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Alabran's people

General info

Planet: local name unknown. SGC designation P3X-367. (Metamorphosis)

Baseline human to begin with. After Nirrti got hold of them and started changing them, they may have remained slightly altered (despite plans to revert back to their base genetic makeup). (Metamorphosis)

Their people were almost wiped out by a plague. Nirrti found them and took some of the survivors to a fortress where she began putting them in a machine (possibly of Ancient origin) that altered their genetic makeup in realtime. The alterations changed them both physically and mentally.  Physically, they became varyingly deformed. Mentally, they gained various psychic abilities, including telekinesis and telepathy. (Metamorphosis)

Known natives:


Brother to Wodan. A youth, roughly 18-20 at a guess, who questioned Nirrti's methods of " helping" his people after he saw one of them die horribly. She let him go and told him to return home, saying he was well enough  -- when he did, he discovered the rest of his people were dead. He found the SGC's Russian team and begged help from them. Col. Ivanov brought him back to the SGC. Alabran barely had time to tell his story before the genetic " time-bomb" Nirrti had planted in him was triggered, and he liquefied (literally). (Metamorphosis)


One of the mutated locals who believed that Nirrti was helping them. His physical mutation involved some scarring on his face that made one eye unusable, and deformed hands. Mentally, he had become a strong telepath. He realized that SG-1 were there to stop Nirrti (and more specifically, that Jack wanted to kill her outright), and made sure Wodan knew. Later, he took a chance on Jack's telling the truth, and looked into Nirrti's mind. The truth of what he saw there -- that she had murdered Alabran, murdered hundreds more of their people, and planned to murder the rest as soon as she was done with them -- was enough to spark a mini-uprising.  Before Wodan killed her, Eggar stripped the knowledge of how to use the alien machine from her mind, so he could reverse all the damage she'd done. (Metamorphosis)


Brother to Alabran. Nirrti's right hand among the locals, extremely devoted to her. His " mutation" involved an enlarged head and deformed hands, along with strong telekinesis. On hearing that SG-1 was a danger to Nirrti (from Eggar, as well as his own observations), he captured them all to await her pleasure, using telekinetic force to disarm them and trap them in cages. When Eggar, on Jack's urging, looked into Nirrti's mind and discovered the truth, Wodan killed her two Jaffa guards and then Nirrti telekinetically in his betrayed rage. (Metamorphosis)



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