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General info

Evolved on the same world as the Goa'uld, and were the original hosts used. (The First Ones, Demons)

A few Goa'uld are still in Unas hosts, but not many -- Sokar and his underlings appeared to be the final holdouts from switching entirely to human.

One Goa'ulded Unas survived until 1997, trapped in the caves leading to Thor's Hammer. He used long periods of sleep to survive in the caves for up to a thousand years, and killed and ate almost everyone who got sent into the caverns. He was immensely strong, surviving multiple direct hits from Jack's M-5 and Teal'c's sidearm. He finally died when Teal'c forced him into Thor's Hammer, which destroyed the symbiote and left the host unable to regenerate from the damage inflicted by time and automatic weaponry. (Thor's Hammer)

Extremely strong, with great regenerative powers -- very hard to kill.(Thor's Hammer, Demons)

One (large) group wound up living on P3X-403, after being brought there by Goa'uld to mine naquadah, then abandoned when the mine ran more or less dry. (Enemy Mine)




"A benna a tar 'uman.":

something like "the humans have surrendered to me" (Enemy Mine)

a cha' aka:

a greeting, "hello" (Enemy Mine)

"A Unas naya tok":

"All the tribes will fight." (Enemy Mine)

"A ka naya ko keka Onac":

"Together (as one tribe) we can bring death to the Goa'uld" (Enemy Mine)


"thank you" (Enemy Mine)


"shirt" (Enemy Mine)


possibly something like "retreat" or "give up", "surrender" (Enemy Mine)


"sit", with what appears to be very polite, ritual, formal overtones (so more like, "please be seated") (Enemy Mine)

"Dan'el cho'ee'che. 'Uman ko keka Unas.":

Loosely translated, "while Daniel was sitting and talking peace with Iron Shirt, humans were off killing Unas." (Enemy Mine)


"no" (The First Ones)

ka cha:

possibly something like "go away" or "with" or "come/go with" or "together" (Enemy Mine)


naquadah (Enemy Mine)

ka keka:

"don't kill", "no weapons" (seems to vary slightly depending on the context) (Enemy Mine)

ka nay:

friend, clan member (Enemy Mine)

ka nok:

"later" (Enemy Mine)

ka no na:

"away from your home" (Enemy Mine)


death (Enemy Mine)


"staff weapon" (at a guess, this translates literally as "death stick") (Enemy Mine)


"how", also "why" (possibly just a general interrogative) (Enemy Mine)

kel ka naya?:

"how many?" (Enemy Mine)

kel ko keka:

probably "you/they brought death" (Enemy Mine)

kel kotar:

probably "what have you brought" (Enemy Mine)


"give" (Beast of Burden)

ko ka cha:

"relocate" (Enemy Mine)

"ko ka cha Unas ka no na":

"Move the Unas away from your/their home." (Enemy Mine)

ko keka:

fight with, bring death to, kill (Enemy Mine)

ko keka te:

bring death to -- possibly more emphatic than just "ko keka" (Enemy Mine)


"wait" or "wait here" (Enemy Mine)


"eat" (The First Ones)


"all" (Enemy Mine)


"now" (Enemy Mine)


"iron" (Enemy Mine)


goa'uld (Enemy Mine)


possibly "I don't understand" or "it isn't clear" (Enemy Mine)

ska nat:

"preserve life" (Enemy Mine)


a really big number (Enemy Mine)


"attack" (Enemy Mine)


"what are you (or "this thing") called?" (Enemy Mine)


"trick" (Enemy Mine)


bring, brought (Enemy Mine)


"I am" or "my name is" (Enemy Mine)


an expression of defiance -- at a guess, something along the lines of "we will fight!" (Enemy Mine)


"human" (Enemy Mine)

"'uman ko nan unas":

"humans give food to Unas" (Enemy Mine)

"'uman a ta ka keka":

"(humans and you) don't have to kill each other" (Enemy Mine)

"'uman a te ka naya":

"(humans and you) can be of the same clan" (Enemy Mine)



Known Unas:


An aboriginal Unas from the homeworld. (The First Ones)

He snatched Daniel from a dig, apparently to use him as a hunting trophy in a rite of passage. Daniel worked like hell at creating some sort of rapport to keep from being killed, and it worked. By the time they got back to the Unas's cave, Chaka seemed to consider him something of a friend -- he wouldn't let Daniel be killed, going so far as to challenge the alpha male to protect Daniel, and he wanted Daniel to stay. (The First Ones)

A year later, hunters from another world captured Chaka and brought him home to be a slave, and improve the gene pool among the inbred Unas slave population. With SG-1's help, Chaka escaped and started a rebellion that probably killed half the human population. (Beast of Burden)

After leading the uprising of the Unas slaves against the humans, Chaka brokered a truce and eventually negotiated a fragile peace. He stayed in contact with Daniel, learning a fair amount about humans and English -- he and Daniel learned to communicate fairly well in a mix of the two languages.(Enemy Mine)

His first trip to Earth was when Daniel asked him to help negotiate with the Unas on P3X-403, to avert a war. He was a fairly low-key middleman, mostly letting Daniel and Iron Shirt do the work, but helping with translation and cultural things (like showing Daniel how to trade items of some value before beginning any negotiations). (Enemy Mine)

Kor Asek (Iron Shirt)