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Randians, Caledonians

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General info

Planet: local name unknown, SGC designation unknown.

The geopolitical situation consisted of two nations -- the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. SG-1 dealt mainly with the Rand Protectorate, which is where the stargate was housed. (Icon)

The two nations had been in a state of cold war for decades before SG-1 showed up, with enough weaponry to wipe each other off the face of the planet. (Icon)

Less than three months of SG-1's arrival, the situation had reached crisis levels the Rand Protectorate was in the hands of religious fanatics, and the Caledonian Federation was feeling threatened enough to begin first strikes. The war destroyed much of the Rand Protectorate. (Icon)

Rand Protectorate:

Their civilization was roughly on a technological and cultural par with the United States in the 1950s or 1960s when the SGC made first contact. (Icon)

Electricity, radio communications, radar, possibly rudimentary computers, long-range missiles, projectile weapons (rifles), a Cold War regulated by a mutually-assured-destruction scenario.

No apparent visual communications, though (television, etc.). (Icon)

More than 150 years ago, the Great Ring of Avidan -- the planet's stargate -- was discovered in the Kirellian Wastelands, in Rand Protectote territory. (Icon)

The Randians put it in a museum courtyard, as the highligh of the antiquities collection. (Icon)

They believed it to be thousands of years old, and part of ancient religious ceremonies. The theory was that the symbols on the gate itself were the names of the gods, although no one had been able to decipher them. (Icon)

Their history told of a period when gods ruled their world, with the Great Ring as a power source. Modern Randians believed that to be merely legend. (Icon)

The stargate was definitely the main symbol of the old religion, and Gareth clearly spoke of " gods" rather than one or even two specific gods, so it's possible that this world didn't belong to just one Goa'uld, but instead was visited by many (like Earth). (Icon)

At some point, they went through an " Age of Enlightenment" , when apparently they abandoned many of their older religious beliefs (possibly all religious beliefs, for most of the population? Unlikely, given human nature, but possible.) (Icon)

Only a few people held to the old beliefs -- religious fundamentalists. (Icon)

They believed all life on the planet was created by the old gods, and that one day the gods will return and reward them for their faith. (Icon)

Before the SGC made contact, they were considered zealots who took the old writings too literally. (Icon)

After the stargate was activated and rumors about it started to spread, they gained more followers. One rebel leader in paticular -- Soren -- managed to unite all the fundamentalist factions under him, becoming a powerful figure in the country. (Icon)

Soren started a religious uprising as more fundamentalists turned to him for leadership, and his troops started moving on urban centers and municipalities, successfully taking over many of them. (Icon)

The military moved in to " pacify" those areas, wanting to get their cities back from the hands of religious madmen. (Icon)

In the Rand military, " blue" was the second-highest level of alert status. (Icon)

Civil unrest, and even rebel militia activity, wouldn't ordinarily be enough to trigger that a blue-level alert. (Icon)

After Soren's troops took over many municipalities and civil unrest had broken out in several urban centers, the Caledonian Federation got nervous, and went to a high military alert status. In response, the Rand Protectorate went to " blue" , to match them. (Icon)

Soren's troops eventually took control of every major city, including parts of the capital. The government had the stargate moved to a secure bunker to try to keep it out of his hands. (Icon)

Caledonia shifted its alert status, fully deploying and priming their missile systems. Rand responded in kind. (Icon)

Minister Treydan of Caledonia warned Commander Gareth that if any of Rand's weapons systems fell into the wrong hands, Caledonia would not feel safe (strongly implying that they'd attack). (Icon)

Immediately after the warning, Gareth got word that rebel forces had likely taken over a missle deployment facility. (Icon)

The Caledonians had noted the explosion at the facility Treydan told Gareth that Caledonia could take no chances, and were targeting all of Rand's missile bases. The only way to keep the situation from escalating into all-out war was for Rand not to retaliate. (Icon)

Soren's forces took control of a missile site and launched a counter-attack, escalating the situation into a full-scale war. (Icon)

Both sides sent a widespread radio-jamming signal out, which lasted past the end of the war. (Icon)

By the time it was all over, all of Rand's cities had been leveled, and estimates were that only a fraction of the population had survived, existing largely in outlying areas. (Icon)

Soren had absolute control over what was left Gareth was dead and the military was in tatters. (Icon)

Once they were in charge, the rebel troops began searching the region (around the capital, at least) for survivors, executing anyone whom they suspected of being loyal to the old government. (Icon)

About six weeks after the war, Daniel managed to contact the SGC with a plan to retake the bunker Jack approved it, and Jared Kane agreed to go along with it. It worked. When Soren emerged from the bunker (armed but not threatening), Kane killed him where he stood, and the loyalists retook control of the country. (Icon)

Daniel promises Kane that the SGC will be back to help them rebuild. (Icon)

Caledonian Federation:

Presumably at about the same level of technological advancement as the Rand Protectorate. (Icon)

The Caledonians had a more militant outlook, putting their country under martial law as soon as news of SG-1's arival began to spread, in order to control any outbreaks of religious fervor of the sort seen in the Rand Protectorate. (Icon)

The government was not pleased with the Rand Protectorate on many levels after the stargate was activated. (Icon)

Caledonian scientist had been denied access to the stargate. (Icon)

SG-1 had been allowed only limited contact with the Caledonians, because the Rand Protectorate considered it a national security issue to keep SG-1 (and everything they represented) all to itself. (Icon)

The level of civil unrest and rebel uprising in the Rand Protectorate was alarming to the Caledonians, who warned the Randians that if Soren took control of the country, Caledonia would consider it an act of war, and react appropriately. (Icon)

They continued to monitor the situation in Rand, noting that Soren had moved to take over every major city and much of the capital, and that much of the Rand military was on the brink of mutiny. They shifted from the second-highest alert level to fully deployed and primed missile systems. (Icon)

Minister Treydan called Commander Gareth again, telling him what they knew about Rand's situation, and adding that if any of Rand's weapons systems fell into the wrong hands, no one in Caledonia would feel safe. (Icon)

Just as he passed along that warning, Soren's rebel forces staged an attack on a Rand missile facility Caledonian Intelligence passed the word along, and Caledonia responded by targeting all of Rand's missile sites. Treydan warned Gareth about what they were doing and why, and said the only way to keep things from escalating was not to respond in kind. (Icon)

Soren's forces took control of a missile base and launched a counter-attack at Caledonia, escalating the situation into a full-scale war. (Icon)

By the time it was all over, most of Caledonia had been destroyed, although there were some survivors. They may have struck first, but Rand's missiles were superior, and did vast damage. (Icon)

Rumor had it that they were trying to rebuild, but if so, it would be a long, hard process. (Icon)

Known Randians:

Commander Gareth X:

He was the head of the delegation waiting to meet SG-1 when they finally came through after setting up the meet through radio contact via the MALP. (Icon)

He appeared to be the commander of all Rand Protectorate forces he was the person Minister Treyand of the Caledonian Federation was dealing with, both in regards to the stargate and the escalating sociopoltical situation in the Rand Protectorate. (Icon)

He didn't deny any of Treyand's accusations about how Rand had limited Caledonia's access to both the Stargate and SG-1, but pointed out that had the " Great Ring" been found on Caledonian territory and thus it had been Caledonia where the offworlders appeared, Caledonia would have done exactly the same things. (Icon)

He tried very hard to keep the military situation with Caledonia from escalating, asking for patience while Rand dealt with the rebels, but to no avail the Caledonians were extremely nervous about and unhappy with the growing rebellion in the Rand Protectorate. (Icon)

When Soren's troops breached a missile facility, Gareth clearly knew things had gotten completely out of his control the Caledonians had just warned that if such a thing happened, they'd take action.

Treyand knew about the missile facility almost as fast as Gareth found out, and told him that the Caledonians were taking matters into their own hands, targeting only missile sites. Gareth appeared to believe him when he said that as long as Rand didn't retaliate, the situation wouldn't escalate any further. (Icon)

When Soren's forces took the bunker shortly thereafter, Gareth was executed. (Icon)

Jared Kane:

Chief aide to Commander Gareth. (Icon)

He was married to Leda, but once he joined Gareth's inner circle he was too busy to spend much time with her, and unable to share things with her when he was there. He never noticed that the marriage was deteriorating, or that she was unhappy. (Icon)

He thought the religious fundamentalists who were taking over the country were madmen. (Icon)

When Soren's troops started moving on the secure command bunker, Kane tried to take Daniel back to the stargate so he could go home. They were attacked en route by rebels who breached the bunkers, and Kane was shot in the leg. Daniel got him out through a passageway behind a locked door. A bomb struck just as they made it made it out onto the street Daniel was wounded much more severely than Kane, and Kane had no option but to bring him to the house where Leda was staying.(Icon)

When Commander Gareth was killed (along with many/most other high-ranking officers), Jared wound up in effective command of the remnants of the military left around the capital city. (Icon)

He was less than enthused about Daniel's initial idea to retake the bunker, saying he only had a dozen men -- it would be suicide. When Daniel said he just needed to contact the SGC for help, Kane pointed out that Daniel had been trying to do just that since he woke up (weeks earlier), and had had no luck. (Icon)

When Leda began arguing Daniel's case for the plan to take Soren out, Kane assumed it was because she had feelings for him -- he'd noticed how she acted around Daniel. (Icon)

Eventually he went for it, and after both he and the SGC had confirmed the plan, he led his small troop and Daniel back in through the city's tunnels to stage their half of the two-pronged assault. (Icon)

After they had taken everything but the command center, they surrounded it and called for Soren's surrender. When he emerged, holding a rifle (by its barrel, with his arms extended to his sides), Kane shot him where he stood, killing him. (Icon)


Jared Kane's wife. (Icon)

When Jared joined Commander Gareth's inner circle, he became distant, and wasn't around much. She became very unhappy and lonely in her marriage. (Icon)

When the fighting reached the capital, Jared had her move to her uncle's house in the country

Kane brought the badly injured Daniel to her in the country so she could care for him and keep him safe from the fundamentalists led by Soren. (Icon)

She became very fond of Daniel during his stay, but nothing appeared to come of it. (Icon)

She agreed with her husband that there was no hope for any of them -- they'd die one way or the other. Daniel talked her into believing that his plan would work, and got her to work on Jared Kane. (Icon)

Jared believed that she was arguing Daniel's case because she loved him, and that she was willing to risk Jared's life and those of his men just for a chance for Daniel to get home safely. She insisted she was thinking of their people, and that she believed Daniel when he said this was their best chance to stop Soren. (Icon)

Before they could even confirm the plan with the SGC after Jack sent approval, rebel soldiers appeared to search the house for loyalists to kill Leda hid Jared, Daniel, and all of Jared's men in the cellar and lied through her teeth to the rebels to protect them. (Icon)

She saw them all off to the city with no idea if she'd see her husband again, and knowing she wouldn't see Daniel if they succeeded. (Icon)

Soren X:

A religious fundamentalist who had been the leader of a small group of zealots before the SGC made contact. (Icon)

After the stargate was activated, rumors started to fly about it, and his group had all the proof it needed that its beliefs -- that the gods would return one day through the stargate, and reward them for their faith -- were right. (Icon)

Soren managed to unite all the fundamentalist factions under himself. (Icon)

As the numbers of fundamentalist followers increased, Soren began a religious civil war, and started taking over much of the country, including the city where the stargate was housed. (Icon)

When Caledonia launched a preemptive strike against Rand's missile bases after Soren's troops gained access to one, his troops retaliated with a counter-launch. That escalated the situation into full-scale war, devastating both countries. (Icon)

When the fighting ended, Soren had control of Rand and was based in the capital city. (Icon)

He set up a provisional government, such as it was, and had control of the entire bunker complex, including the room where the stargate had been moved for security reasons. (Icon)

He renamed the country " Avidan" (" the gods are just" , in an ancient Goa'uld dialect). (Icon)

He apparently gave himself the rank of Commander after taking over as the country's leader. (Icon)

He steadily refused to allow the SGC to search for Daniel, who'd been trapped on the planet during the war, saying that offworld teams would cause fear and panic (and that a UAV would interfere with Rand's own radio communications). (Icon)

He went to Earth (with two aides/bodyguards) at Jack's invitation, when SG-9 had no success convincing him to let the SGC search. (Icon)

Looking out the briefing room window at the stargate, he assumed that the people at the SGC (and presumably all over Earth) also revered the Great Ring. (Icon)

When the SGC offered food, medicine, and support personnel to help stabilize the situation in return for the help in locating Daniel, he declined -- instead, he wanted weapons technology. (Icon)

He believed that everyone who had died (and from his tone, everyone who would die from starvation and disease) had needed to be purged from existence so they could begin anew. (Icon)

He wanted the weapons because " the revolution is not yet complete" -- he wanted to take over Caledonia, too. (Icon)

When the SGC and the loyalists led by Jared Kane (and Daniel) staged a joint attack to recover the bunker, Soren refused to surrender, even after they'd taken everything except the command center. (Icon)

He insisted that the handful of troops with him in command engage the attackers, even though they were surrounded. When one of his people questioned the decision, saying they were hopelessly outnumbered, Soren shot her. (Icon)

He gave a little speech about not dishonoring the gods with cowardice, and told his people once again to engage the enemy. None of them moved Soren took one of their rifles and went to face the SG and loyalist troops by himself.

Ordered by Sam to drop his weapon, he held it out to the side by the barrel. Jared Kane shot and killed him where he stood. (Icon)

Known Caledonians:

Minister Treydan:

He was the man dealing with Commander Gareth about the Great Ring, and the heightened security alert. (Icon)

He was not pleased with the way the Rand Protectorate had treated the Caledonia Federation regarding the Great Ring the lack of access to the ring itself for Caledonian scientists and lack of access to the offworlders (SG-1) were his main grievances. (Icon)

He warned Gareth that Caledonia was going to target Rand missile sites after Soren's troops gained access to one, and told him that the only way to avoid full-out war was not to retaliate. (Icon)

It's not known if he surived the brief, devastating war that followed. (Icon)



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