the first time. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Jacob's condition worsens -- he flat-lines in the hospital before he's revived again. -- to the point that Hammond, ignoring both father's and daughter's wishes, sends SG-3 to retrieve Sam. (Tok'ra, part 1)

SG-1, en masse, refuse to be used as hosts for the Tok'ra, thus convincing Garshaw and the other Tok'ra that they have nothing of substance to offer in terms of alliance. (Tok'ra, part 1)

SG-3 arrives at the Tok'ra base to extract Sam, so she can see her father before he dies. (Tok'ra, part 1)

The Tok'ra Council decides to hold SG-1 and SG-3 on their base, including Sam, to keep them from giving away the base's location until the Tok'ra move again. The Council hopes that in holding them, the SGC will believe them to be captured by Goa'ulds, and not send more troops. (Tok'ra, part 1)

The second (Antarctic) stargate and the DHD are stolen from Area 51 and used to conduct a covert operation to gain as much technology as possible, with no regard to alliances or propriety. Once the program is shut down, the second gate is sealed again -- complete with welded-on solid cover -- and returned to storage at Area 51. No word on the DHD or where it went. (Touchstone)

nb: Four years after this aired, the audience was told that after a few successful times using it, the DHD simply died for no apparent cause -- presumably old age. [Frozen] This was the first mention of the DHD in that time.


ca. mid-1998

These are events that I'm reasonably sure happened in mid-1998 (ish), but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of second season.

Tommy Levinson joins the Children of Seth, a cult just north of Seattle. (Seth)

Hathor begins gathering Jaffa to overthrow the rest of the System Lords. (Out of Mind, Into the Fire)

Linea travels to Vyus, and sets up shop. She begins experimenting with the pesticide Dargol, attempting to use it to extend longevity, creating a sort of Fountain of Youth. There's a lab accident during her final experiments -- her two testees die and an enchanced-Dargol gas cloud escapes into the atmosphere. (Past and Present)

The gas cloud regresses the age of everyone on the planet by some 30-50 years and blocks all memories. The people 'wake up' not knowing what happened or who they are, and call the phenomenom the Vorlix. It causes mass confusion and panic. (Past and Present)


late 1998

The SGC discovers a revolutionary formula for calculating the distance between planetary bodies (thanks to the repository of knowledge from the Ancients that was dumped into Jack's brain) (Fifth Race)

The Giza stargate (and the program) is nearly destroyed when it's inadvertantly connected to a black hole. (A Matter of Time)

The Giza stargate's iris is replaced with a new one, with trinium enhancing the titanium. (A Matter of Time)

SG-11 is declared MIA on P89-534. (Rules of Engagement)

Joe Spencer begins writing his 'stories' down, at his wife's urging, and eventually sends them off to magazines in hopes of being published. (Citizen Joe)




ca. 1999

These are events that I know happened in 1999, but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of third season.

Dr. McKay begins studying the stargate at Area 51. (48 Hours)

The Seberus, a prison transport, crash lands on a planet. The prisoners escape, and spend the next three years hunting down their remaining guards. (Forsaken)


early 1999

Bra'tac is left for dead by the remains of Apophis's personal guard. Teal'c gets to him in time. (Into the Fire)

Teal'c starts the formal Jaffa rebellion by recruiting a small handful of Jaffa on Chulak. (Into the Fire)

Hathor dies, thrown into a cryogenic vat by Jack, in a building which explodes soon after. This is confirmed as having happened in 1999 by Sam, who names the year when talking to Jack after they realize they've been duped into believing they were in stasis for decades. (Into the Fire)

The System Lords turn their attention to Earth after Hathor is killed, on the theory that Earth has proven it can be a formidable threat. (Fair Game)

Selmak gets tired of Jacob's refusal to do anything about repairing his relationship with Mark, and requests a mission to Earth to do something about it. The mission is to enlist the SGC to help find Seth, whom the Goa'uld and Tok'ra lost track of millenia ago. (Seth)

Daniel finds Seth on Earth, much to Jacob's and Selmak's shock, in what appears to be at most a few hours of searching. (Seth)

Jack, Sam, and Daniel infiltrate the Children of Seth and are dosed with nish'ta, and temporarily become Seth's acolytes. An electric shock frees them again and renders them immune to the drug. (Seth)

Sam kills Seth with a hand device, slamming him well into a rock floor. (Seth)

Sam and Jacob reunite with Mark Carter and his children. (Seth)

The Asgard get wind of the System Lords's group annoyance with Earth after Hathor is killed, and Thor goes to Earth to get permission to negotiate on Earth's behalf with the System Lords to get Earth included in the Protected Planets Treaty. (Fair Game)

The System Lords agree to the negotiations.

The Asgard pick Jack to represent Earth during the negotations, despite his protests. (Fair Game)

Teal'c refuses an order from Hammond -- being liaison to the Goa'uld during the negotations. (Fair Game)

Four days after agreeing to the negotiations, the System Lords Cronus, Yu, and Nirrti arrive through the Earth's stargate. (Fair Game)

Sam realizes Cronus is the System Lord who sent the ashrak after Jolinar. (Fair Game)

The Asgard propose granting the Goa'uld access to the Passage of Nilor in exchange for adding Earth to the Protected Planets Treaty. The Goa'uld accept, but with the added condition that Earth forfeit both its stargates immediately. (Fair Game)

Earth (in the person of Jack, speaking for the president) reluctantly decides to agree to the terms, and prepares to shut down the stargate program as soon as the negotiations are final. (Fair Game)

Cronus is attacked in his VIP quarters and left on the edge of death, with an injured Teal'c lying beside him, looking culpable. (Fair Game)

Nirrti fails to heal Cronus with a handheld healing device, and she and Yu demand to be given Cronus and allowed to leave, to get him to a sarcophagus. Hammond refuses, knowing that Earth will be attacked no matter what they do. (Fair Game)

Thor leaves Earth's orbit to keep from being drawn into a treaty-breach war that the Asgard had no hope of winning at the time. (Fair Game)

Sam successfully uses a Goa'uld healing device on Cronus -- her first time using it on a living being. (Fair Game)

Jack negotiates a private deal with Cronus, getting him to agree to the treaty without the clause demanding the loss of Earth's stargates, in return for certain knowledge of who attacked Cronus. Once Yu is convinced of Nirrti's betrayal of the System Lords and the treaty with the Asgard, he agrees as well. (Fair Game)

Nirrti is dragged off through the stargate by Cronus and Yu, who are not remotely happy with her. (Fair Game)

Five months after Ma'chello dies, the Linvris, a small group of Goa'uld who challenge the System Lords, are killed by Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing little bugs. (Legacy)

The Linvris are found by SG-1 on PY3-948 a month after they're killed. (Legacy)

Daniel is inadvertantly infected with the last of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing devices in the chamber. (Legacy)

Daniel appears to suffer a psychotic break into schizophrenia, complete with paranoid delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations, and elevated dopamine levels. (Legacy)

The Stargate program is temporarily shut down and all SG teams are recalled pending a psych evaluation, after Daniel's apparent psychotic break, which MacKenzie and Fraiser assume is the result of too much stargate travel. (Legacy)

Daniel is locked in a padded cell for his own protection after attacking Jack, thinking he was infested with a Goa'uld. (Legacy)

Teal'c, visiting Daniel, is infested with Ma'chello's device. Daniel starts to recover, while Teal'c and his symbiote fall deathly ill. (Legacy)

Daniel figures out what's going on -- Ma'chello has put Goa'uld killing devices inside a page-turning device, and they have a strange effect on non-goa'ulded people -- and explains it to everyone else. (Legacy)

Sam and Janet study the infested PTD, but Ma'chello's invention gets free, infecting them and Jack (also in the room). (Legacy)

Janet, while hallucinating, figures out how to get the immune Sam's blood into her and ack, to save them. Later, they use the same immune blood on Teal'c, saving his (and Junior's) life. (Legacy)

The SGC discovers Orban and sets up an exchange of information: naquadah-reactor technology for information about the Goa'uld and how they function. (Learning Curve)

Daniel discovers that the Orbanians may be the descendents of the Teotihuacan civilization. (Learning Curve)

With Merrin's help, Sam builds the first naquadah reactor on Earth -- and uses up the last of the SGC's naquadah in the process. (Learning Curve)

Jack kidnaps Merrin of Orban to give her a taste of childhood, horrified at the Orbanians' method of passing along knowledge through Urrone children's nanites, leaving them essentially high-functioning vegetables. (Learning Curve)

Tomin of Orban undergoes his Avarium six months early, anxious to spread the knowledge of the Goa'uld he's gained from Teal'c. (Learning Curve)

After Merrin's Avarium, the Orbanians begin trying to teach post-Avarium children 'the old-fashioned way'. (Learning Curve)

Roughly a year after Daniel discovers an alternate reality by using the quantum mirror, two members of another alternate reality -- Dr. Samantha Carter and Major Charles Kawalsky -- appear at Area 51 after using the mirror on their own world. Their world was invaded the day before by Apophis, and was rapidly being conquered. They are interrogated at Nellis AFB. (Point of View)

Two days after being interrogated, they've explained their story to the SGC as well, and have been granted permission to stay. (Point of View)

Jack learns that his AR-self was married to the AR-Carter. (Point of View)

Dr. Carter and Major Carter, working together, manage to get the Asgard power-booster working again (thanks in part to Sam's work on the naquadah reactor in Learning Curve). (Point of View)

Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Dr. Carter, and Major Kawalsky travel to the alternate reality to ask the Asgard of that reality for help fighting the Goa'uld invasion. (Point of View)

Teal'c kills his alternate self after one brief (and refused) offer to spare him if he renounced Apophis. (Point of View)

The AR-Earth is rescued by the Asgard. (Point of View)

The quantum mirror on 'our' Earth is possibly destroyed, but that's never confirmed. (Point of View)

Korra of the Tok'ra steals a cargo ship from Sokar and flees, believing he has been discovered as a spy. (Deadman Switch)

Weeks after Korra stole a cargo ship from Sokar, SG-1 is captured by Aris Boch on the world Korra fled to. (Deadman Switch)

Teal'c sees a Goa'uld cloaking device (on a cargo ship) for the first time. (Deadman Switch)

Word of Sam's being blended with Jolinar has spread far enough that a bounty hunter like Aris Boch knows about it. (Deadman Switch)

SG-1 learns that Aris Boch's race can't be used as hosts by the Goa'uld. (Deadman Switch)

SG-1 agrees to help Aris Boch capture a Goa'uld, but discover he was lying -- it's really the Tok'ra Korra. They switch to helping him instead. (Deadman Switch)

Aris Boch recaptures everyone, including Korra. Teal'c offers himself in exchange for Korra, for Aris to trade to Sokar, to protect the other Tok'ra in Sokar's ranks from discovery. (Deadman Switch)

Aris Boch has a change of heart, and stages a ship explosion as he and Teal'c are on the way to meet Sokar's ship -- they escape in pods. (Deadman Switch)

Aris Boch gives Sam a vial of roshna to run tests on, in hopes that some day his people can be freed of dependence on it (and thus enslavement to the Goa'uld). (Deadman Switch)



An SG unit (SG-1) makes contact with offworld Christians for the first time. (Demons)

Jack and Teal'c spot their second Unas -- Daniel and Sam see one for the first time. This one is also Goa'ulded, likely one of the last, if not the last, in the galaxy. (Demons)

The entire team is accused of being unclean for traveling through the stargate, but Teal'c in particular is accused of being a witch, and is put to the Tests (Mark of the Devil and Water Test). The first gives proof of his unclean soul (he can't feel a red-hot poker against his Jaffa tattoo). The second appears to kill him, proving that he wasn't evil after all. (Demons)

SG-1 learns that a symbiote can keep a Jaffa from drowning (at least, if the Jaffa is in a deep state of kelno'reem before he hits the water) by filtering oxygen out of the water and feeding it into the Jaffa's bloodstream. (Demons)

The entire team, along with Mary (a local woman) is chained up as a sacrifice to Sokar. (Demons)

The villager Simon defies his spiritual leader (the canon) to help SG-1 and the villager Mary escape the Unas who's taking them all to Sokar. (Demons)

The Goa'uld inside the Unas host abandons the dying body, and enters the canon, where it does a good job of disguising itself at first. (Demons)

Sam senses that the canon is Goa'ulded -- Teal'c doesn't. (Demons)

Jack shoots and kills the Goa'ulded canon. (Demons)

Simon and Mary (and presumably the rest of the village) bury the stargate, and stop the sacrifices. (Demons)

Eight months after SG-11 is declared MIA on P89-534, SG-1 encounters a group of boys training to infiltrate the SGC. (Rules of Engagement)

SG-1 is 'killed' by intar weapons when they join a war game thinking it's a real battle. When they wake up, Teal'c masquerades as a Jaffa master come to test the boys, in order to gain information (and SG-1's freedom).(Rules of Engagement)

The weapons taken from SG-1 when they 'died' are the cause of an escalation in the war games, when Teal'c's staff weapon draws first blood, and triggers the final challenge. (Rules of Engagement)

After seeing a tape of Apophis's death at the SGC, Captain Kyle Rogers joins forces with SG-1 to stop the final challenge from occurring, and killing many of his men. (Rules of Engagement)

Rogers tells Hammond and SG-1 that SG-11 were killed after being captured and interrogated. (Rules of Engagement)

After they see the tape of Apophis's death, the boys all give up the final challenge. (Rules of Engagement)

Amaunet abducts many Abydonians to disguise the fact that what she was really after was the harsesis child. (Forever in a Day)

Kasuf gets word to the SGC about the abduction before he himself is taken. (Forever in a Day)

Amaunet sends the harsesis child to safety on Kheb, sure no one will think to look for him there. (Forever in a Day, Maternal Instinct)

In battle with Amaunet's (Horus-guard) Jaffa, Sam very accurately uses a handheld rocket launcher. (Forever in a Day)

Amaunet ribbons Daniel nearly to death. (Forever in a Day)

Daniel has a multi-stage hallucination (in the time it takes a gun to start falling from his fingers and then hit the floor) that brings him to a point where he can forgive Teal'c for killing Sha're, and begin to focus on adjusting his search for Sha're to a search for the harsesis child. (Forever in a Day)

Teal'c shoots Amaunet with his staff weapon, saving Daniel's life but killing her (and Sha're). (Forever in a Day)

Roughly a year after the Vorlix struck Vyus, SG-1 visits the planet. (Past and Present)

Daniel meets Ke'ra and starts to fall (hard) for her (and vice versa). (Past and Present)

Fraiser discovers that the Vyans' memories exist, but that they're physically blocked by a residue in their synapses, and with Ke'ra's help works to find a cure. (Past and Present)

Sam's discovery that the Vorlix was likely the result of Linea's Dargol experiments, and that it caused age regression, raises the possibility that Linea isn't dead, but is instead Ke'ra (with her innate medical and chemical skills). It's confirmed by DNA testing, and Ke'ra (unaware of the truth) is confined to her quarters briefly. Sam and Janet convince Hammond and Jack to allow Ke'ra to continue helping them come up with a cure, since they can't do it themselves with the necessary speed to save Vyus from catastrophe. She figures out that everyone thinks she's Linea.(Past and Present)

Ke'ra, working with the others, comes up with a successful antidote to the memory blocks. (Past and Present)

Ke'ra, not believing that she's Linea, takes the antidote, and becomes a mix of Linea and Ke'ra -- Ke'ra on the surface, but Linea not buried very far. Knowing that she harbors a homicidal monster, she steals chemicals that will allow her to create a poisonous gas in her quarters, intending to commit suicide. (Past and Present)

Daniel talks Ke'ra/Linea into burying her memory again, to start fresh. She helps to synthesize a small amount of the enhanced Dargol and reintroduce it into her bloodstream. She loses her entire memory, and returns to Vyus as a blank-slate Ke'ra. (Past and Present)

Jacob is captured by Sokar on Delmak, and sentenced to torture and imprisonment on Netu. (Jolinar's Memories)

Martouf recruits SG-1, particularly Sam, to help retrieve Jacob from Netu -- and more importantly, the information he's gathered about Sokar's plans for conquest of other System Lords. Sam's buried memories of how Jolinar managed to escape from Netu are their only chance of escaping themselves. (Jolinar's Memories)

Four days after Jacob's capture, SG-1 and Martouf find him in 'the pit' on Netu, tortured nearly to death. (Jolinar's Memories)

Bynarr, Lord of Netu, is killed seconds before he ribbons Sam, shot in the back by his First Prime, Na'onak. (Jolinar's Memories)

SG-1, Martouf, and Jacob are captured seconds before they can ring out of Bynarr's quarters to safety. (Jolinar's Memories)

Na'onak takes over Netu, and reclaims his real name of Apophis. (Jolinar's Memories)

Roughly two days after SG-1 arrives to rescue Jacob, Sokar's fleet is ready to take on the System Lords (ahead of schedule). Sokar starts his trip by traveling to Netu to cleanse the underworld, since Bynarr is well overdue to report back about the intruders. (The Devil You Know)

Aldwin launches a weapon at Netu designed to explode its core. Apophis begins a coup attempt by gaining an audience with Sokar, but winds up being tortured. Word that Netu is about to explode causes a distraction that lets Apophis make a run for it. (The Devil You Know)

Apophis rings out to Delmak. (The Devil You Know)

Jack, Daniel, Sam, Jacob, and Martouf ring off Netu, and are intercepted by Teal'c in the cargo ship. The cargo ship flees. (The Devil You Know)

Netu explodes, taking out Sokar's ship (and Sokar). (The Devil You Know)

Apophis begins his takeover of Sokar's domain. (The Devil You Know)

Aliens begin a takeover of the SGC, using a device that allows them to perfectly duplicate anyone (down to mental processes, if the person is left alive). (Foothold)

Sam contacts Maybourne for help. Maybourne also gets a call from the fake Hammond and decides to believe him instead. Along with the fake Jack and Daniel, he flies with Sam back to the SGC so she can receive 'medical treatment' for her delusions. Sam kills the fake Jack and fake Major Davis aboard the plane and figures out what's going on, and how to interfere with the illusion's signal to make the aliens visible. She and Maybourne come up with a plan to rescue the SGC. (Foothold)

The aliens begin an evacuation -- at least a dozen escape, complete with detailed knowledge about the SGC and Earth in general. (Foothold)

Because of the seriousness of the security breach, all official records are purged of all information about it by presidential order. (Smoke and Mirrors)

The Tollans destroy two of Heru'ur's motherships, which were above their planet while chasing Klorel. (Pretense)

While fleeing from one of Heru'ur's battle groups, Klorel's death glider is damaged and he crash-lands on Tollana. Skaara is the one who wakes up, and begs for help from the Tollans who find the ship. The Tollans begin preparations for triad, to determine who has control of the body. (Pretense)

Two days after Skaara's ship crashes on Tollana, SG-1 are brought to Tollana and filled in on what's going on. Skaara chooses Jack and Daniel to be his archons. Klorel chooses (or is assigned) Zipacna. (Pretense)

The triad is decided in Skaara's favor. Zipacna calls in his mothership and tells it to attack -- it takes out almost all of Tollana's ion cannons. Teal'c and Lya bring the rest of SG-1 to the cannon Lya hid (at Teal'c's request), and Teal'c gets it working: it destroys the mothership. Zipacna escapes through the stargate. (Pretense)

Klorel is safely removed from Skaara and sent to an unnamed Goa'uld world. Skaara is free (and presumably goes to Abydos, although there's no evidence of that before Full Circle). (Pretense)

SG-1 travels through the gate to P4X-884, an apparently tropical world. (Urgo)

Fifteen hours later, they return, with absolutely no memory of the intervening time (Jack is finishing a sentence he started before he stepped through the gate). They discover that they've been implanted with a cybernetic life form -- Urgo. (Urgo)

All members of SG-1 are relieved of active duty when Sam's attempt to nullify Urgo fails. (Urgo)

The SGC contacts Togar, Urgo's creator, and he agrees to remove Urgo. He later agrees to implant Urgo in his own mind, to keep from killing him. (Urgo)

SG-1 return home more than ten hours after they left, with no idea what happened in the interim. (Urgo)

SG-1 visits Edora and befriends Laira and her family. (A Hundred Days)

Several days after first arriving on Edora, SG-1 experiences the 'fire rain' for the first time, realizing the meteors are far too large and close for comfort. They begin an evacuation of the local population for fear of catastrophe, but before they can get everyone out, a meteor hits the stargate. Jack is trapped on the planet with Laira and her family, and a few other survivors. (A Hundred Days)

24 hours after Edora's stargate is struck by a meteor, the SGC attempts to send a MALP through, to be followed by a rescue team. The wormhole engages, but the MALP is destroyed as soon as it reaches the other side. Hammond scrubs the rescue mission. (A Hundred Days)

The meteor strikes last for at least three days, possibly more. After three days, the surviving villagers try to escape through the stargate, only to find it buried. (A Hundred Days)

Several days after the initial attempt, the SGC again attempts to contact Edora, with the same results: wormhole, but too closely covered to allow anything to survive the trip. Sam believes that the molten naquadah hardened just above the active event horizon, forming a sort of iris. Hammond considers the facts and declares Jack officiall missing in action. (A Hundred Days)

Three months later, Laira has let Jack know she's interested in him (by kissing him when he asked for a hint about what she was talking about), and Sam has finished building the particle-beam generator, and begun firing it through the wormhole at the shield covering Edora's stargate. (A Hundred Days)

Shortly thereafter, Jack and Laira have slept together, and the SGC has broken through enough for Teal'c to start digging by hand. Laira hears some radio chatter and eventually tells Jack, who runs for the stargate site and digs Teal'c out just before his air runs out. (A Hundred Days)

After the gate is dug out completely and placed to make travel easier (presumably), the Edorans trapped on Earth are returned to their village, and Jack leaves Edora for home. (A Hundred Days)

A batch of stories that Joe Spencer had sent off to 'New York magazines' are rejected, including one about Hathor and one about Seth. (Citizen Joe)


late 1999

Several alien cultures accuse the SGC of stealing technology -- the SGC denies it categorically each time. (Shades of Grey)

The Tollans and Asgard approach the SGC independently with proof that the SGC was stealing technology from them. The Tollans, Asgard, and Nox were going to sever all ties with the SGC as a result. Hammond (and maybe Jack? He said 'we') convince them that it had to be the action of a rogue group, and they insist that the SGC apprehend the criminals themselves. The Asgard in turn insist that Jack be the only one involved. Jack and Hammond set up a plan for Jack to go undercover in the NID, keeping absolutely everyone out of the loop so all the reactions to his betrayal look right. (Shades of Grey)

As part of the scheme to infiltrate the rogue group, 0n a diplomatic mission to Tollana to formalize diplomatic relations, Jack apparently loses his temper over the Tollans's refusal to share technology and storms off, stealing a weapons-disabling device from a wall on his way out. (Shades of Grey)

Hammond 'discovers' what he's done and they have a shouting match at the briefing table about it, in front of the shocked rest of SG-1. Later, in front of Teal'c, Hammond tells Jack he has two options: early retirment, or court martial. Jack takes retirement. (Shades of Grey)

The day after he 'retires', Jack gets a visit from Daniel, whom he shuts down by cooly repeating his position on the need for technology and explaining that the Pentagon's decision not to allow a secondary SGC offworld -- with Jack in command -- showed the lack of commitment to the goals of attaining technology for the Earth's protection. (Shades of Grey)

After Daniel leaves, unhappily convinced that Jack meant what he said, Maybourne arrives to make Jack an offer: the ability to travel through the stargate to gain technology however and whenever he wants, for the good of the country. Jack kicks him out. (Shades of Grey)

Makepeace is assigned to be the new SG-1 leader. (Shades of Grey)

A week later, Jack calls Maybourne to ask for more information. Maybourne arrives and warns Jack that it's his last chance to back out. Jack doesn't. He arranges to retire offworld, ostensibly on Edora, then immediately goes to the planet where 'his' rogue NID unit is based, and takes command. (Shades of Grey)

His first mission, right after joining his unit, is to steal an invisibility device from an Asgard-protected world. Afterward, he arranges to make the drop for the SG mole himself, and sees Makepeace make the pickup. Thor beams in in time to catch the address Jack returns to, and the Asgard begin reclaiming their stolen property as Jack dials home and tells the NID members that their choices are to be arrested on Earth, or be taken by the Asgard. They choose arrest. (Shades of Grey)

Makepeace is the last to be arrested, by Jack personally. (Shades of Grey)

High Chancellor Travell, on Earth to witness the criminals being apprehended, assures Hammond and the others that they have regained the trust of their allies. (Shades of Grey)

Sam's cold dialing program for the stargate dialing computer gets its first hit, serendipitously dialing Bedrosia just as Nyan, a local archaeologist, was uncovering the gate there. (New Ground)

Jack, Sam, and Daniel are captured by the local military -- Teal'c avoids capture but is badly injured when he confronts a Bedrosian soldier (blinded, and Junior is hurt). (New Ground)

Nyan helps Teal'c recover, then helps him steal a shuttle and rescue the others. (New Ground)

SG-1 leaves almost all their gear behind, plus a naquadah reactor, when escaping Bedrosia. They take Nyan with them. He's granted refugee status, and Daniel offers him a job as research assistant.

Apophis attacks Chulak in his search for the harsesis child. (Maternal Instinct)

Apophis sends a group of eight Jaffa to Kheb to retrieve the child. They're killed by Oma Desala. (Maternal Instinct)

Bra'tac arrives at the SGC bearing Moac, one of his students, badly wounded in Apophis's attack on Chulak. This is the first the SGC knows of Apophis's survival of the destruction of Netu. (Maternal Instinct)

With Bra'tac's help, and the help of the Ancients's stargate map that Jack had programmed into the computer, the SGC figure out where Kheb was. SG-1, SG-2, and Bra'tac go to find the harsesis child, more than two days after Apophis's Jaffa die there. (Maternal Instinct)

Bra'tac, who had been feeling his years and wondering if it was his time to die, decides to keep living and fighting after hearing that he would have to die to begin his journey to oneness. (Maternal Instinct)

Daniel begins his path to ascension without realizing that's what he's doing, thinking he's just learning how to use his mind to protect the harsesis child, through the monk who was the curator/caretaker in Oma Desala's temple. (Maternal Instinct)

After a day of study with the monk in the temple, Daniel believes he can do many miraculous things, and when Oma Desala appears and shows him to the baby, he at first believes she's ready for him to take the child. Then he realizes she meant for him to understand that the child will be safer with her, and leaves him. (Maternal Instinct)

Oma Desala destroys the Jaffa who have come to take the child, and leaves Kheb for parts unknown. (New Ground)

The SGC discovers a world with a huge Mayan pyramid. When SG-1 goes to investigate, they find high levels of muon radiation inside, and a crystal skull. (Crystal Skull)

Daniel looks into the eyes of the skull, triggering an increase in the radiation levels. Teal'c shoots the skull to protect Daniel, who vanishes before the others's eyes. He's actually shifted out of phase with their physical reality. Jack, Sam, and Teal'c run for home to avoid dying by radiation -- all three wind up with radiation poisoning, but controllable levels. When Teal'c returns for the skull in hopes it will help lead them to the missing Daniel, Daniel follows him home.(Crystal Skull)

Eventually, the SGC brings in Nick Ballard, Daniel's grandfather, hoping that his previous experience with a crystal skull will help. Nick can see and hear Daniel, and once he's convinced Daniel isn't an hallucination, convinces the SGC to do as Daniel wishes -- return to the pyramid with Daniel and the skull, and allow the skull to finish what it started. (Crystal Skull)

Everyone but Teal'c is shifted out of phase, and one of the giant ghostly aliens that Nick had seen almost 30 years earlier appears. He introduces himself as Quetzelcoatl, and invites Nick to stay and learn. Nick accepts. (Crystal Skull)

Daniel has an appendectomy. (Nemesis)

Replicators infest the Biliskner during a battle. Thor gets the crew off, but stays behind to try to stop the Replicators. They get into the computers, find out about Earth, and put the ship on course for it. (Nemesis)

On his way to get in some fishing during SG-1's downtime while Daniel recovers from his appendectomy, Jack is beamed aboard Thor's ship. (Nemesis)

Jack, then Sam and Teal'c, see Replicators for the first time. Jack and Sam learn how to use Asgard stone controls to use the hologram and computer-information-recall technology. Sam also learns how to use the transporters. (Nemesis)

Teal'c nearly dies in space when Replicator acid eats through his air tank. (Nemesis)

The US moves to Defcon 3, and the president decides to tell the world what's going on if the Biliskner lands. When the Biliskner begins a controlled entry, Hammond suggests moving to Defcon 2 -- they do. (Nemesis)

Sam, Teal'c, and Jack beam up the stargate from the SGC (the Giza gate) to use as an escape route. Hammond orders the second (beta) gate (the Antarctic gate) uncovered, moved, and installed at the SGC as quickly as possible. (Nemesis)

SG-1 blows up the Biliskner's deceleration drive, forcing it into an uncontrolled entry that burns the ship up, and escapes through the stargate with Thor (in a stasis pod, near death). (Nemesis)

The Giza gate lands in the Pacific, along with a sole surviving Replicator and the scattered remains of the Biliskner. (Nemesis)

The Antarctic gate becomes the program's sole stargate. Hooked up to the computer, just like the original gate. (Nemesis/Small Victories)




Note: This section is not complete. I'll be going back through the season and filling it in properly when I get a chance.

ca. 2000

These are events that I know happened in 2000, but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of fourth season.

The Tiranians steal some naquadria from the Andari Federation and begin trying to build a naquadria bomb, to catch up with Kelowna's technical capabilities. (Fallout, Homecoming)

A rogue NID sleeper cell begins work on a project to create a human/Goa'uld hybrid, using DNA from Sekhmet (found in a canopic jar). (Resurrection)


early 2000

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c are trapped offworld for two weeks, when it takes the SGC that long to install and correctly hook up the Antarctic gate in place of the Giza gate that crashed with Thor's ship. (Small Victories)

The Russians salvage the Giza gate from the ocean's floor and begin their own stargate program, using the Giza DHD to dial addresses. (Watergate)

The Eurondans make contact with the SGC and promise to trade some very useful technology in return for heavy water to help them power their bunkers and weapons. Jack is all for it (despite Daniel's cautions) until he realizes that the Eurondans are genetic purists determined to commit genocide against those who aren't 'like us'. He sabotages their war effort and leaves them to die. (The Other Side)

Freya/Anise of the Tok'ra arrives at the SGC with armbands for SG-1 that turn Jack, Sam, and Daniel into super-strong, high-speed versions of themselves. (Upgrades)

Shan'auc and Teal'c meet again for the first time in years. (Crossroads)

Shan'auc asks the Tok'ra to accept the symbiote she's carrying, saying that she's been in contact with it and has taught it to despise the Goa'uld. The Tok'ra agree, and Tanith enters a volunteer host. He kills Shan'auc the first chance he gets, to punish her for her insolence in trying to tell her god what to think. The Tok'ra pretend to be taken in, so that they can use Tanith to feed false information to the Goa'uld. (Crossroads)

Jack and Sam are suspected of being zatarcs and confined as a precaution. (Divide and Conquer)

Martouf, who has been turned into a zatarc, is killed. (Divide and Conquer)

Jack and Teal'c get caught in a time loop that no one else is aware of. (Window of Opportunity)

A month after the Russians set up their stargate program, the SGC finds out about it and it's shut down. (Watergate)

The Russians retain control of the Giza gate and DHD, but agree not to use them. (Watergate)

The Russians leave a four-man team trapped offworld after the shutdown of their program, rather than admit to having unauthorized missions. (The Tomb)



The SGC discovers the original homeworld of the Goa'uld. (The First Ones)

Daniel is captured by a young Unas, but manages to befriend him. (The First Ones)

Dr. Robert Rothman is infested by a Goa'uld and killed by Jack. (The First Ones)

The SGC helps the Enkarans find a new homeworld -- just in time for a Gadmeer ship to arrive and start transforming the planet into one suited to their very alien physiology. (Scorched Earth)

The members of SG-1 lose their memories thanks to a brainwashing technique, and believe themselves to be workers in an underground facility. (Beneath the Surface)

Marty, an alien trapped on Earth with no memories of his past, contacts the SGC with enough information about it to get a meeting with Jack, and eventually all of SG-1 gets involved in figuring out just who and what he is. (Point of No Return)

On a test of the new X-301, Teal'c and Jack are stranded in space with no way back home. Sam and Daniel get Jacob to help them mount a ship-based rescue, moments before Jack succumbs to anoxia. (Tangent)

Osiris, freed from his canopic jar, infests Sarah Gardner, and old flame of Daniel's, and eventually makes it safely off the planet. (The Curse)

Teal'c discovers that there are no fish in the lake at Jack's cabin. (The Curse)

Teal'c is captured by Heru'ur's forces and tortured severely, but manages to convince one of his captors, Rak'nor, that freedom is worth fighting for, and escapes before he can be handed over to Apophis. (The Serpent's Venom)

Heru'ur is killed by Apophis's fleet. (The Serpent's Venom)

Hammond retires (ostensibly of his own free will, actually because he's being blackmailed into doing so), and is replaced with General Bauer. (Chain Reaction)

After some fairly disastrous proceedings (during which Bauer nearly blows up the entire planet) and some serious string-pulling by Jack to get Hammond clear of his blackmailers, Bauer is relieved of command and Hammond is reinstated. (Chain Reaction)


late 2000

The SGC receives a message from the future to avoid a particular planet, and locks it out of the dialing computer. (2010)

Shifu appears on Abydos, having been aged to roughly 12 or so, calling Daniel's name. When SG-1 brings him back to the SGC, Daniel asks him for help against the Goa'uld. In response, Shifu sends Daniel into a vision of how dangerous Shifu's knowledge is. Once Daniel has learned the lesson, Shiful leaves in ascended form. (Absolute Power)

SG-5 dies as a result of exposure to a Goa'uld 'pleasure palace' on P4X-347. (The Light)

Daniel nearly dies as a result of exposure to the 'pleasure palace', and all of SG-1 winds up trapped there when they realize that they're basically addicted to its effects. Once Sam figures out what's happening and how, they spend roughly three weeks weaning themselves off the light so they can go back home. (The Light)

Cadet Hailey gets a taste of life at the SGC when she's brought offworld to a safe scientific outpost, and instead winds up in a potentially deadly situation when local energy beings start attacking. (Prodigy)

An energy/electrical entity takes over Sam's body, putting her consciousness into a mass of networked computers. (Entity)

The robot team from Altair gets captured, and Harlan, worried when they don't return, contacts the SGC for help. SG-1 goes in and joins robot-Jack (the only surviving and not-captured member of that team). They manage to take out Cronus and capture his ha'tak, but the entire robot team is dead by the end of it. (Double Jeopardy)

Cronus dies at robot-Teal'c's hands. (Double Jeopardy)

The Tok'ra borrow Cronus's ha'tak from the SGC (and Jack, specifically) to help with the move to an entirely new, unknown planet. Tanith is finally imprisoned as a traitor, but escapes. Apophis's fleet finds the planet before they can leave. Teal'c is shot during the hunt for Tanith, and Tanith brings him before Apophis as a present. Sam's notion to buy them all some time and hopefully wipe out Apophis is -- blow up the local sun. It works, but the blast follows the ha'tak carrying SG-1 and Jacob into hyperspace, pushing them into another galaxy. (Exodus)


late 2000 / early 2001

The Kelownans begin working on the Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle -- a giant, two-headed drill with a navigation/pilot/research compartment in the middle. (Fallout)




Note: This section is not complete. I'll be going back through the season and filling it in properly when I get a chance.

ca. 2001

These are events that I know happened in 2001, but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of fifth season.

The Goa'uld begin showing zero population growth, after spreading 'like a plague' for thousands of years. (Summit)

The SGC dials the address of the world Jack will eventually identify as the place they need to go to find the Lost City, but the wormhole doesn't engage -- the assumption is that the gate is buried. (Lost City, part 2)


early 2001

The perfectly preserved body of an Asgard from 30,000 years ago is found floating in space. (Revelations)

Joe Spencer sees a commercial for the upcoming Wormhole X-Treme!, and believes that the creators of Wormhole X-Treme! have stolen his ideas. He starts a lawsuit. (Citizen Joe)

The main Tok'ra base shifts from the destroyed Vorash to Revanna. (Summit, Last Stand)

Teal'c is brainwashed by Apophis to believe that he's always been loyal to his god. (Enemies)

Apophis dies on a Replicator-infested ship when it crashes into a planet at high speed. (Enemies)

Teal'c nearly dies from Bra'tac's extreme methods of breaking the brainwashing, but in the end, it works, and he rejoins SG-1. (Threshhold)

An ascended being -- Orlin -- falls for Sam and follows her home from Velona, stalks her a bit, then moves in and returns to mortal form. He builds a baby stargate in her basement to gate back to Velona and stop the SGC from setting off a deadly weapon, and gets shot for his trouble. He re-ascends when he dies. (Ascension)

A Reol latches on to SG-1, convincing them that he's the fifth member of their team. (The Fifth Man)

Doctor MacLaran succeeds in creating a superheavy element. (Red Sky)

SG-1 accidentally poisons a sun when they travel through a wormhole that runs straight through it. (Red Sky)

Cassie falls ill from a retrovirus that Nirrti set up in all Hankans, and SG-1 has to return to Hanka to see if they can find a cure. When they return, an invisible Nirrti comes with them and starts roaming the base at will. When she's caught, she makes a deal -- her freedom for Cassie's cure. (Rite of Passage)

Chaka is captured by slavers. SG-1 goes in to help, and winds up helping the enslaved Unas to rebel against their human captors. (Beast of Burden)


SG-9 spends several months on Latona, attempting to renew diplomatic relations with the Latonans (who'd been victims of the rogue NID), as well as negotiate SGC access to the Sentinel. (The Sentinel)

Ten months after the Russian stargate program is summarily shut down, the Russians admit that they left a team stranded offworld -- the team had been on an unauthorized mission. (The Tomb)

Tanith convinces the Tollans to help him, but SG-1 finds out about it and convinces Narim to put a stop to it. In retribution, Tanith destroys Tollana and wipes out most of the Tollans, with only a handful escaping in ships, to an unknown fate. (Between Two Fires)

The SGC comes across the Aschen on an agricultural world, but thanks to Daniel's research they realize that the Aschen are dangerous before any deals can be signed. (2001)

Adrian Conrad deliberately has a Goa'uld symbiote implanted in him, assuming he can have it removed. He's wrong. The Goa'uld is captured by Kinsey and put in a secure NID safehouse. (Desperate Measures, Chain Reaction)

Marty's memories have returned just enough for him to pitch a television show -- Wormhole X-Treme. When it gets picked up, it generates interest all over the place, from the SGC, NID, and Marty's former companions. (Wormhole X-Treme)

A group of cadets being tested for acceptance to the SGC lands in the middle of what they believe is a real-life Foothold situation, but which is really just another test. (Proving Ground)

Heimdall of the Asgard spends six months in the Adara system, working on the Asgards' most important project -- trying to find a way to reverse the effects of the genetic manipulation that had left them incapable of reproducing. He was using the preserved body of the 30,000 year old Asgard found floating in space. (Revelations)


late 2001

SG-2 discovers a world with a working sarcophagus, but it's too heavily guarded to be useful. (Meridian)

McKay arrives at the SGC for the first time. (48 Hours)

To save Teal'c's life by rescuing him from within the stargate itself where he's trapped, the SGC requests, and receives, a loan of the Giza DHD from the Russians. The process used to save Teal'c creates an energy backlash that destroys the DHD. (48 Hours)

nb: When this episode aired, there had been no mention of the Antarctic DHD since Touchstone aired (1998) -- to all appearances, it had been shipped back to Area 51 and totally forgotten about. It's not until the season after 48 Hours that the audience finds out the Antarctic DHD failed after only a few uses.

The Tok'ra have developed a poison to kill Goa'uld symbiotes. (Summit, Last Stand)

The Tok'ra base on Revanna is destroyed. (Summit, Last Stand)

The System Lords hold a summit, at which Osiris shows up as Anubis's proxy, looking for a seat on the Council. (Summit, Last Stand)

Joe Spencer's lawsuit against the creators of Wormhole X-Treme comes to nothing when the series is cancelled after only one episode airs, because of low ratings. (Citizen Joe)

Anubis sends a naquadah-laced asteroid on a collision course with Earth. SG-1 goes out to correct its course, and winds up having to jump the entire asteroid through hyperspace for a few seconds to go through Earth to keep it from impacting. (Failsafe)

Imhotep disguises himself as a First Prime and begins to build an army of rebel Jaffa to support his coming bid for power. When Teal'c is captured by Yu and realizes that 'K'tano' isn't the selfless leader he's been pretending to be, he challenges him to the rite of joma secu. K'tano/Imhotep dies, and Teal'c wins the position of leader of the rebel army. (The Warrior)

SG-1 brings the android Reese back to the SGC, not realizing she's the original creator of the Replicators -- her 'toys'. When she gets scared and starts using the Replicators to defend herself, Jack shoots her dead. The SGC sends her body to the Asgard in hopes it will help them with the war against the Replicators. (The Menace)

Svarog invades Latona, which is vulnerable because of the rogue NID's tampering with its planetary defense system. (The Sentinel)

Two months after SG-2 discovers a working (but unavailable) sarcophagus, Daniel is fatally irradiated while containing a naquadria explosion on Kelowna, and chooses ascension rather than death. (Meridian)

Jonas abandons Kelowna and takes refuge at the SGC, determined to become a part of it. (Meridian)

Joe Spencer has received 326 rejection letters for his stories to date. (Citizen Joe)

His wife throws away his 'stone' and begs him to stop, claiming that his business is starting to fail because of his obsession. He tells her he can't, and admits for the first time that he believes the 'stories' are really happening, not something he's making up. (Citizen Joe)

Freyr asks Jack, Sam, and Teal'c to rescue an Asgard scientist -- Heimdall -- trapped in a research lab on a world with Goa'uld ships nearby. While they're at it, they rescue Thor's consciousness from Anubis's ship. (Revelations)




Note: This section is not complete. I'll be going back through the season and filling it in properly when I get a chance.

late 2001 / early 2002

These are events that I know happened in 2002, but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of sixth season.

The scientists at the SGC begin working on a virtual-reality chair they got from the Gamekeeper, hoping to turn it into a viable training tool for SGC personnel. (Avatar)

After 45 failures, a human/Goa'uld hybrid is successfully created by the NID sleeper cell working on that project -- she's named Anna, and her growth is accelerated by means of the nanites taken from Argos. (Resurrection)

SG-1 goes through nine different archaeologist / anthropologist / scientist types in the three months following Daniel's ascension. (Redemption, part 1)


early 2002

Drey'auc dies. (Redemption, part 1)

The Antarctic gate, locked open and rapidly building up dangerous levels of energy due to an attack by Anubis, is removed and sent through a wormhole, and explodes 3 million miles away from Earth. (Redemption, part 2)

The program is shut down completely for a brief period to prevent a repetition of the attack, then re-opened when Teal'c arrives via cargo ship and announces that Anubis's weapon has been destroyed. (Redemption, part 2)

The Giza gate is rented from the Russians and lowered down to take its place, and once again becomes the SGC's only stargate. (Redemption, part 2)

After three months at the SGC, Jonas is added to SG-1 as its fourth member. (Redemption, part 2)

The Kelownans use a naquadria bomb against their enemies, to devastating effect. A cease-fire on all sides was promptly declared. (Fallout)

A Goa'uld ha'tak vessel (Anubis's abandoned ship) crashes into the Pacific ocean and explodes through an auto-destruct. Thor's consciousness had been trapped on the ship, but SG-1 safely removes it and returns him to his people to be transferred into a new clone body. (Descent)

The Russians concoct a cover story with the Americans to explain the explosion to the rest of the world: one of their missile subs, the Rostov, was only 75 kilometers away from a 'meteor' that struck the ocean, and was so badly damaged by the shockwave that it sank to the bottom. Before the deep-submergible rescue vehicle sent from Pearl Harbor ('in the spirit of international cooperation') could reach it, its reactor went critical, and it exploded. (Disclosure)

Ayiana, presumed to be an Ancient, is found frozen under the Antarctic ice and is revived. She carries the plague that wiped out her people, though, and begins infecting everyone at the research station. She manages to heal everyone but Jack, who is taken by the Tok'ra to become a host to save his life. (Frozen)

A batch of cloned Goa'uld larva take over a town in the Pacific Northwest and begin using their hosts as labor to build a spaceship to escape Earth. (Nightwalkers)

Jack's symbiote, in total control of his body, goes to Baal's main base of operations to try to save a lo'taur he fell in love with while inside a previous host. When Baal's Jaffa are about to capture them, Kanan exits Jack's body, leaving him to be caught alone (and dying himself in the process, presumably). Jack is repeatedly tortured and killed by Baal. Daniel, in ascended form, watches all of this, appearing to Jack only to encourage him. (Abyss)

Sharlene Spencer takes her son Andy and leaves her husband Joe, going to live with her mother, after too many years of Joe's obsession with his 'stories'. (Citizen Joe)

Gordie quits his job at Joe Spencer's barber shop. (Citizen Joe)

Jonas's old friend Dr. Kieran asks him for help, but it gradually becomes apparent that Kieran is suffering from schizophrenia because of long-term naquadria exposure. (Shadowplay)



Drs Felger and Coombs help save SG-1 on an offworld mission. (The Other Guys)

An invisible ashrak's attacks on Jaffa at the alpha site brings all the tensions between Tok'ra and Jaffa to the fore, and by the end of it, both have formally ended their alliances with each other and with the Tau'ri. (Allegiance)

SG-1 discovers that the captive Goa'uld queen that the Pangarans have been using to create symbiotes that in turn were used to create tretonin is actually Egeria, the progenitor of all Tok'ra. She's too far gone to be saved, and dies shortly after SG-1 arrives. (Cure)

The rogue NID, Simmons, and Adrian Conrad manage to steal the Prometheus, but Jack and Teal'c sneak aboard and start wreaking havoc. By the end, Conrad and Simmons are dead, and the rogue NID are captive. Then Thor shows up looking for help again. (Prometheus)

SG-1 travels to Hala with Thor to help the Asgard trap all the Replicators in a time-bubble. They succeed, but Sam is forced to betray Fifth in the process. (Unnatural Selection)

Approximately three and a half months after the events of Shadowplay, the SGC discovers that there's another dimension co-existing with ours, apparently inhabited entirely by bugs of one sort or another, which can be seen with the aid of an Ancient device. (Jack says it's been 'more than three months' since Jonas got a clean bill of health regarding his naquadria exposure -- that exam happened in Shadowplay.) (Sight Unseen)

Colorado Springs is quarantined (with a cover story of a chemical spill that's causing hallucinations in anyone exposed) while the SGC deals with the problem. (Sight Unseen)

Jack is framed for the attempted assassination of Senator Kinsey. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Jack O'Neill is trapped offworld with Harry Maybourne for nearly a month, on a world where a hallucinogen introduced by the Goa'uld wiped out a utopian society by sending everyone into paranoid delusions. (Paradise Lost)

Sam Carter is one of the possibilities being considered for leader of SG-1, with Jack missing for close to a month. (Paradise Lost)


late 2002

The Russian team discovers that Nirrti is conducting a new set of experiments on a new planet, and SG-1 goes along to see what she's up to. She's been manipulating the locals' DNA, boosting their psychic abilities while deforming their bodies. (Metamorphosis)

The stargate program is disclosed, in full (as far as I can tell) to the governments of Great Britain, France, and China (which, along with the US and Russia, make up the five permanent members of the UN Security Council). None of these governments had believed the cover stories put forth by the US and Russia for various events, but none of the ambassadors is initially prepared to believe the truth. (Disclosure)

SG-1 gets caught in the middle of an ongoing fight between Hebridan prisoners and their Serrakin erstwhile guards. (Forsaken)

Teal'c and Bra'tac survive a massacre, but at the cost of one of their symbiotes, leaving them only one to share between them. The Changeling)

By the time the SGC finds them, days later, that symbiote is dying as well , and they're given the first synthetic tretonin. The tretonin is meant to replace the effects of the larval Goa'uld in a Jaffa -- take over the functions of the immune system. (The Changeling)

The Prometheus (X-303) goes out on its shakedown mission. Everything works properly, but due to an unexpected passage through intense gravity waves while in hyperspace, part of the machinery failed, and the reactor had to be jettisoned.

The ship lands on a planet with a stargate, and presumably a replacement reactor was sent through and installed so the ship could return home. (Memento)

Jonas begins developing flashes of precognition as a result of a growth in his brain. (Prophecy)

Bra'tac and Rya'c are taken prisoner by Baal's troops and set to work in a hard-labor death camp. Daniel, still ascended, witnesses this. (Orpheus)

Daniel reappears to rally help against Anubis, who is fast approaching Abydos in search of the Eye of Ra. By the time it's over, all the Abydonians are dead and ascended, Daniel is thwarted by Oma and cast away, Abydos is largely destroyed, and SG-1 is back home. (Full Circle)




ca. 2003

These are events that I know happened in 2003, but I don't know where they fit in the chronology of the events of seventh season.

At some point after the Joint Ruling Council is formed on Jonas's homeworld, the planet's new name is chosen by committee: Langara. (Fallout)

At some point after the attack on Kelowna, Kianna Cyr is taken over by a Goa'uld (unnamed) in Baal's service, to give Baal access to information about naquadria. (Fallout)

The alpha site is moved after Anubis probes Jonas's mind, gaining access to knowledge about its location. (Death Knell)

Daniel descends to human form again, on a world occupied by nomads. He has complete memory loss. (Fallen)

Maybourne discovers a pillar covered in Ancient writing that gives a history of the major events of the planet he's living on -- including events that haven't happened yet. He uses the knowledge to present himself as a prophet to the people he's living among, and when he saves the village from a bad flood, he's made king. (It's Good to Be King)

nb: This happened late in 2003, but I don't know precisely when.


Approximately two months after Daniel 'descends', the SGC sends several teams to the world he wound up on, and he is brought back to the SGC to regain his memory and rejoin his team. (Fallen)

Approximately three weeks after Daniel returns to the SGC (allowing enough time for ruins to be sufficiently mapped and an X-302 to be disassembled, brought through the stargate, and reassembled on the other side), the SGC and the Tok'ra ally with a group of Goa'uld led by Yu to trap Anubis. (Homecoming)

Yu's health and mental faculties deteriorate to the point where he abanonds his allies, believing himself to be traveling to meet them. (Homecoming)

Jack and Sam manage to damage the core weapon in Anubis's flagship, but Jonas is captured aboard and Daniel is trapped aboard. (Homecoming)

Anubis probes Jonas's mind and finds out about the naquadria in Kelowna (among other things), and promptly travels there and begins attacking. The Kelownans call Earth for help, in the first proof of their continued survivial since Shadowplay. (Homecoming)

Jack insists that the other nations on Kelowna's world be informed about the stargate before he approves any plan to save the planet -- Kelowna does so. The SGC shifts its temporary alliance to Baal, who agrees to the plan. (Homecoming)

Daniel and Jonas escape and ring down to Kelowna. (Homecoming)

Baal leads a fleet to attack Anubis's weakened flagship over Kelowna's capital city, and destroy it, although Anubis himself manages to escape. (Homecoming)

The Kelownans, Andaris, and Tiranians form a new Joint Ruling Council to govern their world. (Homecoming)

Jonas returns to Kelowna to become a member of the Joint Ruling Council. (Homecoming)

Loki returns to Earth to continue his experiments during the confusion surrounding the Asgards's shift to a new homeworld, and kidnaps Jack in order to clone him. (Fragile Balance)

One week later

One week after the Jack-clone is sent to Earth, he's returned to Loki's ship where he overpowers Loki and sets in motion the ending of Loki's experiments for the second time by bringing the rest of SG-1 aboard. The original Jack calls Thor in to help. (Fragile Balance)

Thor stops Loki, heals clone-Jack, and returns SG-1 to Earth. (Fragile Balance)

Clone-Jack starts a new life separate from Jack and the SGC, beginning with going back to high school. (Fragile Balance)

Three months after Bra'tac and Rya'c are captured and set to hard labor, Daniel remembers what he saw, and the SGC stages a rescue. (Orpheus)

The dome on P3X-289 is finally abandoned when SG-1 arrives and realizes it's already killed off almost the entire population in its attempt to fulfill its programming of maintaining the 'garden'. (Revisions)

Three months before inadvertantly starting what could have been a very bloody war with the local Unas, SG-11 is assigned to P3X-403 to explore the abandoned naquadah mine there. (Enemy Mine)

The Stromos crash-lands on P2A-347 for unknown reasons. The ship awakens an engineer, but begins losing power to life support for all other passengers. (Lifeboat)

Daniel is 'possessed' by 12 different minds/personalities as Pharrin of the Taltheans tries desperately to save his people. (Lifeboat)

Eventually the people of the Stromos are safely revived, and gated to a new world to start their colony. (Lifeboat)

SG-11 unknowingly intrude on the local Unas's holy ground, and trigger what could have been a massacre. (Enemy Mine)

Daniel and Chaka manage to negotiate a peace with Kor Asek (Iron Shirt) instead, resulting in a deal whereby the Unas work the local naquadah mine and give all the mined ore to the SGC to be used in the fight against the Goa'uld. (Enemy Mine)

The 59th Loop of Kon Garat is flown in the Hebridan system. An offworld alien participates for the first time, as Sam joins Warrick as his co-pilot in the Seberus for the race. (Space Race)

The entire stargate system crashes temporarily as a result of a computer virus that originated with the SGC and was probably tampered with by Baal. (Avenger 2.0)

Teal'c meets Ishta. (Birthright)

More Jaffa begin using tretonin, including Neith and Nesa of the Hak'tyl. (Birthright)

The SGC forms an alliance with the Hak'tyl, trading tretonin and supplies for information and warriors to help in the fight against the Goa'uld. (Birthright)

Anubis begins using a genetically engineered type of 'foot soldier' ('supersoldiers'), presumably in reaction to the spreading Jaffa rebellion. The new warrior class is a goa'uld symbiote inside an engineered human host (very strong, very fast, well-armored, but incredibly short-lived -- the one example given lived for about three weeks before its heart failed.) (Evolution, part 1)

Daniel and Dr. Lee discover the Fountain of Youth -- an Ancient healing device -- in an old temple to the Goa'uld Telchak, in southern Honduras. (Evolution, part 1)

Daniel and Dr. Lee are kidnapped in Honduras (by an unidentified group of men, living rough), and possibly brought across the border into Nicaragua. They refuse to give any information. (Evolution, part 1)

Daniel and Dr. Lee are denied food and water by their captors in the first stages of trying to break them. (Evolution, part 2)

Roughly two days later

The Honduran revolutionaries contact the US State Department with a ransom demand for doctors Jackson and Lee, demanding payment within 72 hours or they'll kill their hostages. (Evolution, part 2)

After two days without food or water, Daniel and Dr. Lee are separately interrogated and electrocuted to get information about the box containing the so-called 'Fountain of Youth'. Dr. Lee breaks.

Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac take a cargo ship to Tartarus, waiting for Jacob to go through the stargate and disable the sensor array so they can sneak in. (Evolution, part 2)

About 24 hours into the deadline, Jack arrives in Honduras and meets up with Burke, to begin looking for the hostages. (Evolution, part 2)

Jacob goes through the stargate to Tartarus, disguised as one of Anubis's supersoldiers. (Evolution, part 2)

Jacob, Sam, and Teal'c discover that Anubis has a queen on his side who is spawning drone symbiotes to be used in the supersoldiers. They destroy her tank to keep her from completing her next spawning cycle. (Evolution, part 2)

Chalo, a revolutionary, is revived from death simply by being near the Fountain of Youth, and becomes a sort of psycho zombie. A very angry, nearly unstoppable, psycho zombie. (Evolution, part 2)

Daniel and Dr. Lee escape, and run for their lives. (Evolution, part 2)

The Prometheus begins its voyage home from Tagrea. (Grace)

Sam is injured and left alone on the nearly derelict Prometheus, trapped in a gas cloud. (Grace)

When the Prometheus (and Sam) was 18 hours past due for contact, the SGC began to get very worried, and to start what rescue operations it could. Teams were sent out to at least seven worlds with stargates in hopes of finding a trace of the ship, to no avail. The Tok'ra searched the ship's route, but didn't find it they began widening their search to nearby systems. (Grace)

Four days after being stranded, the Prometheus is either rescued or makes it back home on its own -- no idea which. (Grace)

Jonas and other scientists discover that Kelowna, and by extension all of Langara, is going to be destroyed in the very near future by a deep vein of naquadah that's rapidly tranforming into naquadria. When the change goes deep enough into the ground, toward the molten core of the planet, the heat and pressure will explode it, wiping out half the landmass of Kelowna and throwing huge amounts of dust and debris into the atmosphere. (Fallout)

Jonas travels to Earth for the first time since he returned to Kelowna, to ask for help with the naquadria problem. Sam returns to Kelowna with him to help. A delegation of three Langarans (First Minister Dreylock of Kelowna, Lucia Tarthus of the Andari Federation, and Vin Eremal of Tirania) travel to the SGC to begin talks about evacuating as many people as possible from Langara. (Fallout)

Sam deduces that Kianna is a Goa'uld, and tells Jonas. Kianna is taken into custody and the symbiote explains why it's there. She points out that they need her to stop the naquadria reaction by using the Underground Excavator that she'd heavily modified. When questioned, she explains that she wants to save the planet as well (to give it to Baal). Jonas refuses, but when Sam is unable to handle the digger's controls in simulation, they have no choice but to let Kianna come along. (Fallout)

The SGC takes back its offer of evacuation help after the Langarans prove too interested in internal bickering rather than being focused on saving their people. Sam and Teal'c continue their efforts to stop the naquadria conversion at the source. (Fallout)

Kianna sets a nuclear bomb in the correct place to shift the ground by a fault line, separating the naquadah vein from the deep naquadah deposit and saving the planet. (Fallout)

The Goa'uld inside Kianna dies, but the host survives, with her memories intact. (Fallout)

Sam meets Pete Shanahan and begins a relationship with him. (Chimera)

Osiris beams into Daniel's home and ribbons him lightly, then uses a memory device on him to gain access to his dreams, and manipulate them into a situation where he tells 'Sarah' where the Lost City is. She beams out before he can wake up. This goes on for at least five nights, with Daniel getting ever closer to providing the information, before Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam figure out what's going on and set a trap. (Chimera)

Pete gets an FBI friend to do a background check on Sam. When that comes up empty, he tails her as she leaves her home and shadows SG-1 on their stakeout of Daniel's home. He interferes with Sam the next morning as she's moving to back up her teammates, and sees Osiris using a hand device to escape. He's injured in the firefight. (Chimera)

Osiris is taken out with a tranquizer dart and brought back to the SGC, where the Tok'ra successfully remove her from Sarah. Osiris's fate after that is unknown. (Chimera)

Pete is brought back to the SGC to recover and be filled in on everything. (Chimera)

One month after Daniel and Dr. Lee brought Telchak's device back to the SGC, the Tok'ra and the SGC had developed a working prototype weapon designed to take out Anubis's supersoldiers. (Death Knell)

Anubis's forces attacked the second alpha site, causing an immediate evacation to the beta site. Colonel Riley stayed behind and set off the base's self-destruct, killing himself and at least one of Anubis's drones (supersoldiers). (Death Knell)

Sam finishes the recalibrations to the anti-drone weapon, making it an effective working model. (Death Knell)

The Tok'ra and the Jaffa both withdraw from their alliances with the Tau'ri, although without any major recriminations. (Death Knell)

late 2003

Richard Woolsey begins a comprehensive investigation of all stargate personnel. (Inauguration)

A documentary filmmaking crew arrives at the SGC, officially to chronicle the 1,000th trip through the stargate. (Heroes, part 1)

(this number doesn't actually work -- see the nitpick about it)

The SGC runs across a Goa'uld remote probe (a sort of MALP) for the first time. (Heroes, part 1)

Kinsey returns to the SGC for the first time in two years. (Heroes, part 1)

Jack takes a staff blast full in the abdomen and survives. (Heroes, part 2)

Janet Fraiser is killed in action on P3X-666. (Heroes, part 2)

Fraiser's memorial service is held in the SGC. (Heroes, part 2)

Henry Hayes is voted in as president, with Kinsey as vice president. (nb: Hayes is unnamed as of Inauguration). This may or may not have happened on November 4, 2003, depending on if the SG universe uses the same election-day calculations as the real world. (Inauguration)

Roughly a couple of weeks after Fraiser's death, Marci and Simon Wells have a baby daughter, and name her Janet. (Heroes, part 2)

Bregman has a rough draft of the documentary done, and does the final filming by interviewing Jack. (Heroes, part 2)

A human/Goa'uld hybrid named Anna destroys the rogue NID sleeper cell that had created her, killing 32 people, and sets a bomb to go off roughly a day later. (Resurrection)

The NID begins evacuating Los Angeles when a naquadah-enhanced bomb set by Sekhmet (or at least a personality based on her DNA) was discovered, set to go off in less than a day. (Resurrection)

Anna kills Keffler, then herself. (Resurrection)

Roughly one month before Anubis's attack on Earth, the Trust approaches Brian Vogler and coerces him into laying the groundwork to frame his best friend, Alec Colson. The Trust is worried that Colson already knows too much about aliens on Earth, and might go public with it, and the organization wants a way to shut him down in a hurry if need be. (Covenant)

Less than a month after Fraiser's death, on his first working day in office, the new president is briefed about the stargate program. In turn, he confronts Kinsey and demands to know why Kinsey never said anything, then insists that if Kinsey wants him to clean house at the SGC, he'll have to convince the president that he's right. He then continues reading mission reports into the night, with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs keeping him company to help explain things. (Inauguration)

nb: I know that it's nuts that the election takes place in an odd-numbered year, and that the president takes office in the same year. But the entire election cycle as written into this show is completely screwed up: Kinsey announced he was running more than three years before the election (or in other words, barely after the last election), in Chain Reaction.

The national conventions happened a full year or more before the election, rather than just a few months (in Smoke and Mirrors, back in mid-season six, the conventions are just a few weeks away).

There's less than a month between election and inauguration (in the real world, the electoral college meets a month or more after the election, and the inauguration is a month after that -- in SG, the election hasn't yet happened in Heroes, and in Inauguration, reference is made to Janet's death [in Heroes] having been less than a month ago).

Originally I believed that the election pushed the end of the season into the next year, but given the incredibly short time between election and inauguration, I no longer believe that. If elections happened on the first Tuesday in November (and granted, given the wacky election cycle, that's not guaranteed), Hayes was in office by the first week of December at the absolute latest, and possibly even earlier than that.

One day later

Kinsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Woolsey all meet with the president so Woolsey can present his findings about the SGC. That evening, he meets with Kinsey and discovers that Kinsey has a separate, personal agenda, probably related to the rogue NID. (Inauguration)

One day later

Woolsey goes to General Maynard with his suspicions about Kinsey -- Maynard tells him to find proof. (Inauguration)

One day later

Woolsey goes back to the SGC and convinces Hammond to hand over the evidence the SGC has been holding against Kinsey for three years. Woolsey is not happy about finding out that he's basically working for the rogue NID, and wants to do what he can to take them down (or at least Kinsey). That evening, he presents the disk to the president in a private meeting. (Inauguration)

My belief is that Woolsey briefed the president and had his talk with Kinsey in one day and night, had his talk with Maynard the next night [there are daylight scenes between the evening scenes with Kinsey and the evening scenes with Maynard], and traveled to the SGC the next day (definitely daylight again), returning to Washington the same day for an evening meeting with the president (definitely dark out), so as to hand over the evidence as quickly as possible.

Friday: (unknown date, but shortly after the events of Inauguration)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian with strong diplomatic credentials, is called to the White House to meet with the president about the stargate program. (Lost City, part 1)

Jack deliberately downloads an Ancient database into his brain in a desperate bid for knowledge of the Lost City and Ancient weaponry to fend off an impending attack by Anubis. (Lost City, part 1)


Hammond is relieved of SGC command and ordered to Washington DC to discuss reassignment -- he's given one day to report. (Lost City, part 1)

Dr. Weir is announced as his replacement. (Lost City, part 1)

SGC operations are effectively shut down for a three-month review period, during which time a newly formed government department will take over for Stargate Command. (Lost City, part 1)


Hammond flies to Washington. (Lost City, part 1)


Dr. Weir physically takes office as head of the stargate program. (Lost City, part 1)

All offworld SG teams are recalled by Monday morning. (Lost City, part 1)

Bra'tac arrives to bring the news that Jaffa loyal to the rebel cause had told them that Anubis was gathering his full fleet for an attack against Earth, and that he'd arrive within three days. (Lost City, part 1)

Jack begins the early stages of speaking Ancient. (Lost City, part 1)

Teal'c leaves with Bra'tac to return to Chulak in search of ships and warriors to help defend Earth. (Lost City, part 1)

Later that week (specific days got hazy):

Thanks to Jack, Daniel realizes that gate addresses can also be pronounced as words -- each symbol is a syllable. He translates Jack's words into a gate address, but Sam says they dialled it two years earlier, to no effect -- the gate must be buried. The team makes ready to go by ship instead, after Sam converts the address into a spatial location. (Lost City, part 2)

With the team enroute to the planet, Anubis sends three ships into Earth's space, testing their defenses. (Lost City, part 2)

Hayes orders the military to remain at DEFCON 3, but also orders that the governments of Russia, Great Britain, France, China, and Canada be informed of what's going on. (Lost City, part 2)

One of Anubis's advance ships attacks the Nimitz battle group, destroying it. (Lost City, part 2)

On Praclarush Taonas, SG-1 discovers that the Lost City is Atlantis, and is on Earth. Jack takes a power source from Praclarush. (Lost City, part 2)

Ronan attacks Bra'tac and fatally wounds him, but is killed by Bra'tac in turn. When SG-1 returns to the ship, Jack heals Bra'tac completely with the power of the Ancients. They leave for home. (Lost City, part 2)

Anubis appears in hologram form in the Oval Office, demanding that Hayes bow before him as his god. Hayes laughs at him and refuses, and offers to discuss Anubis's surrender. Anubis declares that Hayes (and the rest of the Tau'ri by implication) is bringing destruction upon the Earth, and vanishes. (Lost City, part 2)

Anubis's fleet, more than 30 hataks strong, appears in orbit around Earth. (Lost City, part 2)

Hayes goes to DEFCON 1 and launches the Prometheus, under Hammond's command. (Lost City, part 2)

Hayes refuses to take shelter in a bunker, but tells Kinsey to go. Kinsey leaves, but rather than seeking a bunker, goes to the SGC, hoping to escape the planet and its destruction through the stargate. (Lost City, part 2)

Hayes fires Kinsey when Kinsey tries to take over the SGC. (Lost City, part 2)

SG-1 and Bra'tac arrive over Antarctica. The Prometheus and a fleet of F-302s move in to protect their scout ship from the al-kesh and gliders Anubis sends against it. Jack's modified transport ring beam blasts a hole through roughly a mile of ice, and the team rings down. Jack activates and uses an Ancient weapon, which looks like a stream of smallish gold energy squids, against a kull warrior in the undergound chamber, then al-kesh and gliders in the sky above, then Anubis's fleet in space, destroying them all. (Lost City, part 2)

Major Cameron Mitchell is an F-302 pilot in the dogfight with Anubis's forces over Antarctica. During the battle his ship takes a hit but he still manages to destroy an al-kesh heading straight for SG-1's cargo ship, saving all their lives. Almost immediately thereafter, his 302 goes down on the ice, severely injuring him. (Avalon part 1)

Jack, barely able to communicate anymore, asks to be put in stasis, and the team does so. (Lost City, part 2)

Joe Spencer tries to reconcile with his wife, meeting her in a park and offering to work on rebuilding his business so he can provide for the family properly again. When she tells him that it wasn't the money, it was his obsession, that drove her away, he assures that he understands -- and pulls out what he considers sufficient proof that he was correct in his assumption that the stories are real (news stories about events coinciding with events in his stories, such as the report of a Russian sub that sank in the Pacific right when Anibusis's ship crashed into the ocean). Sharlene tells him she's been talking to doctors who think he's suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions, but that with therapy and medications, he could live a normal life. Right about then, he sees Anubis's attack over Antarctica. She walks away. (Citizen Joe)

At some point after this, everything in his house is repossessed (by 'Brothers Grimm Repo') for failure to pay property taxes and/or back taxes, and the house itself is put up for court-ordered sale, with the monies to go toward repaying his debt. (Citizen Joe)




late 2003 / early 2004

The (new incarnation of the) High Council of the System Lords agree to split the defeated Anubis's territories equally among themselves, to avoid more war. (New Order)

A third alpha site is set up, on a world in an apparent double orbit with a ringed planet (or with a very large, ringed moon -- but at that size, it counts as a planet, I think). The site is built into a bunker in a mountainside, complete with hangar for F-302s. (Endgame)

Shortly after Anubis's fleet was destroyed over Antarctica, a Russian team on the International Space Station barely avoids hitting some of the debris. Anubis takes advantage of the proximity to slide into the space station and infest one of the cosmonauts, Anatole Konstantinov. He needs to get to Earth and the stargate, so he can go through and get on with his life and plans. (Lockdown)

Colson Industries sequences some Asgard DNA (in a blind study) for the Department of Defense, then goes outside the bounds of the contract and actually develops it into an Asgard clone. (Covenant)

A subsidiary of Colson Industries is involved in the salvage/cleanup of Antarctica after the fight with Anubis, and collects bits of downed Goa'uld ships, which get passed along to Colson. (Covenant)

Baal discovers the planet where the kull warriors are created, and successfully reprograms them to obey him. With them at his command, he splits from the High Council and the other System Lords, and begins conquering. (New Order)

The Asgard collapse Hala's sun into a black hole in an attempt to prevent the humanoid Replicators from escaping the time-dilation bubble. (New Order)

early 2004

The stargate program remains effectively shut down ('all normal gate activity will remain suspended') after Anubis's attack while various governments try to work out an agreement for control of the Antarctic site. (New Order)

Baal gets hold of Anubis's holographic technology. (Zero Hour)

Sam and Teal'c set off in a Goa'uld scout ship that Jack (functioning as an Ancient) had modified for very high-speed travel, hoping to find the Asgard near Hala, the world where the Replicators are trapped.

More than a week after Anubis's attack, negotiations for control of the Antarctic are still bogged down. (New Order)

The High Council of System Lords contacts Earth (through Camulus) to Earth to negotiate help with the current galactic situation. (New Order)

Less than a week after he returned to Earth, Konstantinov dies in a Moscow hospital, officially of renal failure, but unofficially of unknown causes. Unbeknownst to authorities, his body simply couldn't handle containing Anubis's energy form. (Lockdown)

At the hospital, Anubis jumps from the dying Konstantinov to a colonel in the Russian Air Force, Alexei Vaselov, and promptly volunteers him for duty with the SGC, one step closer to the stargate. (Lockdown)

Roughly ten days after setting out, Teal'c and Sam emerge from hyperspace at Hala -- whose sun has collapsed into a black hole. Their hyperspace engine is burned out, and their sublight engines are barely powerful enough to hold them stationary. (New Order)

President Hayes approves the start of negotiations with the Goa'uld, leaving Weir in charge. (New Order)

Thor rescues Sam and Teal'c in the nick of time. (New Order)

The Replicators escape from Hala and the black hole, in the form of a ship. (New Order)

The Goa'uld delegation -- Yu, Camulus, Amaterasu -- arrives on Earth. (New Order)

Negotiations begin pretty much immediately, with Yu, Camulus, Amaterasu, Weir, and Daniel at the table -- Oshu stands behind Yu, and a few SFs are on guard. As negotiations proceed, the System Lords admit that Baal has effectively taken over Anubis's role, having gained control of the kull warriors and started conquering everything in sight. with Earth (in the form of Weir) steadily refusing to help, the Goa'uld pull out their trump card: they'll give Earth hyperdrive engines to create the equivalent of a hatak fleet, for help with defeating Baal. (New Order)

Weir very possibly nullifies the entire Protected Planets Treaty when she tells the Goa'uld delegation that the Asgard are helping Earth to implement hyperdrive technology. According to the treaty, any technological aid rendered by the Asgard to a protected planet voids the treaty, leaving all the protected worlds legally open to attack by the Goa'uld. (New Order)

nb: Nobody at the negotiating table mentions this fact, so it's possible that it was overlooked in the stress of the moment, but that doesn't change the legal facts. Hereafter, the Goa'uld can rightfully claim that the Treaty is null and void. In response to the Goa'uld's offer, Weir counters, saying that Earth will destroy Baal, in return for all of his territory, armies, and ships. (New Order)

Sam is kidnapped by Replicators, specifically Fifth, and mentally tortured. The Asgard set a trap for the Replicator ship, destroying it, but countless Replicator blocks make it to the surface and begin replicating and infesting Asgard systems. (New Order)

The negotiations fall completely apart when the High Council of the System Lords recalls the delegation and sends a ship to test Earth's defenses. Daniel translates the message in time and stops Yu, Amaterasu, Camulus, and Oshu from leaving, and Weir takes them prisoner as parties to an act of war against Earth. (New Order)

Thor heads for Earth and picks up Daniel and Jack (whom he beams into another stasis pod), hoping the Ancient knowledge in Jack's brain will provide a permanent solution to the Replicator problem. (New Order)

Sam wakes up in a perfect world, living on a farm in Montana with Pete Shanahan. She immediately realizes it's not real, and begins demanding that Fifth (pretending to be Pete) let her go. (New Order)

Over Daniel's protests, Jack is 'defrosted' and his mind is interfaced with Thor's ship (the Daniel Jackson). He designs a weapon to fight the Replicators before his body gives out and Thor is forced to revive him completely, stripping the Ancient knowledge from his brain. (New Order)

Oshu tells Weir that Baal will be a far greater threat than Anubis was if he defeats the System Lords, and that he will truly rule the galaxy. He requests that they be allowed to leave, to fight Baal or at least die with honor. Weir takes the information to her superiors, and returns to the Goa'uld, telling them they're being released. Yu (and Oshu) and Amaterasu leave. Camulus requests asylum and remains on Earth, having nothing but shame and torture to return to, since his domain was one of the first to fall. (New Order)

The Asgard find a human-form Replicator, mostly inactive, floating in space above Orilla, and Thor beams it aboard the Daniel Jackson in hopes of intercepting and translating some Replicator chatter. It wakes up and tries to take over the ship. Jack picks up the new weapon and uses it to destroy it. (New Order)

While Thor modifies the hand-held schematics into a ship-based, broad-beam weapon, Jack, Teal'c, and Daniel go down to Orilla to rescue Sam. Fifth threatens to kill her if they harm any more Replicators, but the team has no choice but to continue, to keep as many as possible from escaping before Thor has a chance to kill them. Sam talks Fifth into leaving her behind. Fifth escapes in a Replicator ship, and SG-1 is reunited. Thor broadcasts a Replicator-killing beam onto the planet, and kills all remaining Replicators. (New Order)

Hammond is promoted to command of 'Homeworld Security' -- the SGC, the Antarctic site, the 303 program, etc. (It's not specified whether this was a promotion in position only, or if he picked up another star.) (New Order)

nb: Proof of a literal promotion, to lieutenant general, appears in Prometheus Unbound -- he's wearing three stars.

Jack is promoted to general and put in command of the SGC. (New Order)

General Jack O'Neill's first official act is to promote Sam to lieutenant colonel. New Order)

Weir moves on to take over at the Antarctic facility. (New Order)

Fifth creates another humanoid Replictor with the neutronium he collected on Orilla, using Sam as a template. He tells the new one that he'll teach her everything he knows, and that together, they cannot be stopped. (New Order)

A month after Anubis crossed paths with and infested Anatole Kostantinov aboard the space station, he is at the SGC inside Colonel Alexei Vaselov. As Vaselov, he fails to get permission from Jack to go through, and jumps to Daniel as Vaselov collapses from the strain of hosting him for more than a week. (Lockdown)

Daniel is zatted and shot before he can go through the gate, and Anubis flees his body. When he shows signs of an infection like Vaselov's, Dr. Brightman says there may be a contagion on base. Jack puts the base under lock down and orders all offworld team to the alpha site. (Lockdown)

Anubis switches hosts in the operating room, moving from Daniel to Lt. Evans. (Lockdown)

Everyone on base undergoes a mandatory physical to test for symptoms of possession by Anubis (mainly an elevated white blood count). (Lockdown)

Anubis switches into Airman Malcolm McCaffrey, but is discovered and forced to flee into the walls after Jack zats McCaffrey. (Lockdown)

Daniel and Sam come up with a plan to force Anubis into using his ascended powers, so the Ancients will take care of the problem. They set it up so that Anubis can't get through the gate via any one person. (Lockdown)

The SGC is physically divided into three sections (by means of sealed bulkheads). (Lockdown)

Zone 1: Includes the relay center controlling the power to the gateroom for the duration of the zoned lockdown. (Lockdown)

Zone 2: Includes the control room, gateroom, and surrounding areas. Jack and Teal'c are stationed in this zone.

Zone 3: Includes the control center used during the lockdown to keep the corridors between zones 1 and 2 sealed. Sam and Daniel are stationed in this zone.

Power to the gate is shut off, and is not accessible from the control room. (Lockdown)

Power to the gate (Zone 2) can only be re-established from a relay center in Zone 1. (Lockdown)

The only way to unseal the corridors between zones 1 and 2 is at a control center in Zone 3. (Lockdown)

All SGC personnel are confined within a given zone, and not allowed to move between zones (not even Jack) until the lockdown ends. (Lockdown)

Food, medical supplies, and medical personnel are equally distributed among the zones. (Lockdown)

The medical teams will continue the daily physical examinations to check for signs of infestation. (Lockdown)

Six days later

Six days after the zone system went into effect, with no further activity on Anubis's part, President Hayes loses patience and orders Jack to have normal gate operations reestablished within 24 hours. (Lockdown)

Jack responds to this order by lying through his teeth, announcing that he has the president's permission to keep the base locked down for as long as it takes, hoping to bluff Anubis into moving. It works -- Anubis heads straight into Sam.

Using Sam, he sets many timed events in the computer system, knocks out several SFs, and zats Daniel before making it into Zone 2, where Jack zats Sam. Anubis promptly switches into Jack, and enlists Major Kearney to help him set the base's manual self-destruct on a five-minute countdown.

Sam manages to convince Teal'c she's no longer infested with Anubis, and stops the countdown.

Anubis-possessed Jack remotely dials the stargate and walks into the gateroom, but before he can start up the ramp, Vaselov comes charging through the door and knocks him down. Vaselov gives Anubis an ultimatum: he can use Vaselov's body to go offworld, or Vaselov will kill them both (leaving Teal'c and Sam enough time to shut the gate down and re-establish precautions to be sure Anubis can't go through). Anubis goes for it. (Lockdown)

Vaselov freezes to death just steps away from the stargate on the other side, after Sam reprograms the dialing sequence without Anubis realizing it. Anubis is trapped. (Lockdown)

A few weeks into Jack's tenure as base commander (at least two, and likely no more than a month), President Hayes is scheduled to come to the base in person to congratulate him on his new command. Hayes sends a man in ahead of him, undercover as Jack's new civilian administrative aide, to make sure Jack isn't going to embarrass with incompetence when he arrives. (Zero Hour)

Day one:


Jack arrives at work, and is informed that SG-8 wants to bring a plant seed back from P6J-908.

He meets Mark Gilmor, his new administrative aide.

He has a briefing with SG-2 about their mission to P8F-809.


Jack gets a call from Hammond, telling him who and what Gilmor really is.

He meets with SG-1 about a planet that may hold weaponry left behind by Anubis, which they hope Baal doesn't know about yet, and schedules the mission for the next day at 8:00am. (Zero Hour)


Jack inspects the plant brought back by SG-8 (as a seed) that morning. (Zero Hour)

He intervenes in the negotiations with the Amrans after the first hour of talks results in nothing but bickering, locking both the Amran representatives into a VIP room together until they can behave themselves. (Zero Hour)

later that day (possibly evening -- the briefing room lights are out):

Jack begins a letter of resignation to General Hammond, but is interrupted before he can write more than one line. (Zero Hour)

Day two:


Gilmor meets Jack at the elevator on Level 28 as he arrives, and informs him the Amran representatives are furious and are demanding to be released, and saying that there will never be a trade agreement between their governments now. Jack says to leave them there for another day. (Zero Hour)

Jack arrives at the lab to find the alien plant has taken over the lab (with Siler and others trying to chop it back, unsuccessfully) and much of the hallway outside, with Lee burbling that it responds very well to any source of light. Jack turs the lights out and leaves. (Zero Hour)

Jack heads for the gateroom to see off SGs 1 and 3 on a standard recon mission to one of Anubis's abandoned worlds, in hopes of finding technology. (Zero Hour)


SG-1 goes missing on P2X-887 -- SG-3 requests backup to begin searching, and Jack sends SGs 10 and 12. (Zero Hour)

Unbeknownst to anyone, SG-1 is trapped in Anubis's secret base, unable to get out or make radio contact. (Zero Hour)

The plant grows so extensively that it effectively shuts down an entire level (either 21 or 25). Siler and the others trying to control it have switched from hacking to burning with a flamethrower, still to no avail. (Zero Hour)

SGs 3, 10, and 12 return empty-handed. (Zero Hour)

Baal sends a hologram of himself with an ultimatum: Camulus for SG-1. (Zero Hour)

Day three:

Neither the Tok'ra nor the rebel Jaffa have any information on where Baal might be holding SG-1. (Zero Hour)

Camulus is sent to the SGC from the facility where he was being held. (Zero Hour)

Camulus at first refuses to give Jack any information, then changes his mind and tells him about a world with an Ancient device, saying that's what Baal's probably after. (Zero Hour)

SG-3 confirms the device's existence, and brings back a disconnected ZPM with about a 50% charge left in it. (Zero Hour)

The plant gets into the walls and effectively shuts down the SGC's main power. (Zero Hour)

The dialing computer stays offline even with emergency power -- Siler's assumption is that a circuit board fried when they tried to start it up again. The inner ring on the stargate is locked, possibly because the computer was in the middle of a gate diagnostic when the power died. (Zero Hour)

Day four:

Jack gets ten minutes of sleep before Baal calls to see what the holdup is. After some snarking back and forth, Baal tells Jack he has one more day, and vanishes. (Zero Hour)

Dr. Lee exposes the entire base to gamma radiation to kill the plant -- it works, and power is quickly restored. (Zero Hour)

The ZPM starts to glow unexpectedly, and Dr. Lee's team determines that it's been severely tampered with, laced with an element that explodes when exposed to steady electrical current. According to Lee, if it had been plugged into the Ancient outpost in Antarctica as planned, the entire planet might have been destroyed. (Zero Hour)

Jack cuts a deal with Camulus: take the doctored ZPM to Baal, and in return ask for SG-1's safe return. Camulus accepts, hoping to kill Baal and take his territories. SG-3 escorts him off the base to a planet where they plan to wait for SG-1 -- despite waiting an extra hour, SG-1 doesn't appear, and they return home. (Zero Hour)

Day five:

Jack finishes his letter of resignation, but doesn't print or sign it yet. (Zero Hour)

Reynolds and every SG team member on the base gather in the gateroom and ask for Jack to come see them -- they offer him their unconditional support, no matter what he decides to do. (Zero Hour)

Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel find a way out of the secret base and are ambushed by Baal's Jaffa at the stargate immediately after dialing Earth. They're refused entry through the stargate because everyone on the base assumes they've been in enemy hands. (Zero Hour)

Jack finally clears them to come home. (Zero Hour)

Day six:

Sam goes to Jack to discuss her performance in the field, and is very relieved to find out that he (and her teammates) think she's doing just fine. She also explains that the tainted ZPM was even more dangerous than Dr. Lee had thought, pointing out that if they could figure out what had happened to it, Baal could, and could use it as a weapon against them. She seemed impressed when Jack said that's why he sent the dead ZPM from Antarctica, not the tainted one, with Camulus. Neither of them were especially distraught at the idea that Baal would be pretty pissed at Camulus for bringing him worthless equipment. (Zero Hour)

Jack signs his resignation letter, to which he had added a final line: 'Never mind'.

Gilmor tells Jack that he'll be leaving after the president's visit, and that he was on temporary assignment from the president, conducting a sort of civilian audit of Jack. He doesn't appear happy to find out that Jack knew all along. Nevertheless, he tells Jack that he respects both the job he does, and Jack himself. (Zero Hour)

The SGC makes contact with the Rand Protectorate by sending a MALP through the stargate they had in their museum. (Icon)

SG-1 makes the first face-to-face contact shortly thereafter. (Icon)

Religious fundamentalists hear the rumors about the Rand stargate being activated, and declare that they were right all along about the gods returning through the stargate one day to reward them for their faith. People begin to listen to them, rather than dismissing them as zealots as in the past. (Icon)

One month after the SGC makes contact with the Rand Protectorate:

Daniel has made contact with representatives of the Caledonian Federation as well, but only to a limited degree, since the Rand authorities consider it a security situation. He returns to Earth with that news, and with the news about the fundamentalist movement. He requests permission to return even though the situation is clearly in danger of escalating. Jack allows it as long as Daniel promises to leave at the first sign of trouble. (Icon)

Two weeks later:

The situation has escalated, with Soren's religious fundamentalists taking over various cities and the Caledonians going to a heightened security alert as a result. (Icon)

The rebels gain access to a missile facility. Caledonia launches a preemptive missile strike to prevent them from taking any missiles from any facility, and the rebels launch a counterattack. Full-scale war erupts. (Icon)

Jared Kane tries to bring Daniel back to the stargate so he can leave before the bunker is taken by Soren's forces, but is too late. They escape the bunkers but are caught in an explosion on the surface, and Daniel is badly injured. Loyalist forces find them and take them to the house in the country where Kane's wife Leda is staying. (Icon)

Within a few days, both countries are in ruins. (Icon)

Six weeks later:

Soren is in control of what remains of the Rand Protectorate, and has renamed it Avidan.

Daniel, alive and well but trapped on the planet with no access to the stargate, hatches a plan that hinges on contacting the SGC. He finally makes contact and sends a coded message outlining the help he needs, and an SG force and the small loyalist troop led by Kane manage to retake the bunker. (Icon)

Kane kills Soren. His troops surrender. (Icon)



Teal'c agrees to be a test subject for the SGC's new virtual-reality training simulation program, and gets caught inside the program, unable to break free because his own subconscious believes there's no way to win the game. (Avatar)

Jack petitions the OSI to let Teal'c live offbase. The OSI grants the petition, with certain provisions -- mainly that Teal'c remain low-profile. Teal'c moves into an apartment and befriends the woman living next door, Krista James. (Affinity)

Teal'c makes the OSI and its representative, Colonel Kendrick, very cranky with his inability not to help people when he sees them in trouble, because it draws attention to him. Kendrick tells Jack if Teal'c doesn't stop doing that, the OSI will revoke their permission. Jack sends Daniel to talk to Teal'c about it. (Affinity)

Pete Shanahan asks Sam to marry him. She asks for time to think about it. (Affinity)

Krista James dumps her boyfriend and asks Teal'c to teach her lok'nel, a martial art. (Affinity)

Two weeks later:

Krista kills her boyfriend using lok'nel when she feels endangered by him, and leaves with Teal'c (who doesn't know what happened). They spend the night together at a motel. (Affinity)

The next morning, Teal'c is taken into custody by OSI agents on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. (Affinity)

Sam asks Pete to help prove that Teal'c didn't do it. (Affinity)

Pete starts finding clues and following up on them. (Affinity)

Daniel is contacted by the Trust, and offered a deal: videotaped proof of Teal'c's innocence in exchange for translating some text in an obscure Ancient dialect. (Affinity)

Daniel meets up with the Trust agent in person, and when he proves unwilling to help them, is taken prisoner and brought to the cell base, where the Trust agents threaten (quite sincerely) to kill Krista, whom they've kidnapped, if he doesn't do what they want. (Affinity)

Pete locates the car the Trust agents were using and a team moves in on the warehouse where the cell is currently headquartered. (Affinity)

The Trust agents zat Daniel and Krista and escape, probably via transporter. The rescue team enters the building to find no bad guys, just unconscious victims and some destroyed evidence. (Affinity)

Sam accepts Pete's proposal at the scene. (Affinity)

A short time later (possibly even the same day, but that's unlikely):

Teal'c moves out of his apartment and back to the base. (Affinity)

Roughly five months after Anubis's attack on Earth, Alec Colson goes public with proof of alien presence on Earth -- an Asgard clone. The world believes him. Scrambling to cover, the SGC brings in Thor, who pretends to be nothing more than a militarily developed holographic projection, casting enough doubt on Colson's claim to calm people down. (Covenant)

Within a few days, the Trust has initiated its plan to shut Colson up, and reported him to the SEC for securities fraud, based on the books that Brian Vogler has been cooking for them for the past six months against just such an eventuality. Colson Industries begins to collapse, and Colson's reputation is shattered. Brian Vogler commits suicide rather than risk betraying the Trust and getting his family killed. Colson accepts a job offworld doing R& D for the SGC rather than face certain criminal charges for something he didn't do. (Covenant)

Teal'c, Bra'tac, and Rya'c travel to Hak'tyl to convince the women there to look beyond their immediate goal and join the broader rebellion, to no avail. Rya'c meets and falls in love with Kar'yn of the Hak'tyl, and makes plans to marry her. (Sacrifices)

Moloc captures a high priestess in contact with the Hak'tyl. The Hak'tyl, fearing that they are compromised, seek and gain refuge at the SGC. (Sacrifices)

Aron, a rebel Jaffa in Moloc's forces, contacts Ishta for a meeting on the new Hak'tyl homeworld tht the SGC has found and which is being prepared for a permanent encampment. Teal'c invites himself along. Moloc's forces arrive and open fire on the meeting. Aron, Ishta, and Teal'c escape through a flap in the tent. (Sacrifices)

Ishta is captured by Moloc's forces and brought before Moloc himself, who has traveled to the planet to deal with the situation. (Sacrifices)

The Trust steals the SGC's stargate right out of the gateroom, using the beam technology on board Osiris's abandoned al-kesh in orbit. They almost immediately begin using the stargate as a means of launching attacks against Goa'uld worlds, dispersing symbiote poison via rocket to kill every symbiote possible. (Endgame)

Teal'c, after failing to connect a wormhole back to Earth, goes to the alpha site per standard protocols, checks in, is notified that the alpha site is also out of contact with Earth, and gates back to P4S-161 to ask the rebel Jaffa for a al kesh so he can travel back to Earth that way to see what's going on. Every Jaffa who was on the planet is dead -- only M'zel, who arrived shortly before Teal'c, survived. (Endgame)

The SGC figures out the Trust has suborned Dr. Bricksdale of Area 51, and follow him to a meeting with his Trust contact, Hoskins. Sam zats Hoskins and takes his locator beacon, activating it and beaming up to Osiris's al-kesh. She's zatted and captured immediately. (Endgame)

Daniel convinces Bricksdale to repair Osiris's sabotaged remote transporter control, and with Jack's reluctant okay, uses it to beam aboard Osiris's al kesh in hopes of dropping the cloak (so the Prometheus can find the ship) and sabotaging the hyperdrive. He manages the first part, but is zatted and captured before he can take out the drive. (Endgame)

Colonel Pendergast, aboard the Prometheus, wants to take advantage of the al-kesh's vulnerability and attack it even without they hyperdrive being disabled or hearing anything from Daniel, fearing the ship will go to hyperdrive and escape. Jack insists he give Daniel more time. (Endgame)

The Trust operatives realize their position is compromised with the lack of cloak, and Hoskins decides to kill Sam and Daniel. Before he can, the stargate engages, and Sam and Daniel take advantage of the momentary distraction to jump Jennings and Hoskins. Daniel manages to grab his radio long enough to yell for Teal'c to come through and help them, and Teal'c does so, shooting Hoskins through the chest. (Endgame)

Brooks, the only remaining conscious Trust agent on the ship, realizes there's a problem and starts firing up the hyperdrive engines. Pendergast asks permission to fire -- Jack tells him no, wanting to give Sam and Daniel every opportunity to get off the ship. Sam finds a locator beacon in Hoskins's pocket and sets it off, with the three of them standing by the stargate. They're safely beamed off the al-kesh and into the Prometheus's cargo hold, to the bridge crew's relieved pleasure. (Endgame)

Brooks and Jennings escape in the al-kesh with a supply of symbiote poison sufficient to wipe out at least half a dozen Goau'ld worlds, and rockets to disperse it. All they're missing is a stargate (which they can probably beam up from anywhere, now that they have control over the ship). (Endgame)

The SGC installs jamming devices in the gateroom to prevent locator beacons from working in the vicinity in future. (Endgame)

The escaped Trust agents launch at least two symbiote-poison attacks against Goa'uld worlds. (Full Alert)

At some point, the escaped Trust agents are captured by a Goa'uld and infested with symbiotes, and sent back to Earth with more symbiotes to turn the entire organization, then foment discord as widely as possible. (Full Alert)

Four months after the events of New Order pt 2

nb: I believe the events of Gemini and Prometheus Unbound overlap.

The beginning of Gemini suggests that Daniel is going to go ask Jack for permission to travel on the Prometheus to check in with Atlantis, and Daniel is absent from the rest of the episode. Prometheus Unbound opens with Daniel pushing his case to be allowed to travel on the Prometheus, and Sam and Teal'c are absent from the episode. It's entirely possible, therefore, that both things were going on at the same time.

The Replicators start heading for the Milky Way. (Gemini)

Replicator-Sam contacts the SGC using Sam's old IDC. After some discussion, she's allowed through to the alpha site, where rather than killing her, human-Sam 'convinces' her to help them fight the rapidly approaching Fifth, whom R-Sam claims has discovered a cipher that protects Replicators against the effects of the disruptor weapon Jack had invented. In face, R-Sam is playing both sides to gain a position of power for herself, using Sam to gain access to the schematics for the disruptor weapon so she could learn how to protect herself from it. (Gemini)

The Asgard hyperdrive tests out properly on the Prometheus. (Prometheus Unbound)

Replicator-Sam learns enough about the disruptor to create a real cipher, and makes herself immune to the disruptor.  She turns the satellite disruptor on Fifth, only a few minutes away from the alpha site, and kills him. She begins uploading the modifications to the Replicator network, changing all of her brethren to be immune. She takes the time to make sure human-Sam knows that it was thanks to h-Sam that she could do any of it, then escapes through the stargate as the new leader of the Replicators, leaving behind some dead human-form Replicator cells. (Gemini)

Sam begins to study the deactivated human-form Replicator cells. (Gemini)

General Hammond gets the go-ahead to take the newly souped-up Prometheus on a mission to the Pegasus galaxy to check up on the Atlantis mission. He returns to the SGC for the first time since being relieved of his duties there, to collect Daniel and Walter, both of whom he has hand-picked, along with SG-3 (led by Colonel Reynolds). (Prometheus Unbound)

The next day

Prometheus sets off on its mission and intercepts a distress call while in hyperspace, still well inside the Milky Way. When they answer it, Vala steals the Prometheus, leaving most of the crew trapped on a crippled al-kesh -- Daniel is alone on the Prometheus with her. (Prometheus Unbound)

Realizing that they need more working crystals to repair the al-kesh, Hammond rings over to a nearby damaged cargo ship and is nearly killed from the massive levels of CO2 in the air. But he finds the needed crystals, and Reynolds manages to get him back to the al-kesh before he completely asphyxiates. The crew aboard the al-kesh gets it working again and they head off after Prometheus. (Prometheus Unbound)

When the Prometheus lands it quickly becomes clear that Goa'uld have tracked it in -- death gliders begin attacking almost immediately. They manage to take off, but in space their shields and weapons fail quickly. The al-kesh with Hammond in command shows up in time to save the day and reclaim the Prometheus, but the Prometheus is too damaged to continue its flight to the Pegasus galaxy and must return home. Just as they realize that, Vala escapes, steals the al-kesh, and flees. (Prometheus Unbound)

The war between Baal and the System Lords reaches a critical stage. (It's Good to Be King)

Baal's forces kill Bastet and Olokun. (It's Good to Be King)

Morrigan capitulates to Baal. (It's Good to Be King)

Lord Yu and Amaterasu gather their forces for a final push against Baal. (It's Good to Be King)

In the face of imminent defeat, some of the remaining System Lords being seeking out planets they abandoned long ago, in hopes of finding refuge from Baal. (It's Good to Be King)

SG-1 goes to warn Maybourne that Ares is headed for the planet where he's been living, and finds him living literally as a king, crown and all. When he shows them the Ancient writings he's been using as his 'prophecies', Daniel realizes there could still be a time machine on the planet, and they start looking. (It's Good to Be King)

Jack goes offworld for the first time since his promotion to general and commander of the SGC. (It's Good to Be King)

Sam fixes the Ancient ship they found and Jack figures out how to fly it with his mind. He takes out an entire ha'tak, which was carrying Ares. (It's Good to Be King)

Teal'c kills Trelak, First Prime to Ares. (It's Good to Be King)

Maybourne stays on his new world as its king. (It's Good to Be King)

General Miroslav Kiselev, Russia's defense minister, is infested with a Goa'uld. He remains in his position, without anyone the wiser. (Full Alert)

Kinsey is approached by Trust agents who want him to contact Kiselev, and set up a meeting for them. He can't abide the thought of helping them ally with a foreign power against the United States, so goes to Jack for help. Jack sends him to the meeting wearing a wire, with SG-1 and a strike team as backup. Kinsey is infested with a Goa'uld symbiote and beamed out along with the Trust members present, before the strike team can get there. (Full Alert)

The Goa'ulded Kinsey goes to Moscow and stages an assassination attempt against Kiselev, but is captured, apparently before he can succeed. In fact, his mission was to be caught, implying that the US government was compromised with Goa'uld spies. (Full Alert)

Daniel travels to Russia to speak with Kiselev in hopes of finding out what the Trust wanted with him, but is taken into custody instead and tested for a symbiote, and shown the tape of the Goa'ulded Kinsey, to his shock. (Full Alert)

Colonel Chekhov arrives at the SGC to help Jack figure out what's going on back in Moscow, hoping his personal sources there can give them more information than they're getting through official channels. (Full Alert)

After the assassination attempt and capture, the Russians go to a heightened state of alert because of fears that the US administration has been compromised by Goa'uld. This pushes the United States into Defcon 3. Shortly thereafter, the Chinese follow the Russians into a heightened state of alert. (Full Alert)

Colonel Chekhov tries to convince friends of his on the General Staff in Moscow to take a united stand against Kiselev's pressure for escalating tensions, hoping to give President Mikhailov some leverage to use options other than all-out war. (Full Alert)

With all parties refusing to back off, the United States goes to Defcon 2. (Full Alert)

Air Force Space Command puts all of its missile wings on alert, the first B2 leaves Whiteman, FLSATCOM sends an emergency action message, nine US missile submarines are at sea with the rest prepared for immediate sortie, and the president and his team head for Andrews (AFB), to the National Airborne Command Post.

Kiselev finds out that some officers have been moving against him and begins having them arrested on trumped-up charges. He sends men to arrest Daniel as well, in the cell where Daniel is questioning the captured Goa'uld who infested Kinsey. Daniel takes one look at what's happening, grabs Kinsey, and signals the Prometheus to beam him/them out. (Full Alert)

The Russians go to a full state of military preparedness. In response, the US goes to Defcon 1. (Full Alert)

Sam figures out that Kiselev is probably a Goa'uld, and Chekhov sets up a back-channel call to Mikhailov. (Full Alert)

Kinsey escapes while being brought to Prometheus's bridge, rings over to the Trust's al-kesh (which had just fired on the Prometheus),shoots the Goa'ulded Jennings dead (aware that the al-kesh had been trying to destroy him, not provide him with a distraction), steals the hand device off Jenning's arm, and vanishes somewhere. The Prometheus destroys the al-kesh, possibly with Kinsey still aboard, but possibly not. (Full Alert)

Kiselev takes matters into his own hands trying to push the situation past the point of no return, and starts first-strike missile launch preparations at a missile site. Jack and Chekhov manage to convince Mikhailov that Kiselev is a Goa'uld (or possibly just make him face that fact that Kiselev is too dangerous to be in command at this point), and Russia starts standing down. (Full Alert)

One week after Kinsey breaks into Jack's home

Having lost everything, Joe Spencer travels to Colorado Springs, walks into Jack O'Neill's house, and holds him at gunpoint. When Jack pulls out a real gun, Joe admits his is a toy and puts it down, then explains that he knows all about Jack, right down to his thing for Mary Steenburgen. (Citizen Joe)

Jsck brings Joe back to the SGC where he's tested for the Ancient gene and discovered to have it. Daniel figures out that Joe and Jack have shared a mental connection through the stones over the past seven years. (Citizen Joe)

Joe returns to Indiana and asks Sharlene to meet him again. She does, but only to tell him that she's filing for divorce. Before she can leave, though, Joe introduces her to General Jack O'Neill, USAF, much to her surprise. Jack sits down with her and tells her 'It's all true.'

Jack meets and develops a relationship with Kerry Johnson. (Threads)


late 2004

Replicator-Sam crashes a System Lord Council meeting, running Yu through and possibly killing everyone else there. (Reckoning part 1)

The Replicators begin taking over the galaxy, wreaking havoc among the System Lords. The rebel Jaffa look on this as a punishment for losing faith, and begin returning to their Goa'uld masters by the thousands (which does nothing to stop the slaughter and destruction). (Reckoning part 1)

Replicator-Sam kidnaps Daniel off a rebel Jaffa ha'tak, and begins to 'interrogate' him for the knowledge of the Ancients buried in his subconscious. She sticks her hand in his head and creates a convincing fake reality, pretending to be Oma offering him a choice, and telling him he had the knowledge in his mind, if he would just open himself up to it. (Reckoning part 1)

Teal'c and Bra'tac come up with a daring plan: to capture the Temple of Dakara, the most sacred place in Jaffa culture. They convince the other rebels to go along with them. (Reckoning part 1)

Baal sends a hologram of himself through Earth's stargate, asking Jack for help against the Replicators. Jack says a better plan would be for Baal to die at the Replicators's hands, so Jack and other humans could be glad about it. (Reckoning part 1)

Sam and Thor reactivate the inert humanform-Replicator cells left behind by Replicator-Sam and manage to use them to link into the Replicator network, discovering the cipher the Replicators are using to counteract the disruptor. They test a new, modified disruptor successfully against one Replicator ship, but the other Replicators adapt immediately and threaten to destroy Thor's ship. They flee, but are boarded at some point. Thor beams Sam back down to the SGC and flies away as far as possible before the Replicators take over his ship completely. (Reckoning part 1)

The rebels take Dakara. (Reckoning part 1)

Daniel sees through Replicator-Sam's illusion, but too late -- she's already discovered that there's an Ancient weapon on Dakara capable of destroying all the Replicators. (Reckoning part 1)

Baal returns to the SGC, again as a hologram, again asking for help. This time, he wants Jack to go to Dakara and destroy a weapon there before Baal's fleet arrives, to keep it out of Anbusis's hands. Jack is less than thrilled to hear that Anubis is still around. (Reckoning part 1)

Sam and Jacob travel to Dakara to see if they can find the weapon left behind by the Ancients. (Reckoning part 2)

Baal moves his fleet as slowly as possible to give the Tau'ri time to find and destroy the weapon, but eventually moves in to take out what he can find of the rebel Jaffa army. (Reckoning part 2)

Daniel once again turns down Replicator-Sam's offer to work together to regain his memories, despite her promises to leave him alive and Earth untouched. (Reckoning part 2)

Sam and Jacob discover that the Ancient weapon might be configurable, possibly enough to wipe out Replicators, and start working on a solution. They wind up asking Baal for help, needing him to figure out a way to dial out to every gate in the galaxy simultaneously. (Reckoning part 2)

The Replicators dial Earth, hack into the computer system, and shut down the iris -- then invade. Jack orders a base lockdown and evacuation. During the last of the evacuation, Hammond gets word to them that the president has given permission for the deployment of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb on Jack's command, and that an emergency state of alert has been issued, with a 200-square-mile area around the mountain being evacuated. Before the evacuation is finished, word also comes in that Siler and five other SGC personnel are trapped on level 8. (Reckoning part 2)

Daniel succeeds in gaining access to Replicator-Sam's mind without her knowledge, learning about their movements and starting to learn how to control them. When he realizes that they've invaded Earth, he calls Replicator-Sam on it, saying she lied to him. She's not happy to discover that he's been in her mind rooting around while she's been rooting around in his, and tries to leave, but Daniel won't let her -- he wants her to stay put so he can keep learning how to control her brethren. (Reckoning part 2)

A Replicator fleet arrives over Dakara and begins attacking Baal's fleet. Teal'c orders the rebel Jaffa to fire on the Replicators, since they can't afford to let the Replicators gain control of the weapon on the planet. (Reckoning part 2)

Siler and the others are rescued by Jack and Colonel Reynolds. Before they can get out, Replicators come at them down a corridor then redirect up a hatch. Jack assumes they're heading for the surface, and sends word to Hammond (via Walter) that Hammond should detonate the bomb as soon as he safely can. The eight of them head for the gateroom, hoping to regain power and control fast enough to gate offworld before the bomb blows up or the Replicators overwhelm them. (Reckoning part 2)

The Replicators land on Dakara and begin moving toward the temple, held off by Sam and a handful of rebel Jaffa armed with Tau'ri weapons. (Reckoning part 2)

Daniel gains control of the Replicators and stops them all in their tracks, giving Jack, Reynolds, and the others time to blow apart the Replicators in front of them, and Jacob time to finesse the final adjustment on the Ancient weapon. It takes all of Daniel's concentration to hold them, giving Replicator-Sam the chance to escape from his mind and, back in reality on her ship, to run him through the torso. The Replicators begin moving again, but Jacob had just enough time to finish and activates the weapon, dialing every stargate in the system (thanks to Baal's program) and sending the energy wave blasting throughout the network. As Daniel dies, all the Replicators within range of the wave lose cohesion and collapse, including the ship Replicator-Sam is on. (Reckoning part 2)

Daniel is semi-ascended by Oma. (Threads)

Rebel Jaffa capture Baal's ship -- and temporarily Baal as well. He uses a transporter beam to escape from under their noses. (Reckoning part 2)

Just after the weapon on Dakara is activated, Selmak slips into a coma. Jacob realizes he's going to die. (Threads)

One week after the Replicators are destroyed, Jacob travels to the SGC and meets Pete Shanahan for the first time. (Threads)

To the best of Sam's and Jacob's knowledge, at this point there is no sign of any Replicators in the galaxy, although they may still exist elsewhere. (Threads)

Daniel is in a sort of limbo between death and ascension and must choose between them, while dealing with the knowledge that back in the corporeal universe, Anbuis has plans to wipe out all life in the Milky Way galaxy. (Threads)

Pete puts a downpayment on a house and surprises Sam with it. Sam starts to have serious second thoughts about the wedding, serious enough to try to talk to Jack about it. She's interrupted first by Kerry Johnson coming out of Jack's house, then a phone call from the SGC saying her father was in the infirmary. (Threads)

The Jaffa fleet splits, with half or more going to Tartarus to strike a preemptive blow against Anubis's forces (and kull warriors) there, after getting information that he's regrouping there. It's a trick. (Threads)

Kerry Johnson breaks up as amicably as possible with Jack. (Threads)

Jacob and Selmak die, with Sam holding Jacob's hand. Jacob's last words are 'Love you', to Sam. (Threads)

Daniel figures out that 'Jim', the Ascendant he's been talking to, is really Anubis. (Threads)

Sam breaks up with Pete (on the bench in the yard outside the house Pete just bought). (Threads)

Anubis's forces take Dakara -- and the weapon -- from the depleted Jaffa forces guarding it. (Threads)

Daniel figures out that 'Jim' is really Anubis, and tries to stop him. When it doesn't work, Oma finally steps in, deciding to fight Anubis, forcing him to fight her back and making it impossible for him to carry out his plans on the corporeal plane. (Threads)

Without Anubis to guide them, the kull warriors are relatively easy to defeat. The surviving Jaffa agree that the weapon on Dakara must be destroyed -- it's too dangerous to risk falling into the wrong hands. (Threads)

Daniel ascends at least long enough to descend properly -- naked in Jack's office this time -- apparently with memories intact. It's possible he also slowed, then stopped, the base's self-destruct long enough to let Sam shut it down manually after Anubis's attempted dial-in was cancelled when his troops fell apart after he was totally distracted by Oma. (Threads)

An archaeological dig uncovers a First Dynasty tomb at Giza. (Moebius part 1)

The Daedalus is in final testing (of the Asgard hyperdrive), after which it will be ready for a trip to the Pegasus galaxy. (Moebius part 1)

Catherine Langford dies. (Moebius part 1)

Daniel speaks at Catherine's funeral. (Moebius part 1)

Roughly a month after an archaeological expedition uncovers a First Dynasty tomb at Giza, Daniel inherits Catherine's entire collection and begins going through it. (Moebius part 1)

Timeline splits

Original timeline

In Catherine's effects, Daniel discovers the only existing copy of the Eye of the Sun, a book detailing the rituals and symbols of the ancient worshiper of the sun-god Ra. The pages include a drawing of something the worshipers called the Heart of Light -- a ZPM. After Sam does a satellite sweep of the Giza plateau and finds no evidence of a ZPM buried there, Daniel suggests traveling back in time to 3,000 BC to find it using the time-travel ship SG-1 had found on Maybourne's world, and Sam backs him. Jack is doubtful, but agrees. (Moebius part 1)

Jack pilots the ship and activates the time-travel device, sending the team back some 5,000 years. (Moebius part 1)

Interim, altered timeline

See altered timeline.

New, existing timeline

Shortly before the team goes to Jack's cabin to go fishing -- two weeks before the original-timeline team went back in time -- a ZPM is delivered from a dig at Giza, along with a camcorder containing recordings from all of them detailing what they'd done and why. Sam declares the timeline safe, and says they don't need to do anything. They all go fishing. (Moebius part 2)

Roughly four months before the final vote on how the Jaffa High Council will be run (in early 2005), Hubrok, a supporter of democracy and the leader of Baal's armada, disappears. Suspicion -- but with no proof to back it up -- falls on Gerak, who emerges as the spokesperson for the more traditional ways of the High Council and begins slowly manipulating things to put himself in a position of power. (Origin)



late 2004 / early 2005

Teal'c leaves the program and goes to serve on the new Jaffa council. (Avalon part 1)

Jack offers Mitchell any posting he wants. Mitchell asks to be part of SG-1. (Avalon part 1)

Jack is promoted to Major General. (Origin)

early 2005

Members of the Atlantis expedition return to Earth for a short period, bringing with them part of the database from Atlantis for study. (Avalon part 1)

Major General H. Landry takes command of SGC. (Avalon part 1)

nb: This was at least a week before Mitchell arrived - Landry specifically tells Mitchell that he looked for the key to his desk for a week before calling Jack and finding out Jack had never had one. (Avalon part 1)

Sam transfers to Area 51 to head up the stargate-related R& D program there. (Avalon part 1)

Daniel requests reassignment to Atlantis, and gets it. He starts the packing process. (Avalon part 1)

About  a week after Sam transfers out and roughly a month after Teal'c leaves the SGC, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, formerly an F-302 pilot, transfers in to the SGC proper and is given command of SG-1 -- with no original members left on the team. (Avalon part 1)

Mitchell begins a campaign to get Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam back aboard as team members. It doesn't go well at first. (Avalon part 1)

Jack returns to Colorado Springs to sign papers on his house, car, and motorcycle. He drops by Landry's house for a game of chess and a chat about how things are going at the SGC. (Avalon part 1)

Roughly three-four weeks after the Atlantis expedition arrives, the Daedalus is making ready to return for Atlantis again (the trip to Earth would have taken just under three weeks, and it would need some time for resupplying and repairs/maintenance). (Avalon part 1)

Vala steps through the stargate accompanied by SG-12, on Daniel's recommendation that she be allowed through. She claims to have knowledge of an Ancient tablet, and proceeds to manipulate things to get Daniel working for her. She puts bracelets on each of them that link them together -- when the bracelets move too far out of range of each other, they cause their wearers to collapse and die (if they're not brought together again). They discover this when both of them collapse and have to be brought to the infirmary. (Avalon part 1)

The Daedalus leaves without Daniel. (Avalon part 1)

With no other real choice, Daniel begins working on the tablet for real, discovering that the person who carved it appeared to have been one of the Ancients who returned to Earth after fleeing Atlantis - Myrddin.  He gives a presentation to Landry and the others about the Arthur legend, finally getting around to Glastonbury tor, the supposed burial place of Arthur, saying it's possible there's Ancient technology there. Mitchell is psyched - he wants the whole team to check it out. Sam doesn't come, but the others, including Vala, board the Prometheus to use Asgard scanners to see if anything's been hidden below the tor. (Avalon part 1)

When they find a chamber, as hoped, Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala all ring down to check it out. They trigger the appearance of a sword in a big block of stone, then a hologram of Myrddin, who greets them as knights of the round table and tells them that they need to prove themselves worthy (with a wealth of knowledge and truth of spirit) and all will be revealed - they'll gain acccess to the trasures hidden there. They split up to explore, Teal'c with Mitchell and Daniel with Vala. Each team pretty quickly gets itself trapped in a small chamber facing a test - which both teams fail to pass. The ceilings of each chamber begin to move downward. (Avalon part 1)

Daniel's knowledge of Ancient proverbs lets him figure out the correct answer to his test, and he and Vala run to help Mitchell and Teal'c, who also survive. (Avalon part 2)

After they pass the test, they return to the main chamber where Mitchell pulls out the sword from the stone, only to be faced with a knight in full armor in a swordfight - a hologram, but capable of hurting Mitchell and being hurt in turn (but no one else could affect it). Mitchell defeats the knight, and after Vala is forced to return the coin she stole earlier and Mitchell returns it to the correct bowl, then returns the sword to the stone, the chamber gives up its treasure: piles of gold, gems, small statuary, a book that explains how the Alterans (Ancients) came to our galaxy, and a device that Daniel later identifies as a long-distance communicator. (Avalon part 2)

The Jaffa council votes on the final form of their new government, and Gerak's proposal just barely wins. The Jaffa will be ruled by a High Council, with votes attributed to the various coalition representatives based on their military assets. The result was to make Gerak the new leader of the Jaffa nation. (Avalon part 2)

Daniel and Vala use the long-distance communicator and their consciousnesses are sent to inhabit the bodies of two people in a distant galaxy -- Harrid and Sallis, respectively. (Avalan part 2)

Those people's consciousnesses swap out into Daniel and Vala's bodies, which promptly collapse. (Avalon part 2)

Daniel and Vala begin gathering information about the local 'gods' - the Ori, whom they believe to be ascended beings who had originally been Alteran but who hadn't left the home galaxy with the Ancients. They also find an ally - Farris, a friend of Harrid and Sallis's, who was part of a resistance movement against the Ori with them. (Avalon part 2)

While Daniel speaks with Farris about the Ori and how they function, Vala goes to 'drink the leaves' with the local village Administrator's wife. She can't carry off the ceremony since it hasn't been fully explained to her, and loses her temper at the woman, resulting in the woman declaring her to have been 'overcome' (possessed, basically). The Administrator has Vala brought to a sacrificial altar in the village square, where he has her chained to a stone, preaches over her a bit (very sincerely), and then has burning oil poured down into the channels that make up the altar until it engulfs her in flame. (Avalon part 2)

Back at the SGC, Vala's body, with Sallis unconscious within it, dies. (Avalon part 2)

A Prior arrives on the planet and causes the flames to blow out, then paces forward and heals Vala - not just her body, but even her hair and clothes. (Avalon part 2)

Daniel and Vala are brought by a Prior to the Plains of Celestis, where they walk to the City of the Gods and wait to be seen. (Origin)

The Ori, on realizing that people from the Milky Way have come to their galaxy, promptly send a Prior through to the Milky Way (specifically, P3X-421) to begin preaching the Path of Origin. (Origin)

Landry sends an invitation (via Teal'c) to Gerak to visit the SGC, since Gerak has become a major power in the galaxy. Gerak arrives with a small but well-armed entourage of Jaffa warriors. (Origin)

In the Ori galaxy, in the City of the Gods, Daniel is brought before the Doci (the Prior speaker for the Ori) and is told that a Prior has already been sent to the Milky Way to bring the humans there onto the Path of Origin - and that any who refuse to follow the path must be destroyed. When he seems doubtful about the godhead of the Ori, the Doci walks into an adjoining chamber with a wall of fire and is almost immediately possed by the Ori, who tell Daniel that they intend to bring the humans of the Milky Way to the path of enlightenment, after those humans had been 'raised by evil' (the Ancients). (Origin)

Landry sends Mitchell and SG-12 to P3X-421, where they meet the Prior and invite him back to the SGC. He goes with them. He does nothing to help Daniel and Vala, saying that their condition is the will of the Ori. Gerak demands to meet with him, to find out what he's preaching. Landry brings the Prior in to a meeting with him, Teal'c, Gerak, and a Jaffa warrior. (Origin)

Daniel and Vala are sent back to the village of Ver Ager to be used to 'cleanse' it - lead the Priors to any other unbelievers. Despite the danger, Fannis comes to them and offers to give them whatever help he can. He leads them directly to another base unit for the communication stones, which they use to make the communication truly two-way -- everyone switches back to their own body. On Earth, Daniel (and Vala, presumably) manage to pass along some crucial information about the Priors and the Ori. In Ver Ager, a Prior arrives just at the moment of the switch and begins asphyxiating Farris with the power of his staff. The base unit turns off, and Daniel and Vala are back in Harrid and Sallis's bodies again, just in time to watch Fannis die in front of them. (Origin)

Daniel and Vala are brought in chains to the ara in the village square and tied to the central block to be 'cleansed' - burned alive. (Origin)

Landry, who has just been informed about the Prior's true nature, brings armed guards into the briefing room. The Prior's staff is taken from him, but he backs away, protesting (very calmly) that he just wanted to bring the word of the Ori to their world. When Landry and Mitchell tell him that was never going to happen, he mentally calls his staff back to him, says 'Hallowed are the Ori', and self-immolates in a wash of flame that burns him to absolute nothing. (Origin)

The base unit and both stones are destroyed when Teal'c and Mitchell toss them into a kawoosh, successfully cutting the connection between Daniel & Vala and Harrid & Sallis and returning Daniel and Vala safely to their bodies in the SGC's infirmary just before the flames take them. Harrid and Sallis die in the flames. (Origin)

The Administrator of Ver Ager is brought to the City of the Gods and made into a Prior by the Flames of Enlightenment. As soon as that's done, the Doci calls for a holy war: 'Great holy armies shall be gathered and trained to fight all those who embrace evil. In the name of the gods, ships shall be built to carry our warriors out amongst the stars, and we will spread Origin to all the unbelievers. The power of the Ori will be felt far and wide and the wicked shall be vanquished.' (Origin)

Vala removes the bracelets linking her and Daniel. (Origin)

Jack shows up at the SGC in full uniform and grabs a bite with Daniel. (Origin)

Jack takes Mitchell up in an F-302 for the first time since Mitchell's accident, to Mitchell's delight. (Origin)

Two months into Landry's tenure as base commander:

With the bracelets safely off, Vala leaves Earth (after trying, and failing, to steal a small, priceless artifact as a 'keepsake'). Within about an hour, she comes back when she and Daniel are both affected by the distance between them (Daniel collapses, as does Vala, presumably). (The Ties That Bind)

The International Committee meets to discuss the SGC's budget, and despite Landry's warnings about the effects of such a move on the day-to-day operations of the base, decides to throw its full financial backing behind the Atlantis mission, saying that the Ancient technology there makes it more important. Jack O'Neill, at the Pentagon, sends word back to Landry that he thinks the decision was really made because the IC has control over the civilian-led Atlantis mission, but none over the US-military-led SGC. He offers to go to bat for Landry with the president. (The Ties That Bind)

Vala, Daniel, and Mitchell go off to try to convince the man Vala stole the bracelets from to tell them how they can completely sever the connection, since Dr. Lee can't figure it out. They wind up in a 'For Want of a Boot' (MASH 2x17) situation. (The Ties That Bind)

Arlos, the scientist she stole them from, refuses to help them unless she returns his mother's necklace, which she also stole. (The Ties That Bind)

They go to find Inago, a Jaffa who traded a 'Goa'uld force shield inhibitor' for a 'priceless heirloom of the House of Verenna' - which were nothing but a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship and the necklace, respectively. Inago refuses to sell back the necklace but offers to buy back the power coil. Mitchell and Daniel pull zats on him and suggest an even trade. (The Ties That Bind)

They travel to a shrine of Grannus to find 'Brother Caius', a former smuggler turned monk (except not really) to get back the power coil, which is on a pedestal in the shrine's gardens as a holy object, bringing pilgrims from all over the system to see the legendary 'Ring of Shen-Marak'. Caius refuses to give them the power coil until Vala returns his cargo ship, which she 'borrowed' when she left. He won't take a substitute. (The Ties That Bind)

With Landry unwilling to give them permission to try to get the ship back from the Lucian Alliance, they settle in to wait three days until Daniel needs to speak before the Appropriations Committee to try to hold on to funding for the SGC. Vala is bored out of her mind, and entertains herself by slipping into Daniel's room and trying to convince him to have sex, seeing how far she can push him and if she can manipulate him into feeling sorry for her. (The Ties That Bind)

Senator Fisher, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, after hearing Daniel's testimony and reading the reports, decides to ignore the warnings about the Ori, trusting to the Ancients to keep them under control. He reduces Stargate Command's budget to 30% of its previous operating budget, declaring that it will be sufficient if they de-emphasize new exploration. He wants more money put into planetary defense instead -- specifically, the building of more Daedalus-class ships. (The Ties That Bind)

Vala takes the opportunity to impugn his manhood, saying the only reason he could possibly want to put that much effort into big ships with big engines would be to compensate for his own 'shortcomings'. (The Ties That Bind)

Pissed off at Vala's comments, Landry sends them all off to find the Lucian Alliance when they get back to the SGC. (The Ties That Bind)

They wind up meeting with Tenat and Jup (who had Caius's ship), the traders Vala had tried to swap the Prometheus for weapons-grade naquadah for the year before, a deal that fell through when Daniel got involved. They set it up as a bounty sale -- 'Cam Mitchell, bounty hunter' and his Jaffa partner contacted Tenat and Jup to sell Vala and her partner (Daniel). (The Ties That Bind)

Jup takes Daniel and Vala, in (their own) handcuffs, aboard their cargo ship. They get free and take the ship, overpowering Jup and ringing him down to the surface as they ring Mitchell and Teal'c up. Tenat, not happy but resigned, signals the Lucian fleet nearby, which appears in front of the escaping ship. (The Ties That Bind)

Vala figures out how to use some of Caius's modifications: she generates multiple false energy readings with projected ships, confusing most of the Alliance ships, and takes off. Two Alliance ships follow. She draws ahead, turns around, and goes dark. As soon as they get close enough, she sends an energy pulse at them, knocking out their ships' systems long enough to open up a hyperspace window and escape. (The Ties That Bind)

Everything goes back to its rightful owner, but when they reach Arlos again, he says he can't help them - they just have to wait for the effect of the bracelets to wear off. It's all been for nothing. (The Ties That Bind)

When Landry continues to object to the 70% cut in the program's funding, Senator Fisher gives him two choices: accept the budget cuts, or convince the International Committee to contribute to SGC's funding. The only way that would happen would be for Landry to give the IC what it wants: allow them to appoint a civilian position, obviously to be filled by someone of the IC's choosing, with full access to the base and a voice in every major decision -- a watchdog. (The Ties That Bind)

Teal'c returns to Dakara. (The Ties That Bind)

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