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Human boys from many different worlds, brought together to be trained by Apophis's Jaffa to infiltrate the SGC, playing war games according to the Rules of Engagement. (Rules of Engagement)

They were brought there " five cycles ago" , which Sam said would be right after SG-1 blew up Apophis's ships. That would make a cycle approximately three-four months. (Rules of Engagement)

Those specifically meant to infiltrate the SGC basically lived as SG personnel, in a US military camp (complete with US flag), using US slang and military jargon. The others were kept in a separate Jaffa encampment, to keep from disturbing the immersion. (Rules of Engagement)

Despite having been abandoned by all their Jaffa masters, the boys believed that when they were ready, Apophis would return and send them on their mission. (Rules of Engagement)

The boys believed they were being tested when Jack and Teal'c tried to stop their war games, and refused. (Rules of Engagement)

The " final challenge" was triggered when the boys inadvertently took live weapons (about half of SG-1's collective weaponry, including Teal'c's staff) out to their games, thinking they were intars (training weapons) like everything else they'd worked with. (Rules of Engagement)

Although none of the boys had direct access to live weapons, one of their former Jaffa masters, Gar'toc, had shown Nelson and Rogers a cave where the live weapons for their final challenge were stored, before he left. The cave held MP5s, mortars, stingers, m60s, M72s, and TOW missiles. (Rules of Engagement)

In the final challenge, all the boys would be in SG uniforms. The attackers (led by Nelson) would have higher numbers, but the defenders (led by Rogers) would be better-armed. Both sides would be armed with live MP5s, among other things. (Rules of Engagement)

Known SG-X:

Captain Nelson:

His real name was No'var. (Rules of Engagement)

The second-in-command while Rogers led the SG team, Nelson led the Jaffa. (Rules of Engagement)

Like Rogers, he was convinced Jack and Teal'c were just testing them when they tried to stop the games (in his mind, the only alternative was that they were traitors). (Rules of Engagement)

When he finally saw and believed the tape of Apophis dying, he was lost and confused. (Rules of Engagement)

Captain Kyle Rogers:

His real name was Rophiapgisy. (Rules of Engagement)

Acting Quadrant A commander. (Rules of Engagement)

He believed that he disgraced himself in front of a master Jaffa (Teal'c) when he called the stargate a chaapa'ai he handed over his weapon -- an intar -- so he could be executed for the remainder of the day. (Rules of Engagement)

When Jack and Teal'c tried to stop the war games, he was convinced it was another test, and was determined not to fail, so refused to obey them. (Rules of Engagement)

He also refused to believe Apophis was dead, since he was a god and gods can't die. (Rules of Engagement)

Rogers wasn't the first person injured in the battle that inadvertently had live weapons another boy had died already of a staff blast. But he was the first to shed blood, and so triggered the final challenge. (Rules of Engagement)

His injuries were bad enough that Daniel and Jack wanted to bring him back with them he (and Nelson) refused, since it was against the rules for anyone to leave or enter the quadrant before the final challenge commenced, once it had been triggered. Daniel snowed him, telling him they were bringing him to Apophis so Apophis could see for himself that they were ready for the final challenge. Rogers bought it, and returned with them. (Rules of Engagement)

When he found out he'd been lied to about that, he went ballistic. He flatly refused to believe anything Jack said until they showed him a tape of Apophis dying after torture in their infirmary (from Serpent's Song). (Rules of Engagement)

Once he believed them, he realized his men were about to die for nothing, and willingly gave the SGC any information they wanted. He requested permission to go with SG-1 to stop the battle it was granted, and he geared up and went with them. (Rules of Engagement)



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