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Stargate Command




Stargate Command (SGC) is an unofficial project designated by the Pentagon as 'Area 52' and costs $7.4 billion per year to operate. It is included as part of the national defense budget. (Politics)

nb: That pricetag is as of 1997. It's undoubtedly grown since then, with added research and personnel. Also, according to Hammond, 'It costs nearly a billion dollars just to turn the lights on...' (Politics)

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A team, including Dr. Catherine Langford, Dr. Gary Meyers (who did the initial, incorrect, translation on the stargate's capstone), and Barbara Shore at the stargate facility, and Dr. Sam Carter at the Pentagon, spent two years trying to make the stargate work. Catherine brought Daniel in on the project when he was at his rope's end. He immediately retranslated (correctly) the capstone (correct translation: 'A million years into the sky is Ra, the Sun God, sealed and buried for all time, his Stargate.') and within two weeks had figured out what the symbols in the center of the capstone (and on the stargate itself) really meant, and the gate was activated. (Stargate the movie)

Knowledge about the stargate program is classified under section 11-C-9 of the National Security Act. (Chimera)

First mission to Abydos included Colonel O'Neill, Major Kawalsky, Major Ferretti, Lt. Brown, Lt. Freeman, Lt. Reilly, and Lt. Porro. (Stargate the movie)

The Seeker project was being discussed/initiated (unclear whether it was still just on the drawing table or if it was being implemented) as a way to detect a Goa'uld ship's 'footprint' along the path taken by Apophis's ships to reach and attack Earth. (Apparently working on the assumption that that particular corridor of space is the most direct route to Goa'uld-occupied space, and thus the most likely approach vector for more Goa'uld ships.) Although it's not made completely explicit, the implication was that Sam wanted to use P5C-629, a planet within that corridor, as a platform to do this observing/detecting. (Thor's Chariot)

The SGC discovered a revolutionary formula for calculating the distance between planetary bodies (thanks to the repository of knowledge from the Ancients that was dumped into Jack's brain) (Fifth Race)

Unconfirmed: A secondary SGC base was to be established offworld as a backup, with O'Neill in command, but the Pentagon didn't grant the backing. Very possibly just part of Jack's cover story. (Shades of Grey)

Jack was definitely supposed to take command of the alpha site in the event SG-1 couldn't prevent an asteroid from destroying Earth. (Failsafe)

Teams:The SGC began with nine teams (Children of the Gods), then expanded to twelve (In the Line of Duty), then to fifteen (Into the Fire). As of Ascension, it's up to at least sixteen teams. As of Proving Ground, it's up to at least seventeen teams. As of Metamorphosis, a Russian team has been operating as part of the SGC for a while. As of Fragile Balance, the first of a new type of unit had been added: the SFW (Stargate fighter wing?), a unit of pilots assigned to fly the F-302 in combat situations. Later in 2003 (Death Knell), the SGC is up to at least twenty-one regular teams. See SG units for details.

Considered setting up a permanent research station on MC4-862 (a moon orbiting a gas giant), but after six weeks of uneventful existence, the scientists there were attacked by tiny glowy energy beings and forced to abandon everything. (Prodigy)

The Groom Lake Facility in the Nevada desert at Nellis, known as Area 51, is where all technology brought back through the gate is sent for study, including the notes from 'Heliopolis' and the two death gliders. Colonel Maybourne was reassigned there in 1998. (Touchstone)

Four NID men escaped through the second gate to an unknown location. (Touchstone) They were later found and arrested. (Shades of Grey)

Research station in the Antarctic (White Rock Research Station), established after the second gate was found. The Pentagon re-evaluates their presence every year. (Frozen)

Headed by Dr. Michaels, and included Drs. Woods and Osbourne. (Frozen)

Facility housed a research lab, observation room, and quarantine room, along with quarters (bunkbeds), a rec room, and storage rooms. (Frozen)

The team dug up the two Jaffa stuck in the ice when they arrived. In four years of looking after that, they found nothing until finally discovering 'Ayiana' -- a (very) humanoid female who was effectively in cryogenic stasis for several million years. (Frozen)

Acquired a substantial supply of naquadria when SG-1 took a stolen cache from Kelowna. (Shadowplay)

As of the beginning of seventh season (2003), less than a quarter of the new gate addresses that Jack programmed into the computer while under the influence of the Ancients's database had had probes sent to them. (Fallen)

The entire program was disclosed in 2002, apparently in full, to the ambassadors to the US of Great Britain, France, and China (together with the US and Russia, these countries make up the five permanent members of the UN Security Council). (Disclosure)

Hammond and Major Davis were the US military representatives, Kinsey showed up as the US political representative, and Colonel Chekhov was the Russian representative. (Disclosure)

Prior to the disclosure, none of these countries had come close to figuring out what was really going on, despite not believing any of the cover stories being put forth by the US or Russia.(Disclosure)

The reasons for the disclosure were not adequately explained, at all [nb: personal opinion, obviously] -- Earth was not in especially imminent, or greater-than-usual, danger from anyone when this meeting was called and held. The only reason given was that the Chinese government had threatened to air evidence disproving one of the US's cover stories -- but that's hardly enough reason to go (relatively) public with the program after so many years of successful secrecy. All the evidence would prove was that it was a cover story for something, not give away what was being covered for. (Disclosure)

Much of the push for disclosure seemed to be coming from Kinsey, but it's unclear how he could be in a position to force this.

The Chinese ambassador was the first to announce that Hammond's reasons for insisting on secrecy were insufficient for him, and attempted to leave to inform his people of what was going on. He said the only way he'd accept the deal would be if control were taken away from the US military (he was not happy to find about the X-302 and X-303 already being in US control).

When the Chinese ambassador objected -- rather strongly -- to the stargate program remaining under US military control, the French ambassador suggested moving the stargate to a neutral location and creating a permanent staff drawn from all five regions -- Hammond refused. (Disclosure)

Before everything could fall completely Kinsey's way, Hammond's trump card showed up: Thor transported in and chatted for a few minutes about how the SGC, Hammond, and Jack O'Neill were good friends to the Asgard, and how it was 'preferred' -- although not necessary -- that the SGC stay under the same control. The ambassadors were quite impressed, and agreed to leave Hammond in command, with the SGC remaining at Cheyenne Mountain. (Disclosure)

In the first seven years that the Tau'ri have been on the scene, forming alliances with the Tok'ra and the Jaffa (and eventually a three-way alliance between them all), more System Lords fell than in the 700 years previous. (Death Knell)

In late 2003, Hammond was relieved of his command for political reasons, and was replaced with Dr. Elizabeth Weir. (Lost City, part 1)

In early 2004, Dr. Weir was in turn replaced with newly promoted Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. (New Order)

In early 2004, Anubis managed to gain access to the SGC after infesting a Russian colonel, Alexi Vaselov, who then transferred there. When he was discovered, the SGC was put under lockdown for at least a week.

The SGC was physically divided into three sections, or zones (by means of sealed bulkheads). (Lockdown)

Zone 1: Included the relay center controlling the power to the gateroom for the duration of the zoned lockdown. (Lockdown)

Zone 2: Included the control room, gateroom, and surrounding areas. Jack and Teal'c were stationed in this zone.(Lockdown)

Zone 3: Included the control center used during the lockdown to keep the corridors between zones 1 and 2 sealed. Sam and Daniel were stationed in this zone.(Lockdown)

Power to the gate was shut off, and was not accessible from the control room. (Lockdown)

Power to the gate (Zone 2) could only be re-established from a relay center in Zone 1. (Lockdown)

The only way to unseal the corridors between zones 1 and 2 was at a control center in Zone 3. (Lockdown)

All SGC personnel were confined within a given zone, and not allowed to move between zones (not even Jack) until the lockdown ended. (Lockdown)

Food, medical supplies, and medical personnel were equally distributed among the zones. (Lockdown)

The medical teams continued the daily physical examinations to check for signs of infestation. (Lockdown)

After bouncing around to various people, including Sam and Jack, Anubis returned to Vaselov's body and went through the gate to what he hoped was freedom. Instead, Sam had reprogrammed the dialing sequence, and sent him to a snowplain so cold that Vaselov froze to death just a few steps from the stargate, stranding Anubis there. (Lockdown)

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Not a series summary as such, and definitely not a complete timeline in any way -- more a tracking of major events that have affected the program itself, and a way to keep track of which gate is where, when. I consider each season to be a calendar year. (See the note on the front page for details on timing.) The more complete timeline for the series overall is here.

0001 (or thereabouts)

The stargate at Giza is buried. (Frozen)

(Personal note: This is beyond absurd. We have extensive written records from the period, and people would have jotted down a note or two about hordes of godlike alien enslavers being thrown off the planet en masse by a widespread uprising of the downtrodden. Really.)


Dr. Langford discovers a stargate at a dig at Giza. (1969)


President Roosevelt orders tests done on the stargate to see if it could be used as a weapon. The experiments are headed by Professor Langford, Catherine's father. In January of that year, according to declassified documents from the Archives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gate activation occurred when Dr. Ernest Littlefield went through the gate to a destination later designated as P3X-972. After Ernest vanishes through the wormhole, the program is shut down. The gate is crated and sent to an armory, where the military could deny its existence. (Torment of Tantalus)

Late 1940s (post-WWII)

Russian military takes a DHD away from the Germans, who had found it at Giza. They study it even without a gate to attach it to. (Watergate)


Time-travelling SG-1 hooks the gate up to a bunch of truck engines and creates a wormhole to send them back to their own time. (1969)

1992 or 1993

After years of trying, Catherine Langford finally succeeds in petitioning the administration to reopen the project. The Stargate Project officially starts up as a secret project under Pentagon control, as they try to unlock the gate's secrets, under the command of General West. Some research is being done at Cheyenne Mountain with the gate itself, other research is being done at the Pentagon. Captain Samantha Carter is part of the Pentagon team. (Children of the Gods)


With the help of Dr. Daniel Jackson, the gate is opened and a team is sent through to Abydos -- Daniel, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Kawalsky, Major Ferretti, Lt. Brown, Lt. Freeman, Lt. Reilly, and Lt. Porro. After most of the survivors return home and declare the other end of the wormhole destroyed, the gate is covered with a tarp and the program is largely scrapped. (Stargate, the movie)

(NB: I know the movie was 1994. This is fudging to make it fit with show canon, where Daniel -- who was recovered in early 1997 -- had been on Abydos for 'over a year', but not two years. That puts the first Abydos mission in mid-to-late 1995. Best I can do.)


General George Hammond replaces General West, assigned to oversee the secure shutdown of the program as his last act before retirement. (Children of the Gods)


The program is in the final stages of shutdown when Apophis comes through the gate and starts it back up again. Daniel is retrieved from Abydos and members of the SGC begin making regular trips through the gate, with Hammond remaining in command. The initial setup included nine teams, whose original (and continuing main) duties are to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and if possible make contact with the peoples of the worlds they go to. The teams were to operate on a covert, top-secret basis, with only the Joint Chiefs and the president knowing of their existence. The initial briefing after Daniel was brought back from Abydos was classified S.C.I. Top Secret. (Children of the Gods)

The stargate is covered with a retractable iris made of titanium, to prevent unwanted intruders. (Children of the Gods)

A presidential directive is issued to evaluate the scientific & cultural value of each mission -- ensuring that the SGC will never be a purely military operation. (Broca Divide)

A second stargate, complete with DHD, is discovered buried in Antarctica, and is retrieved and sent to Area 51 for storage. (Solitudes)

At some point soon after this, a research station is set up in the Antarctic at the site where the second gate was found. (Frozen)

Senator Kinsey cuts off all federal funding to the stargate, leaving Hammond with no choice but to shut the program down immediately (on orders from the president). This trapped Teal'c on Earth, despite his request to be allowed to leave to continue his fight against the Goa'uld. SG-1's actions -- against direct orders -- to stop Apophis's attack by ship despite the shutdown is enough to get the program reinstated. (Politics)

The SGC served as a command and control center for all USAF ops regarding the approaching Goa'uld ha'tak vessels. Had a link through AF SATCOM for encrypted communications to all AF bases and to NASA. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Alpha site is set up -- a planet that's held in reserve as a colony in the event of a catastrophic event or attack on Earth, meant to save the best and brightest of humanity (which translates into the best and brightest of US citizens who happen to have high clearances, and damned if I ever spotted anyone who looked remotely like a farmer in the group). (Within the Serpent's Grasp)


The second (Antarctic) stargate and the DHD are stolen from Area 51 and used to conduct a covert operation to gain as much technology as possible, with no regard to alliances or propriety. Once the program is shut down, the second gate is sealed again -- complete with welded-on solid cover -- and returned to storage at Area 51. No word on the DHD or where it went. (Touchstone) (NB: Four years after this aired, the audience was told that after a few successful times using it, the DHD simply died for no apparent cause -- presumably old age. [Frozen] This was the first mention of the DHD in that time.)

The Giza stargate (and the program) is nearly destroyed when it's inadvertently connected to a black hole. (A Matter of Time)

The Giza stargate's iris is replaced with a new one, with trinium enhancing the titanium. (A Matter of Time)


The SGC is emptied of weapons for the negotiations with the Goa'uld, including captured Goa'uld and Jaffa weapons. (Fair Game)

The stargate program is nearly shut down when the Asgard negotiate a treaty with the Goa'uld that at first includes a section insisting that the Tau'ri stay on Earth. Only Goa'uld internecine squabbling saves the program. (Fair Game)

The Stargate program is temporarily shut down and all SG teams recalled pending a psych evaluation, after Daniel appears to suffer a psychotic break into schizophrenia that MacKenzie and Fraiser could only ascribe to stargate travel. (Legacy)

An alien incursion nearly succeeds in taking over the SGC, with aliens (disguised as Jack and Daniel using mimic devices) even getting offbase and across the country. (Foothold) Because of the seriousness of the security breach, all official records are purged of all info about it by presidential order. (Smoke and Mirrors)

The Tollans and Asgard approach the SGC independently with proof that the SGC was stealing technology from them. The Tollans, Asgard, and Nox were going to sever all ties with the SGC as a result. Jack goes undercover in the rogue NID to flush out the thieves, breaking up at least one cell and exposing an SGC mole (Makepeace). (Shades of Grey)

Sam's cold dialing program for the stargate dialing computer gets its first hit, serendipitously dialing Bedrosia just as Nyan, a local archaeologist, was uncovering the gate there. (New Ground)

Bra'tac arrives at the SGC bearing Moac, one of his students, badly wounded in Apophis's attack on Chulak. This is the first the SGC knows of Apophis's survival of the destruction of Netu. (Maternal Instinct)

The Giza gate is beamed aboard Thor's ship and used to transport SG-1 to safety, then crashes into the ocean along with Thor's rapidly exploding ship. (Nemesis)

The Antarctic gate is unsealed and installed at the SGC, to become the program's sole stargate. Hooked up to the computer, just like the original gate. (Nemesis/Small Victories)


The Russians salvage the Giza gate from the ocean's floor and begin their own stargate program, using the Giza DHD to dial addresses. The program is active for more than a month before the SGC finds out about it, and is then shut down. The Russians retain control of the Giza gate and DHD, but agree not to use them. (Watergate)

Hammond retires (ostensibly of his own free will, actually because he's being blackmailed into doing so), and is replaced with General Bauer. After some fairly disastrous proceedings (during which Bauer nearly blows up the entire planet) and some serious string-pulling by Jack to get Hammond clear of his blackmailers, Bauer is relieved of command and Hammond is reinstated. (Chain Reaction)


At an unspecified point during the early part of the year (or possibly late 2000), the SGC gained an offworld, active trinium mine. (see nitpicks) (Between Two Fires)

To save Teal'c's life, the SGC requests, and receives, a loan of the Giza DHD from the Russians. The process used to save Teal'c creates an energy backlash that destroys the DHD. (48 Hours)

(nb: When this episode aired, there had been no mention of the Antarctic DHD since Touchstone aired (1998): to all appearances, it had been shipped back to Area 51 and totally forgotten about. It's not until the season after 48 Hours that the audience finds out the Antarctic DHD failed after only a few uses.)


The Antarctic gate, locked open and rapidly building up dangerous levels of energy due to an attack by Anubis, is removed and sent through a wormhole, and explodes 3 million miles away from Earth. The program is shut down completely for a brief period to prevent a repetition of the attack, then re-opened when Teal'c arrives via cargo ship and announces that Anubis's weapon has been destroyed. The Giza gate is rented from the Russians and lowered down to take its place, and once again becomes the SGC's only stargate. (Redemption, part 2)

Approximately three and a half months elapse between the events of Shadowplay and Sight Unseen (in the latter, Jack says it's been 'more than three months' since Jonas got a clean bill of health regarding his naquadria exposure  -- that exam happened in Shadowplay) (Sight Unseen)

The SGC discovers that there's another dimension co-existing with ours, apparently inhabited entirely by bugs of one sort or another, which can be seen with the aid of an Ancient device. Colorado Springs is quarantined (with a cover story of a chemical spill that's causing hallucinations in anyone exposed) while the SGC deals with the problem. (Sight Unseen)

A Goa'uld ha'tak vessel (Anubis's abandoned ship) crashes into the Pacific ocean and explodes through an auto-destruct. Thor's consciousness had been trapped on the ship, but SG-1 safely removes it and returns him to his people to be transferred into a new clone body. (Descent) The Russians concoct a cover story with the Americans to explain the explosion to the rest of the world: one of their missile subs, the Rostov, was only 75 kilometers away from a 'meteor' that struck the ocean, and was so badly damaged by the shockwave that it sank to the bottom. Before the deep-submergible rescue vehicle sent from Pearl Harbor ('in the spirit of international cooperation') could reach it, its reactor went critical, and it exploded. (Disclosure)

The stargate program is disclosed, in full (as far as I can tell) to the governments of Great Britain, France, and China (along with the US and Russia, they make up the five permanent members of the UN Security Council). None of these governments had believed the cover stories put forth by the US and Russia for various events, but none of the ambassadors was initially prepared to believe the truth. (Disclosure)

The Prometheus (X-303) goes out on its shakedown mission. Everything works properly, but due to an unexpected passage through intense gravity waves while in hyperspace, part of the machinery fails, and the reactor has to be jettisoned. The ship lands on a planet with a stargate, and presumably a replacement reactor is  sent through and installed so the ship could return home. (Memento)


Along with the Tok'ra, the SGC formed a temporary alliance with the Goa'uld, first through Yu and later through Baal, to join forces to destroy Anubis's flagship. (Homecoming)

The original alpha site is abandoned after Anubis probes Jonas's mind, and a second alpha site is established by bringing the stargate to it on a Tok'ra ship, ensuring that it has a totally new, unknown address. (Death Knell)

The entire stargate system crashes temporarily as a result of a computer virus that originated with the SGC and was probably tampered with by Baal. The SGC had the only working gate, since it works off a computer dialer rather than a DHD. (Avenger 2.0)

The SGC forms an alliance with the Hak'tyl, trading tretonin and supplies for information and warriors to help in the fight against the Goa'uld. (Birthright)

The second alpha site is destroyed when its commander, Colonel Riley, sets off the self-destruct during an attack by Anubis's forces. (Death Knell)

late 2003

Richard Woolsey begins a comprehensive investigation of all stargate personnel. (Inauguration)

A documentary filmmaking crew arrives at the SGC, officially to chronicle the 1,000th trip through the stargate. (Heroes, part 1)

Janet Fraiser is killed in action on P3X-666. (Heroes, part 2)

As of late 2003, there had been 1,000 trips through the stargate (this doesn't actually work -- see the nitpick about it) (Heroes, part 1)

Kinsey is voted in as vice president, on a ticket with an unnamed president. (Inauguration) (nb: They never give us the date or year, but unless the SG timeline is off by a full year from the RL calendar, the presidential elections in that universe must happen in odd-numbered years, not even-numbered ones. Assuming that they haven't tossed the entire election cycle, November 4 was the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in 2003, and would have been election day.)

Less than a month after Fraiser's death, on his first working day in office, the new president is briefed about the stargate program. In turn, he confronts Kinsey and demands to know why Kinsey never said anything, then insists that if Kinsey wants him to clean house at the SGC, he'll have to convince the president that he's right. He then continues reading mission reports into the night, with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs keeping him company to help explain things. (Inauguration)

One day later, Kinsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Woolsey all meet with the president so Woolsey can present his findings about the SGC. That evening, he meets with Kinsey and discovers that Kinsey has a separate, personal agenda, probably related to the rogue NID. (Inauguration)

One day later, Woolsey goes to General Maynard with his suspicions about Kinsey -- Maynard tells him to find proof. (Inauguration)

One day later, Woolsey goes back to the SGC and convinces Hammond to hand over the evidence the SGC has been holding against Kinsey for three years Woolsey is not happy about finding out that he's basically working for the rogue NID, and wants to do what he can to take them down (or at least Kinsey). That evening, he presents the disk to the president in a private meeting. (Inauguration)

My belief is that Woolsey briefed the president and had his talk with Kinsey in one day and night, had his talk with Maynard the next night [there are daylight scenes between the evening scenes with Kinsey and the evening scenes with Maynard], and traveled to the SGC the next day (definitely daylight again), returning to Washington the same day for an evening meeting with the president (definitely dark out), so as to hand over the evidence as quickly as possible.

nb: I know that it's nuts that the election takes place in an odd-numbered year, and that the president takes office in the same year. But the entire election cycle as written into this show is completely screwed up:

Kinsey announced he was running more than three years before the election (or in other words, barely after the last election), in Chain Reaction.

The national conventions happened a full year or more before the election, rather than just a few months (Kinsey references them as 'upcoming' in Smoke and Mirrors, back in mid-season six).

There's less than a month between election and inauguration (in the real world, the electoral college meets a month after the election, and the inauguration is a month after that.  In SG, the election hasn't yet happened in Heroes, and in Inauguration, reference is made to Janet's death [in Heroes] having been less than a month ago).

Originally I believed that the election pushed the end of the season into the next year, but given the incredibly short time between election and inauguration, I no longer believe that. If elections happened on the first Tuesday in November (and granted, given the wacky election cycle, that's not guaranteed), Hayes was in office by the first week of December at the absolute latest, and possibly even earlier than that.

Hammond is relieved of SGC command and ordered to Washington DC to discuss reassignment -- he's given one day to report. (Lost City, part 1)

Dr. Weir is announced as Hammond's replacement. (Lost City, part 1)

SGC operations are effectively shut down for a three-month review period, during which time a newly formed government department will take over for Stargate Command. (Lost City, part 1)

Dr. Weir physically takes office as head of the stargate program. (Lost City, part 1)

All offworld SG teams are recalled. (Lost City, part 1)

Hayes fires Kinsey when Kinsey tries to take over the SGC. (Lost City, part 2)

early 2004:

The stargate program remains effectively shut down ('all normal gate activity will remain suspended') after Anubis's attack while various governments try to work out an agreement for control of the Antarctic site. (New Order)

More than a week after Anubis's attack, negotiations for control of the Antarctic are still bogged down. (New Order)

The High Council of System Lords sends a delegation (Yu, Camulus, Amaterasu) to Earth to request Earth's help against Baal, who is rapidly taking Anubis's place as potential ruler of the galaxy. (New Order)

President Hayes approves the start of negotiations with the Goa'uld, leaving Weir in charge. (New Order)

Weir very possibly nullifies the entire Protected Planets Treaty when she tells the Goa'uld delegation that the Asgard are helping Earth to implement hyperdrive technology. According to the treaty, any technological aid rendered by the Asgard to a protected planet voids the treaty, leaving all the protected worlds legally open to attack by the Goa'uld. (New Order)

nb: Nobody at the negotiating table mentions this fact, so it's possible that it was overlooked in the stress of the moment, but that doesn't change the legal facts. Hereafter, the Goa'uld can rightfully claim that the Treaty is null and void.

Oshu tells Weir that Baal will be a far greater threat than Anubis was if he defeats the System Lords, and that he will truly rule the galaxy. He requests that they be allowed to leave, to fight Baal or at least die with honor. Weir takes the information to her superiors, and returns to the Goa'uld, telling them they're being released. Yu (and Oshu) and Amaterasu leave. Camulus requests asylum and remains on Earth, having nothing but shame and torture to return to, since his domain was one of the first to fall. (New Order)

Weir moves on to take over at the Antarctic facility. (New Order)

Hammond takes over as head of 'Homeworld Security' -- the Stargate program, the Antarctic site, the 303 program, etc. He is possibly promoted to lieutenant general with this move, but that's not specified canonically. (New Order)

Jack is promoted to brigadier general and put in command of the SGC. (New Order)

General Jack O'Neill's first official act is to promote Sam to lieutenant colonel. New Order)

Anubis infests a Russian cosmonaut, jumps to a Russian colonel, and makes his way to the SGC in hopes of getting through the stargate. When he's discovered, the SGC is put under lockdown for at least a week. (Lockdown)

The SGC is physically divided into three sections (by means of sealed bulkheads). (Lockdown)

Zone 1: Includes the relay center controlling the power to the gateroom for the duration of the zoned lockdown. (Lockdown)

Zone 2: Includes the control room, gateroom, and surrounding areas. Jack and Teal'c are stationed in this zone.(Lockdown)

Zone 3: Includes the control center used during the lockdown to keep the corridors between zones 1 and 2 sealed. Sam and Daniel are stationed in this zone.(Lockdown)

Power to the gate is shut off, and is not accessible from the control room. (Lockdown)

Power to the gate (Zone 2) can only be re-established from a relay center in Zone 1. (Lockdown)

The only way to unseal the corridors between zones 1 and 2 is at a control center in Zone 3. (Lockdown)

All SGC personnel are confined within a given zone, and not allowed to move between zones (not even Jack) until the lockdown ends. (Lockdown)

Food, medical supplies, and medical personnel are equally distributed among the zones. (Lockdown)

The medical teams conduct  daily physical examinations to check for signs of infestation. (Lockdown)


A few weeks into Jack's tenure as base commander (at least two, and likely no more than a month), President Hayes is scheduled to come to the base in person to congratulate him on his new command. Hayes sends a man in ahead of him, undercover as Jack's new civilian administrative aide, to make sure Jack isn't going to embarrass with incompetence when he arrives. (Zero Hour)

During the week:

Jack locks two bickering Amran representatives into a room together until they can start behaving reasonably. (Zero Hour)

SG-1 goes missing on an abandoned Anubis planet, and Baal claims to have captured them. (Zero Hour)

Baal demands Camulus in trade, for returning SG-1. (Zero Hour)

A plant brought back to the SGC by SG-8 runs amok and effectively shuts down the entire base, including the stargate and the dialing computer, making it impossible to dial out. (Zero Hour)

In the end, the plant is eradicated, Jack trades (a willing) Camulus and a dead ZPM to Baal, SG-1 rescues themselves from the secret base where they've been trapped alone, and the Amrans are set free -- all in time for the president's visit. (Zero Hour)

Roughly five months after Anubis's attack over Antarctica, the program nearly gets  exposed when Alec Colson goes  public with proof that aliens are  involved in Earth's affairs -- he has an Asgard clone. Jack has  to call in a marker from Thor to discredit him -- Thor beams out the clone so Colson has no further access to it, and presents himself on television as a simple hologram being developed by the US military. (Covenant)

The stargate is beamed out of the SGC and onto a Trust-operated scout ship (specifically, at 03:07, on the graveyard shift). The SGC works with the NSA to track Trust signals, staging a raid on a Trust warehouse (abandoned) and then continuing to work together to capture Dr. Bricksdale of Area 51 when he meets with Hoskins, his Trust contact. Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c manage to get the stargate back to the SGC, but at the cost of allowing Trust operatives armed with symbiote poison (sufficient to wipe out half a dozen Goa'uld worlds) to escape in a al kesh. (Endgame)

The SGC installs jamming devices in the gateroom to prevent locator beacons from working in the vicinity in future. (Endgame)

Replicators invade the SGC in large numbers, resulting in a base lockdown and emergency evacuation procedures. The Replicators block access to the self-destruct before any soldiers can reach it. They make it into a hatch on the upper levels, leading Jack to believe that they're heading for the surface. He tells Hammond to detonate the bomb as soon as he safely can, despite the fact that Jack and seven others (including Reynolds and Siler) are still trapped on the base. They head for the gateroom in hopes of restoring power and control fast enough to gate out before the bomb goes off. Although that isn't going so well, they catch  a  break when Daniel manages to get control of the Replicators temporarily, freezing them all in their tracks. Shortly after they start up again, the stargate opens an incoming wormhole and the disruptor energy wave surges through, destroying all the Replicators where they stand. (Reckoning part 2)


Major General Landry takes command of SGC after Jack moves on to another assignment. (Avalon part 1)

Roughly two months into Landry's tenure as base commander, the International Committee meets to discuss the SGC's budget, and despite Landry's warnings about the effects of such a move on the day-to-day operations of the base, decides to throw its full financial backing behind the Atlantis mission, saying that the Ancient technology there makes it more important. Jack O'Neill, at the Pentagon, sends word back to Landry that he thinks the decision was really made because the IC has control over the civilian-led Atlantis mission, but none over the US-military-led SGC. He offers to go to bat for Landry with the president but suggests Landry deal with the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. (The Ties That Bind)

Senator  Fisher,  the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, after hearing Daniel's testimony and reading the reports, decides to ignore the warnings about the Ori, trusting to the Ancients to keep them under control. He reduces Stargate Command's budget to 30% of its previous operating budget, declaring that it will be sufficient if they de-emphasize new exploration. He wants more money put into planetary defense instead -- specifically, the building of more Daedalus-class ships. (The Ties That Bind)

When Landry continues to object to the 70% cut in the program's funding, Senator Fisher gives him two choices: accept the budget cuts, or convince the International Committee to contribute to SGC's funding. The only way that would happen would be for Landry to give the IC what it wants: allow them to appoint a civilian position, obviously to be filled by someone of the IC's choosing, with full access to the base and a voice in every major decision -- a watchdog. (The Ties That Bind)

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Cheyenne Mountain Complex

General info

Stargate Command (SGC) is located at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado.

In the late 1960s, the future SGC was a training facility for missile launches. (1969)

The SGC has the ability/equipment to set up portable decontamination chambers. (Singularity)

The SGC can set up a decontam spray right in front of the stargate, to catch anyone coming through, and decontamination chambers around the doors into the gateroom to keep infection from spreading outward. (Singularity)

The facility is on internal, independent life support, which gives them the ability to adjust the oxygen levels (by adjusting the CO2 scrubbers). (Message in a Bottle)

The SGC doesn't run fully staffed 24/7, although it's constantly operational. The graveyard shift appears to be minimally staffed (two sergeants on duty in the control room, two SFs in the gateroom itself -- no officers or other technicians). (Endgame)

Standard protocol if offworld personnel can't contact Earth is to travel to the alpha site. (Endgame)

Nearest town is Colorado Springs. (multiple eps)

One local paper is The Gazette. (Desperate Measures)

Internal phone extensions have four digits. (Absolute Power)

Red alert buttons scattered all over the place, within easy reach of anyone at any time. (Multiple eps)

Emergency cutoff switch for the gate's power in the gateroom itself added by Entity.

Uses AF SatCom to bounce radio signals from teams in space. (Failsafe)

There's an abandoned nuclear facility just 20 minutes away from the SGC, where Hammond sent SG-1 and Cassandra, when Cassie had a bomb inside her chest that they couldn't figure out how to turn off. They brought her down into Storage Facility No. 68, into a chamber 30 stories underground through solid rock. (Singularity)

top | Cheyenne Mountain | SGC

Physical layout:


Main access is through Norad, which is on the main level.

Access shaft running from surface straight down to Level 28, possibly with no ladder -- Major Cromwell and his team were ready with ropes to go down it. Surface hatch has no lock (but is possibly guarded), and is located in a woody area but next to a concrete shed (use unknown). Within the SGC, the hatch on 28 was bolted shut. Cromwell had to burn through the locks to get out of the shaft. (A Matter of Time)

Second (?) direct external access shaft to the surface, with the surface hatch located in a completely wooded area. (If it's the same shaft Cromwell used, they've torn down the shed and let the area get overgrown.) The surface hatch is unguarded and has no locks of any sort on it (this is a security *nightmare*). Sam accesses the shaft on Level 16 via hatch: LV 16 / 28842 (unbolting it to gain access). The hatch has no internal indicator of what floor it exits onto, and there's no way to tell if it goes any deeper than Level 16 since she later returns to that level via the same shaft. (Foothold)

Third access shaft? Surface access hatch requires a five-digit code (on a keypad) to get in -- tear gas is released if the wrong code is entered. Jack and his trainees exit the hatch (and the trainees later re-enter it to move around the SGC undetected) on Level 19 via hatch: LV 19 / 28841 (burning through the bolts to open the hatch from the inside). (Proving Ground)

The number is just barely different than the one on the shaft Sam used in Foothold. If this is the same shaft (with the different final number possibly indicating the deeper level of access, rather than a different shaft location), the surface lock was added after Sam's easy access to the SGC in Foothold.

Supply of tranquilizer guns in lockup C -- no idea what floor. (Hathor)

Original base-wide locker room was room 214 B, and included a jacuzzi (possibly 214B was simply the jacuzzi/whirlpool room -- no sign of actual lockers). (Hathor)

The SGC exists on sublevels (all are actually Level S-#. The higher the number, the lower the floor). Hallways have card-key readers at every section -- it's possible to use the keys to close and lock the blast doors between sections.

It's possible that cardkeys are required to access the elevators on all levels -- it's definitely true of levels 19 and 21. (Full Circle, Rite of Passage)

Medical facilities include:

Infirmary (Level 21)

Labs (Levels 19 and 21)

One of the medical rooms (not the main infirmary, nor Fraiser's office), where Janet brought Hammond and Jonas to look at MRI scans on a lightboard, had a monitor connected to a security camera in the hallway, tracking everyone who came down the hallway to the room. (Prophecy)

Isolation rooms (Levels 19 and 21)

Operating rooms

MRI equipment

Key areas (information is replicated below in a bit more detail, under Levels):

Accounting: Level 3

Archives: Level 24 (probably)

Armories: Level 16, Level 19, Level 20, Level 28 (section C5)

Briefing room: Level 27

Daniel's office: Level 18

Gateroom: Level 28

Hammond's office: Level 27

Holding cells, secure: Level 16, section K7

Infirmary & recovery rooms: Level 21

Isolation quarters (not secure holding cells): Level 22

Jack's office as of season 8: Level 27

MALP storage: Level 24

Medical labs: Levels 19 and 21

Monitoring station: Level 16

Sam's office (lab): Level 21 as of third season, Level 19 thereafter

SG-1's locker room: public all-teams locker room on Level 28 in first season, private team-only locker room on Level 28 in second season, private team-only locker room on Level 25 from third season on,  and apparently back to a public locker room on an unknown level as of seventh season.

Teal'c's quarters: Level 25

VIP quarters: Level 25

top | Cheyenne Mountain | SGC


Levels 1-2:


Level 3:

Accounting department. (Politics)

Level 4:


Level 5:

Has a storage area with a (huge) door leading out into section G-4 (and another, on a connecting wall, leading into section G-2), where the Tollans were housed after they were rescued from Tollan and released from the infirmary. (Enigma)

Levels 6-7:


Level 8:

Function unknown.

The level where Siler and five other SGC personnel were trapped during the Replicator invasion (behind blast door R-4). (Reckoning part 2)

Levels 9-10:


Level 11:

Mandatory switch of elevator cars -- one set goes down to 28, the other goes up to the surface. (Children of the Gods)

Level 12:

Holding room (hroom 22) set up as an actual jail cell, with bars and guards, where Jolinar (inside Sam) was held. (In the Line of Duty)

Levels 13-15:


Level 16:

Section K-7 is restricted to authorized personnel, and appears to be where the secure holding cells are. (16K7-45 is where Hathor was held before she got control of Hammond in Hathor, Teal'c was in 16K7-23 in The Enemy Within, mentioned in Foothold, Rya'c held in room 16K7-26 in Family, Sam held in room 16K7-24 in The Fifth Man, Nirrti held in room 16K7-24 in Rite of Passage)

Cells have no bathroom, just a metal toilet and sink in the room, along with a cot, a table with a lamp, and a large storage unit. (Fragile Balance)

Holding cells have both a card-key lock and a standard lock in the door. (Rite of Passage)

Armory in room 16G8-27. (Foothold)

Secure stargate and gateroom monitoring station (Chain Reaction). Security monitoring office is in room 1612-15 (Proving Ground).

Level 17:

A storage room (12-A) on level 17 was converted into a meeting room for the negotiations between the Asgard and the Goa'uld in Fair Game

Level 18:

Offices (Serpent's Venom -- on their way up to the surface, Jack, Sam, and Jacob stop on Level 18 to pick up Daniel, who's got bags of research material with him).

Daniel's office is confirmed on Level 18 in Proving Ground. It's between two doors, one of which is L-7. (Revelations)

Level 19:


Sam has a lab on 19, between sections/doors B-4 (or B-3 -- inconsistency in the ep, repeated again in The Menace) and B-5 in Proving Ground

Sam is on Level 19, possibly in that same lab, to study the effects of the organism in Message in a Bottle

Seems to be on Level 19 that they're studying the crystal skull in Crystal Skull.

Medical labs (hazmat isolation unit 3 is in room J-3 on level 19 room J-5 on that level is also a hazmat isolation room).


room 19A3-210 (Proving Ground).

Either this or the armory on 28 (or both combined) contains, among other things:

P-90s (Unnatural Selection)

SPAS 12s (description -- will open in a new window) (Unnatural Selection)

SAWs (squad automatic weapons -- description will open in a new window) (Unnatural Selection)

claymores (Unnatural Selection)

Elevators on this level require a cardkey to gain access. (Full Circle)

Level 20:

Armory -- room 2067-95 (Avatar)

nb: We see this in Teal'c's virtual-reality simulation, but there's no reason to think it's not accurate -- he'd know where all the armories are, and the program was taking its information directly from him.

Level 21:

Infirmary (Entity)

Recovery rooms:

21M2-16 (Spirits)

21M7-16 (Daniel's recovery room after his appendectomy). (Nemesis)

(at a guess, then, section M is for recovery)

Fraiser's office (Rite of Passage)

Sam's lab (Learning Curve). (This is possibly her first lab, and she later moved to Level 19  -- there's no further evidence that she has a lab on 21 [if someone has any evidence that I'm wrong, please let me know!])

At least one shielded isolation room (off corridors J-3 and J-5), used to keep Cassie's fluctuating EM field from wreaking havoc on base electronics (Rite of Passage).

Lab/holding room between doors M-4 and M-6 (the exterior portion of door M-4 says M-5). There's a glassed-in, slightly elevated observation room at one end, clearly visible to the room's occupants. (The Menace)

At least one medical isolation unit (probably on this level, although possibly on 19) has black walls and a mirrored observation deck, so the person being held there can't see who's watching. (Lifeboat)

Elevators on this level, at least, require a cardkey to gain access (Rite of Passage).

Level 22:

Isolation quarters (Urgo)

Isolation room 3 (Metamorphosis)

Cafeteria (Unnatural Selection)

Level 23:

Room 23F2-12: the room where the Foothold aliens set up their mimic equipment, and where they hung up the various people they'd copied. (Foothold)

Definitely no armory on this level -- Jack sent Major Davis back to Level 23 after they'd hit an armory. (Foothold)

Level 24:

MALP storage (Entity)

Possibly Archives (Daniel and Tonani, who are supposed to be in the archives, duck into room 24P6-314 [storage] in Spirits)

Level 25:

Locker rooms (at least SG-1's) (Upgrades)

Teal'c's quarters (room 2513-20) (Crystal Skull)

VIP quarters

Cronus, Nirrti, and Yu were housed on level 25 during the negotiations in Fair Game

aka 'A3 quarters' -- Dr. Samantha Carter is housed in room 25A3-14. (It's not clear whether Hammond, when he said to put them in A3 quarters, was speaking in general of VIP rooms or in specific of VIP rooms on a given corridor.)

Ke'ra was in a room on level 25 (room 25R3-06, labeled 'guest quarters') during Past and Present

Daniel housed on level 25 after he returned with amnesia, possibly in 2513-18 (the numbers weren't completely clear, I could be off on this). (Fallen)

The bickering Amran representatives were locked into VIP room 25R3-07 until they could 'talk like adults' -- which took several days. (Zero Hour)

Gate generator (Sam and Siler were both hurt on level 25 when doing an overhaul of the gate generator when the capacitor blew in a power spike) (Prophecy)

Level 26:


Level 27:

Hammond's (later Jack's) office (many eps)

Two doors in Hammond's office: one leading onto the hallway, and one leading into the briefing room. (Children of the Gods)

Map board (on glass) between Hammond's office and the briefing room, with Earth as the central point. Right next to the central point is the Earth point of origin symbol.

Briefing room (Nemesis)

Administrative aide's office, just down the hall a few steps from the general's office. (Zero Hour)

Level 28:

Has three access corridors (Show and Tell)

Gateroom/stargate (all eps)

Armory (section C5) (Spirits)

Either this or the armory on 19 (or both combined) contains, among other things:

P-90s (Unnatural Selection)

SPAS 12s (description -- will open in a new window) (Unnatural Selection)

SAWs (squad automatic weapons -- description will open in a new window) (Unnatural Selection)

claymores (Unnatural Selection)

Gateroom was originally called the Embarkation Room (Enemy Within, 2010), then briefly became the Stargate Room, but was simply the gateroom quickly thereafter.

Stairway up to gate monitoring room is behind door B-2. (The Menace)

Self-destruct mechanism is behind door B-5, accessible for setting manually if computer access is cut off. (The Menace)

Ceiling in the gateroom retracts, opening onto a shaft that goes all the way to the surface, to allow the stargate to be lowered in and lifted out as need be. (Redemption, part 2)

top | Cheyenne Mountain | SGC

Alpha site

General info

Set up in 1997. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

A planet that's held in reserve as a colony in the event of a catastrophic event or attack on Earth, meant to save the best and brightest of humanity (which translates into the best and brightest of US citizens who happen to have high clearances, and damned if I ever spotted anyone who looked remotely like a farmer in the group). (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Chosen because the address is unknown to the Goa'uld. (Allegiance)

First alpha site

Planetary designation/address for the original alpha site is P3X-984. (Serpent's Lair)

The first time the site is used, at least 13 teams of people are sent through the gate. (Serpent's Lair)

Has an infirmary. (Allegiance)

Has at least one holding cell, complete with bars. (Why? Bizarre thing to build into an emergency, 'let's save the entire human race' facility that's designed to hold only hand-picked people.) (Allegiance)

Was put into use as a place for the rebel Jaffa army to stay, after Cal Mah was destroyed by Yu. (Allegiance)

Jacob knows the address, but no other Tok'ra does. (Allegiance)

Second alpha site

Set up after Anubis used his mind probe on Jonas (Homecoming), giving him access to the location of the first alpha site. The new site was a completely new address -- the SGC brought the stargate there in a Tok'ra ship. (Death Knell)

Fell under attack by Anubis less than a year after the first site was compromised, and had to be hastily evacuated. (Death Knell)

The stargate itself was hit by an al-kesh bomber, knocking it over (kawhoosh side down) and cutting off everyone remaining on the base. Immediately afterward, drones (supersoldiers) began landing in scout ships. (Death Knell)

Colonel Riley personally set the self-destruct, staying with it to make sure the enemy couldn't disarm it, to keep Anubis from getting hold of any sensitive information at the site. At least one of Anubis's drones (supersoldiers) was killed in the explosion. (Death Knell)

SG-3, led by Colonel Reynolds, found a band of 12 survivors (mixed human, Tok'ra, and Jaffa), and with the aid of SG-11 and SG-21, got the stargate back upright and the wounded back out to the SGC. (Death Knell)

Some 63 SGC personnel went missing in the attack (64, before Sam was found). (Death Knell)

Third alpha site:

Located on P4X-650. (Covenant)

Went online in late 2003/early 2004, after the first two alpha sites were destroyed within the space of a year.

Built into a bunker in a mountain, to make it more secure from attacks, after the first and second alpha sites were lost within the space of a year or less. (Covenant, Endgame)

It's similar to the SGC in the concrete everywhere, the naming convention on the doors, and the lack of windows, but had plenty of differences, too. The gateroom felt much more open, and the gate itself was sunk into the concrete platform holding it. Rather than a ramp leading down, there are wide concrete steps. (Covenant, Endgame)

The site includes a hangar and runway for F-302s. (Covenant, Endgame)

There is at least a skeleton medical staff, maybe more -- one member, Dr. Harris, checked out the bodies of dead Jaffa Teal'c brought back with him from P4S-161 and determined that they had died as a result of symbiote poison. (Endgame)

An SFW squadron appears to have been stationed on the third alpha site, possibly the Snakeskinners but also possibly another unit (an SFW arm patch was visible when one walked behind Colonel Pierce, but it wasn't clear enough to read the squadron name or number). (Endgame)


Colonel Pierce

Commander of the third alpha site, to all appearances -- and very good at it, again to all appearances. (Endgame)

See Colonel Pierce for full details.

Dr. Harris

Presumably a medical doctor, although that's never stated explicitly. (Endgame)

He went to P3S-161 to examine the bodies of some of the dead Jaffa there, and determined that Teal'c had been right -- it was indeed symbiote poison that killed them. (So whether he's a medical doctor or not, he has to be fairly conversant with biology, xenobiology, and chemistry.) (Endgame)

Beta site:

Site held in reserve should the alpha site be attacked. When Anubis attacked the second alpha site, Colonel Riley ordered an evacuation to the beta site. At least 90 people didn't make it that far, including Riley. (Death Knell)

top | SGC

Abbreviations & Acronyms

With thanks for some of this to the official MGM Stargate FAQ, at Any non-Stargate-specific terms are from the DOD Dictionary of Military Terms, at, and the official DOD Dictionary (


Dial Home Device.

The standard device connected to a stargate, covered in two concentric circles of symbols, with a central crystal. Pushing the right symbols in the right sequence, then the central crystal, activates the stargate. Without a DHD, travel is impossible unless a substitute is found (like the SGC's dialing computer), or unless the gate is hooked up to an external power source and the inside track is moved manually.

(picture, with thanks to the old site -- I don't think this picture is still up on the new, non-Showtime site at the same URL.)


Field Remote Expeditionary Device.

The small, six-wheeled, remote-controlled truck that carries supplies for field units on missions.


Garage Door Opener.

The device all SG members carry strapped to their arms, from which they can transmit a signal to send through an open wormhole to let the SGC know it's safe to open the iris. (Picture -- thanks, K!)


Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe.

This is sent through the stargate prior to every mission, to get information on local conditions. It also provides a camera and radio, through which the SG teams can communicate visually with the SGC.

MALPs have infrared cameras as part of their standard equipment. (Within the Serpent's Grasp, Touchstone)


Mission-oriented protective posture.

This is usually followed by a number, indicating the level of protection (protective gear) being used.

From the official DOD dictionary (

mission-oriented protective posture - A flexible system of protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination This posture requires personnel to wear only that protective clothing and equipment (mission-oriented protective posture gear) appropriate to the threat level, work rate imposed by the mission, temperature, and humidity. Also called MOPP. See also mission-oriented protective posture gear. (JP 3-11)

mission-oriented protective posture gear - Military term for individual protective equipment including suit, boots, gloves, mask with hood, first aid treatments, and decontamination kits issued to soldiers. Also called MOPP gear. See also decontamination mission-oriented protective posture. (JP 3-11)


security forces, single frequency, special forces.

In Stargate's case, where it's used for the guards on base, it likely means 'security forces'.


Transphase Eradication Rod

Detects objects operating in the light spectrum 180 degrees out of phase of human vision, like the alien race the Reetou.

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Training program

Training appears to have been mainly on-the-job for the first several years, but by 2001 (the year, not the ep) a more formal program was put in place, at least for recruits with no field experience.

Every few months, a small group is brought in and trained as a unit, with one as unit commander. (Proving Ground)

Training appears to include studying old mission reports. Lt. Elliot recognizes the name 'Argos', knows that it was where Pelops was doing his rapid-aging experiments, knows about the nanotech involved, and knows how Jack was affected by it. (Proving Ground)

It's possible that the trainees were given a selection of mission reports that included information they'd need for their training tests, rather than being given access to all mission reports.

Field training consists of several days of obvious training exercises, in a training area, followed by a real-life-scenario that the trainees are unaware is a test, taking place at SGC and shutting down the use of several floors for the duration of the test. (Proving Ground)

Trainees are given intars to use. (Proving Ground)

The units are trained by a real SG team commander (with the help of his team). (Proving Ground)

SG commanders take training duty on a rotating basis, according to the trainees in Proving Ground. But SG-1 has clearly done this at least once before, and it seems unlikely that they've trained enough people to have rotated all the way through 17 SG commanders. It's possible that either SG-1 alone is responsible for the training sessions (at least while the program shakes out) or that a limited set of more experienced SG commanders and teams make up the rotation.

The success of the program has prompted Hammond to decide to request funding for an offworld training facility in the next year's budget. (Proving Ground)

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Safety precautions within the SGC to avoid alien invasion or other problems:

Iris over the stargate to prevent anyone unauthorized from coming through (doesn't work against truly advanced races -- Tollans, Nox, Asgard, Ascendants can all circumvent this) (Children of the Gods, all eps since)

GDO (garage door opener) codes assigned to each team and ally, to let SGC know that it's okay to open the iris. No code, no authorization -- splat.

Defense teams go to (heavily armed) alert in the gateroom whenever there's an unauthorized traveler inbound. (Multiple eps)

Hand scanners installed on dialing computer, so only recognized personnel can use the system (Foothold)

Emergency power cutoff switch in the gateroom, to shut down the stargate if it won't shut down on its own.

Aliens aren't allowed into the SGC without prior permission. (Unclear when this went into effect, since refugees have been brought back several times.) (Metamorphosis)

As of mid-2004, the gateroom has jamming devices installed to prevent any locator beacons from working, just in case anyone else got the notion to beam Earth's stargate out. (Endgame)

Mission prep:

MALP sent through for info

Preliminary briefing to determine if mission is worthwhile

Physical checkup prior to mission (Ascension -- Sam mentions her pre-mission blood tests, and the fact that Fraiser cleared her for the mission).


Returning teams have to go through progressively more thorough screening procedures as time goes on:

Visual and tactile examination of the back of the neck after The Enemy Within

MRI after In the Line of Duty

Blast of high-frequency sound after Foothold

The other procedures could/would happen after the team leaves the gateroom, so it makes sense that they happen offscreen. The blast of sound would have to be in the gateroom itself, though -- to ensure that the people on the ramp aren't disguised aliens mimicking SGC personnel -- but has never been seen in action, as of mid-eighth season.


Several TERs were left with the SGC, and hand scanners were installed to prevent the Reetou from controlling the iris. (Show and Tell)

Every SG team has a homing device to find the stargate if lost on a planet. (The Nox)

SG teams carry low-level protective gear ('level a') -- full hood and breathing mask, and gloves. (Legacy)

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Weapons and Tactics

SFs standing guard around the facility wear the Defensor Fortis patch: Defender of the Forces, the credo of the USAF Security Forces (The Menace)

Standard recon mission includes a mineral and biological survey. (Urgo)

Weapons on base:

SPAS-12 (shotgun -- image) (Nemesis)

BF-8 (explosive, bomb -- I can't find a real-world page about it) (Nemesis)

PBX (plastic bonded explosives -- C-4, effectively) (Nemesis)

USAS (shotgun) (Nemesis)

Standard weaponry:

Sidearm, either regular military issue (a Beretta, per The Sentinel) or zat.


As of third season, they were carrying MP5s (not yet the P-90s). (Rules of Engagement)

P-90: carries 50-round top-loading magazine with teflon-coated ordinance, at a cyclical rate of 900 rounds per minute. (specs -- The Warrior)

Plastic restraints (Not really a weapon, but SG members carry plastic restraints as part of their standard gear.) (The First Ones, Forsaken)

Plausible deniability:

The Air Force is allowing a television show called Wormhole X-Treme to be made, based entirely on the SGC, to allow them to use it as an explanation for any future leaks about the stargate program. (Wormhole X-Treme)

Sam told Julia Donovan that the X-303 was reverse engineered from an alien spaceship that crashed a hundred miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska in 1978. (Prometheus)

The cover story the Russians were giving (along with US officials) to explain the explosion of Anubis's crashed ha'tak vessel was that the missile sub Rostov was less than 75 kilometers from the impact of the 'meteor' that fell into the Pacific, and was severely damaged by the shockwave the sub sank to the bottom. The United States, in the spirit of international cooperation, sent a deep-submergence rescue vehicle from Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the Rostov's reactor went critical before the rescue vehicle arrived on the scene. (According to Chinese intelligence reports, the Rostov was taking on supplies at the harbor in Vladivostok when it supposedly exploded on the ocean floor. Whoops.) (Disclosure)

From all appearances, other governments didn't believe this or other cover stories, from either the Russians or the Americans, but none of them had figured out what was really going on -- just that clearly, the Americans were up to something, and the Russians were going along. (Disclosure)

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Who Else Knows

Originally, the SG teams were known only to the President & Joint Chiefs (Children of the Gods). This soon changed:


Senator Kinsey has been fully briefed. When he started asking questions about the line item for the unofficial project called Area 52, the president and the joint chiefs decided that if he were granted access to the project, he might recognize its importance and agree to support it. (The plan pretty horribly backfired...) After reading all the mission reports and being briefed by Samuels, Kinsey decided to cut off all funding. (The SGC could have circumvented this by opening a discussion on the Senate floor, but that would have meant exposing the program to the public, and the president and joint chiefs didn't want to do that.) (Politics)

In the Serpent's Lair

Dozens of people (at least 13 teams -- unknown how many people on each team) are brought in and sent through the stargate to the alpha site -- all of them are now aware of the program. In addition, the shuttle Endeavor picks up Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac, and ferries them home. At least the astronauts, and possibly the entire ground crew, know what's going on.


An undisclosed leak to media -- Hammond assumes that if Kinsey knows, his aides do. Not canon that they do know, therefore, but important because the SGC is assuming that (an indeterminate number of) other people know.

A Matter of Time

Outside military units being briefed and brought in.


Dr. Timothy Harlow, the geneticist who was brought in to help when Teal'c was infested with bugs that turned him into a giant breeding nest. Harlow originally went along with Maybourne's plans to use Teal'c for research purposes, but eventually came around and 'accidentally' destroyed the insect and its venom, to prevent any further research.


Area 51, where it's very clear that these non-SGC personnel (military researchers) know about the SGC and the SG teams, know what they're doing and where they're going, and what they're bringing back (working on death gliders, medical advances, etc.).


A whole bunch of Russian scientists (and certainly government, and presumably military personnel) know all about the SGC, including mission reports and team profiles.


Gen. Vidrine knows everything about them, and can't possibly be one of the joint chiefs because he's only got three stars.

Point of No Return

Martin, a civilian, knows way too much about the SGC and the stargate, including knowing Jack by name -- says he found out about it on an online conspiracy chatroom.


An Academy cadet is brought in and not only told about the program but sent to a research facility on a moon (and introduced to Teal'c, who admits he's not exactly human), all to give her incentive to stay in the Air Force.


Jack tells Jacob that there are a thousand engineers and scientists drooling to get their hands on the mothership SG-1 stole from Cronus.


The Pentagon sets up surveillance on Sam.

Red Sky

Dr. MacLaran is given a tour of the SGC, including the gateroom, in return for giving up the superheavy element he'd spent the last five years creating.

The Tomb

A Russian team of four are brought into the SGC for a mission.  Only one survives, but she is debriefed at the SGC by one of her Russian superiors.

Desperate Measures

Massive amounts of information have leaked to a private corporation, which has the contacts to actually purchase a symbiote that was trapped on Earth and use it to try to cure the corporation's incurably ill president.

Proving Ground

The commander of the nearby Air Force Academy, General Kerrigan (who as of fourth-season Prodigy had known nothing about the SGC), is an active part of the recruitment program, and watches training sessions with Hammond (making bets on the outcome...).


SG-1 is sending uncoded radio signals via AF SatCom (for any AF radio operator to pick up? I don't know enough about how SatCom works), and NASA is tracking their progress in getting up close and personal to destroy the asteroid, and giving SGC updated status reports on the mission.


Julia Donovan (tv reporter for 'Inside Access') and Hal (Julia's producer) were leaked some information by the NID (e.g., a sample of naquadah, and at least the beginnings of the money trail), and push until they're allowed to actually visit 'Prometheus' -- the nearly complete X-303. The SGC was planning to doublecross them by confiscating and destroying all tapes and notes, leaving them no proof. Hal had been bribed by the NID, and the camera crew was made up of rogue NID members, who hijacked the X-303 as soon as they got aboard. Hal wound up dead.  The rest were captured after the ship made it into space. Donovan wound up going with SG-1 to help the Asgard just because she was on the ship when Thor appeared and asked, and there was no way to go home first. No idea if anyone outside her camera crew and Hal knew anything about her story lead, but it's possible.

No idea what happened to her -- she was transported off the X-303 and into the cafeteria kitchen on Level 22 when Thor arrived at the ship to get Jack and the others. (Unnatural Selection)


High-ranking politicians/diplomats from France, Great Britain, and China.

The Chinese ambassador to the US, along with at least the Premier, and possibly other ranking members of the government, after a meeting with Hammond, Maj. Davis, Kinsey, Col. Chekhov, and the ambassadors-to-the-US of France and the UK in which all was explained. (The United States, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.) The Chinese ambassador was the first to announce that Hammond's reasons were insufficient for him, and attempt to leave to inform his people of what was going on. He said the only way he'd accept the deal would be if control were taken away from the US military (he was not happy to find about the X-302 and X-303 already being in US control). (Disclosure)

The UK ambassador to the US, along with at least the Prime Minister, and possibly other ranking members of the government, after a meeting with Hammond, Maj. Davis, Kinsey, Col. Chekhov, and the ambassadors-to-the-US of France and China in which all was explained. (The United States, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.) (Disclosure)

The French ambassador to the US, along with at least the President, and possibly other ranking members of the government, after a meeting with Hammond, Maj. Davis, Kinsey, Col. Chekhov, and the ambassadors-to-the-US of China and the UK in which all was explained. (The United States, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.) When the Chinese ambassador objected -- rather strongly -- to the stargate program remaining under US military control, the French ambassador suggested moving the stargate to a neutral location and creating a permanent staff drawn from all five regions -- Hammond refused. (Disclosure)


Vandenburg AFB (gave the okay for the Prometheus to open a hyperspace window on its shakedown cruise)


Dr. Sandy Van Densen, a neurosurgeon called in by Fraiser to conduct the surgery on Jonas to remove the 'tumor' that was causing him to be precognitive.

So, therefore, the original level of secrecy only lasted a very short time, and as the program goes, it gets known to more people. With every passing year, it gets more dangerous.

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Earth's Stargates

The Stargate is made of a quartz material, later identified as naquadah.
(See stargates for more general info)

General info

The stargate was lowered into the gateroom via a shaft that contains a crane. The shaft runs from the surface all the way down to the gateroom, which has a retractable ceiling. The gate can be removed or replaced as needed. It takes two hours to hoist the stargate back out of the gateroom to the surface. (Redemption, part 2)

The stargate is covered with a retractable iris.

The stargate is controlled by computer, rather than DHD.

At various times, the stargate being used by the SGC was the Giza or Antarctic gate. See timeline for details.

Nothing happens regarding the stargate without Hammond's knowing about it -- he gets a report about any activity, no matter how minor or trivial (Hammond: 'If a person sneezes around it, I get a report.') (Touchstone)

The computer system logs every action and energy fluctuation in the gate in a 'meta-log', with both secondary and tertiary backups. (Touchstone)

Antarctic DHD: worked a few times after they dug it out, then just died and never worked again. (Frozen)

Antarctic gate: possibly the oldest gate in the entire system, as much as 50 million years old. (Unfortunately, it's also been destroyed. See timeline.) (Frozen)

Daniel apparently theorized that after the Giza gate was buried (timeline glitch: 'roughly 2,000 years ago', which makes no sense, given the extensive written records we have from that time), the Goa'uld managed to open the buried Antarctic gate, because it was in a crevasse, which the wormhole made larger. (Frozen)

The SGC's stargate draws 10% more wattage than offworld stargates (connected to DHDs), far exceeding any potential loss from the manmade interface. (Heroes, part 1)

This is possibly because of the way the superconductive crystals inside the stargate itself absorb electrical energy. (Heroes, part 1)

Another possible reason is that the DHDs produce a purer, more efficient form of power. (Heroes, part 1)

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The iris is pure titanium (Children of the Gods) and is less than three micrometers from the event horizon -- matter can't fully reintegrate as a result (splat!). Like the Goa'uld, the SGC personnel have a homing device to find the stargate if separated from it. (The Nox)

A new iris is added after the original one is sucked into the black hole in A Matter of Time, strengthened with trinium.

The iris sits just in front of the plane where the event horizon is formed. Offsetting it just slightly would effectively stop a wormhole from forming -- like burying the gate. (48 Hours)

The space between the wormhole and the iris is enough to allow high-energy subatomic particles to reintegrate, moving at near-light velocities (i.e., a particle accelerator can shoot particles at it from the other side). Modulating the particle stream can create an image, and intense heat, up to 130 degrees in the gateroom, and 6-8 times that for the iris itself. (Serpent's Song)

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Computer dialing program

Earth doesn't use a standard Dial Home Device (DHD, Goa'uld term unknown) to control the stargate, but instead uses a computer and a Terran-designed dialing program, which originally contained all the addresses that Daniel found on the Abydos cartouche (each of which is being corrected for galactic drift -- it takes several days to correct each address). It took fifteen years and three supercomputers to figure out a way to make the stargate work. (Children of the Gods)

The keyboard attached to the dialing computer has DHD symbols on it instead of letters. (Multiple eps)

Hitting 'escape' on the keyboard cancels a dialing sequence. (Bloodlines)

As well as dialing out, the computer controls incoming wormholes, by controlling the iris over the stargate. Anyone coming through the Earth's stargate has to send an appropriate code for the computer to recognize, or the iris will not be opened. (Children of the Gods, The Enemy Within)

Code upon recognizing Jack's incoming signal ('signal code response') first line: 7062957 second line: 0282002 (Fire and Water, Bane)

SG-10 dialed in, same signal analyzed code as showed up for Jack: 7062957 / 0282002 (A Matter of Time)

GDO code appearing on the SGC monitor: 32-333-0, identified as Jack (Fire and Water)

Code on an incoming traveler: 877832-333-0 (Serpent's Song)

Planetary designations:A six-character sequence based on a binary code the computer uses for extrapolation, usually taking the form P-number-letter number-number-number (if the sequence begins with M, it indicates a moon rather than a planet). E.g., the planet SG-1 travels to in Broca Divide is known as P3X-797. (Broca Divide)

For a listing of the planets visited or mentioned in the show, see the Planets page. (nb: this page is not yet complete -- I began it late in sixth season, and went back to the beginning and started filling in things in order. It's going to take some time to get it finished.)

After Jack gets an alien database downloaded into his brain, he programs the gate computer with stargates not on the Abydos cartouche, giving the SGC a strong advantage over the Goa'uld. (Fifth Race)

Addresses from the cartouche appear in yellow on the dialing computer monitor, those from the Ancients's database appear in red. (Fifth Race)

Example of advantage: stargate address references from the Abydos cartouche including the Loc'na ko, the group of planets that includes Kheb, but without including Kheb itself. The Ancients's original map included Kheb. (Maternal Instinct)

The SGC kept the specific dialing program Jack used to travel to the Asgard galaxy, and with enough power, could use it again. (Fifth Race, Point of View)

Sam downloaded it to a removable hard drive to help the people of an alternate reality contact the Asgard to ask for help with a Goa'uld invasion. They recalibrated the naquadah generator Jack had created to boost the power sufficiently. (Point of View)

The original research team had to create an interface between the computer and the stargate. They did this by generating a a series of instructions based on electrical impulses to which the gate's control crystals would respond. They found these by trial and error -- thus the fifteen years. (48 Hours)

The dialing program ignores 220 of the 400 feedback signals the gate can emit during a dialing procedure. (48 Hours)

A margin of error in calculating planetary shift caused travelers to experience a rough ride in the early days of the SGC program, but once they figured it out they fixed it. (Red Sky)

Sam eventually developed a new cold dialing program that searches for new stargates by periodically redialing cartouche stargate addresses that hadn't connected the first time. The planet P2X-416 (Bedrosia & Optrica) was the first connection made by the new program. (New Ground)

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Second (Antarctic) stargate

The second gate was originally buried in the Antarctic, about 50 miles away from McMurdo Station.(Solitudes)

After it was recovered, it was supposed to have been sealed, decommissioned, and sent to Area 51. (Touchstone)

Instead, it was moved under classified non-military authorization to an unofficial NID landing site in southern Utah, just south of the Black Mountains, about 40km west of Parowan. (Touchstone)

It was finally returned to Area 51, sealed with a permanent iris, and put under round-the-clock guard under the command of Hammond and the SGC. (Touchstone)

An energy spike can be created deliberately, causing the wormhole to jump to the second Earth gate, and leaving a recognizable energy signature. (Touchstone)

The first (Giza) stargate was lost after Jack, Sam, and Teal'c transported it onto Thor's ship, the Biliskner, to give themselves a way to escape the gate went down with the ship, which crashed into the Pacific. Hammond ordered that the second gate be unsealed and set up to take its place. (Nemesis)

The first stargate was found by the Russians, who set up their own SG program with it, until they got in over their heads and needed SG-1 to come bail them out. (Watergate)

The Antarctic gate (acting as the SGC's main gate) was targeted by Anubis, who locked it open and staged an attack that began building up dangerous energy levels. The only way to save Earth was to take the gate into space and let it explode safely away from the planet. (Redemption, part 2)

The Antarctic gate was either destroyed in the explosion or is drifting through space somewhere.

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Military codes

Authorization codes

Code to abort auto-destruct command: 81452667 (The Enemy Within, Prisoners, Message in a Bottle)

Remote Access Code for SG-1: 7062957 0282002 (Bane)

O'Neill's authorization code is 81452667 (Prisoners, A Matter of Time) -- same as code to abort auto-destruct in 'Enemy Within'.

top | Codes

Situational codes

Code Three alert

Used when it's discovered that Nirrti has been roaming the base invisibly, in conjunction with a request for zats and TERs. Possibly a code indicating the need for a security sweep. (Rite of Passage)

Code Five Lockdown

Mandates that the mountain be sealed and anyone attempting to leave will be shot. (The Broca Divide)

Code Nine

Seems to indicate some sort of alien invasion: used when people start vanishing all over the base in Spirits, used when O'Neill disappears via Asgard transporter in Fair Game and Nemesis.

Code Seventeen:

'Possible Goa'uld.

The potential Goa'uld is put into medical isolation under guard until it can be determined whether he or she has really been turned into a host. (After Daniel's EEG looked suspicious, Fraiser declared a code 17 and put him into medical isolation under guard, with only a few medical personnel allowed access. He couldn't even see who was in the observation deck -- it was mirrored on his side.) (Lifeboat)

Foothold Situation

Indicates a hostile alien takeover of the SGC (Foothold).

Threat level Foxtrot Alpha Six:

The threat level given in the virtual reality simulation when two kull warriors invade the base, so -- pretty high. (Avatar)

In Replicator-Sam's memory, this is the code that gets announced when she starts shooting up the gateroom. Given that, it seems likely that this means 'immediate alien threat' -- presumably it's the level immediately before a Foothold situation, which occurs after the aliens have taken control of the base. (Gemini)

Wildfire Directive

Authorization code: red dash beta

Requires level 4 quarantine, internal power and life support, and nothing in or out of the mountain. In the event of containment failure, Wildfire kicks in automatically. (Message in a Bottle)

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Captured by Jack and Teal'c on P3C-249 when a meeting of rebel Jaffa factions was attacked by an unknown System Lord's Jaffa. (Avenger 2.0)

Cargo ship

Originally Jacob's (Summit/Last Stand).

The SGC went to Vorash to commandeer the battered ship to save the Earth from an asteroid (Failsafe).

They hung onto it at least long enough to use it to rescue Heimdall and Thor. (Revelations)

No word on it being destroyed or returned to the Tok'ra, but no mention was made of it as a possible answer to the problems in Redemption (either to remove the stargate or to go for help).

Death gliders

Two taken from Apophis's ship during an escape (Serpent's Lair), which were being researched at Area 51 (Touchstone). At least one was turned into a converted death glider (the X-301).

Jack and Teal'c obtained two more gliders from Anubis's drowned ship in the Pacific. (Descent)

'Fountain of Youth'

Telchak's device that was the original basis for the Goa'uld sarcophagus. (Evolution, part 2)

The SGC handed this over to the Tok'ra in hopes the Tok'ra could develop a weapon that could stop the kull warriors.

Glider cannon

Jack, Teal'c, and Sam salvaged a cannon from a glider that Jack shot down, and brought it back home with them. (The Fifth Man)

Teal'c grew very fond of it as a weapon -- it was what he used to kill Tanith. (48 Hours)


The ashrak's weapon. (Fair Game)

Ha'tak vessel

Taken by Jack when Cronus was killed. Before Terran scientists and engineers could get a look at it, Hammond lent it to the Tok'ra to aid in the evacuation of Vorash, and during the process the ha'tak was flung into another galaxy and eventually destroyed. But Jack had himself a ha'tak for a few days there. (Double Jeopardy, Exodus, Enemies)

Healing devices (Goa'uld)

The first was Kendra's, given by Gairwyn to Sam. (Thor's Chariot, Fair Game)

It's kept in a locker (likely on level 21, and probably somewhere in the infirmary itself, but no actual proof of that).

The keypad code is five digits, the first three of which are 9-1-8. (Meridian)

Second Goa'uld healing device, taken from Nirrti's lab, and used in conjunction with the device that fits over the palm. Seems to be a more focused instrument. More instruments were also taken, probably medical in nature, but so far undetermined. (Rite of Passage)

Invisibility device

Taken from Nirrti after she was captured on the base -- it's a bit fried from being zatted, but they have it. (Rite of Passage)


Taken from the Jaffa training camp in Rules of Engagement. They look exactly like real weapons, except instead of bullets they project energy in low doses (meant to stun, not injure). Intars are easily identifiable by the glowing red square on their handles. They're now being used in SGC training exercises. (Proving Ground)

Jonas carried an intar back to Kelowna, insated of the zat he was usually given, presumably because he still wasn't checked out/competent on standard SGC weaponry (or trusted with weapons that could easily be unintentionally fatal, more to the point), but this would give the illusion that he was. (Shadowplay)

Ribbon device

Goa'uld ribbon device was Kendra's, given by Gairwyn to Sam. (Thor's Chariot, Fair Game)


A ring used to 'call down lightnings' by the canons of the medieval village ruled by Sokar. (Demons)


Not really technology -- a drug, given to Aris Boch's people generations ago when it was discovered they couldn't be turned into hosts for the Goa'uld. It addicted the entire race, until they were literally dependent on it for their lives. Aris Boch gave Sam a vial of it, for research, in hopes of some day freeing his people. (Deadman Switch)

Scout ship

It originally belonged to Ronan. When he tried to betray SG-1 and Bra'tac to Anubis, Bra'tac killed him, and they all returned to Earth in the ship, where it stayed. (Lost City, part 2)

It was heavily modified by Jack (functionally an Ancient at the time) to be able to travel far faster than any Goa'uld ship. (Lost City, part 2)

Sam and Teal'c took it to fly to the Asgard galaxy in hopes of finding help for Jack (stuck in stasis to avoid dying from Ancient overload). They came out of hyperspace on the event horizon of a black hole, and the ship was eventually torn to pieces. (New Order)

top | Technology

Other alien

Anti-drone weapon

(I'll give this a better name as soon as canon does.)

Developed from the 'Fountain of Youth' -- the Ancient device Telchak had found and modified into the sarcophagus. The Tok'ra and the SGC took the device's stronger properties and created a weapon that would counter Anubis's drones' reanimation technology, making it possible to kill them. (Death Knell)

The original prototype, functional just a month after Daniel and Dr. Lee recovered Telchak's device, was only 70% effective against the drones. Sam refined the power unit, recalibrating it to a more efficent level. (Death Knell)

Ancient long-range communication device

Made up of two parts: a base unit with spaces for many stones, and the stones themselves.

Used alone, the stones, once activated by someone with an Ancient gene, allowed users to see through each other's eyes when they were near the stones. When placed in the base unit, they allowed actual transference of consciousness, even across galaxies. (Citizen Joe, Avalon part 2, Origin)

The stones only needed to be activated by someone with the Ancient gene -- after that, they could be 'reset' to work with anyone. (Origin)

The SGC had possession of one of the stones since sometime in 1997, and gained a second one in late 2004 when Joe Spencer handed his over. (Origin)

The SGC got hold of a base unit in early 2005, as part of a cache of treasure found under Glastonbury Tor, left behind by Myrddin (Merline), an Ancient. (Origin)

The base unit and both stones were destroyed in early 2005 when Teal'c and Mitchell tossed them into a kawoosh, successfully cutting the connection between Daniel and Vala and the two people in another galaxy whose bodies they were inhabiting, and returning Daniel and Vala to the SGC's infirmary where their bodies were. (Origin)

Communicators (Tok'ra)

Designed to penetrate Tok'ra tunnels. The SGC doesn't appear to use them often, relying on regular radios instead, but they have them. (Homecoming)


The hand-held version of the Replicator-killing weapon that disrupts the kiron-pathway connections between the individual blocks. (Gemini)

Jack designed the weapon while his mind contained the Ancient repository of knowledge, and while he was being housed in Thor's onboard computers. After the weapon was used on the surface of Othala to help beat back the Replicators there, SG-1 apparently brought it home with them. (The Asgard already had modified, larger versions of it by that point.) (New Order, Gemini)

It isn't exactly hand-held -- it fits over the hand and forearm, covering them entirely, with the controls on the inside. (Gemini)

It emits a pulse, rather than projectiles or a beam of some sort. (Gemini)

Ion drive

The SGC received a Hebridan (Serrakin) ion drive to study, in exchange for helping to bring a stargate to Hebridan. (Space Race)

Mimic devices

From the Foothold aliens. Twelve were recovered after the explosion, including the devices used to mimic Jack, Daniel, Janet Frasier, and Major Davis. They were kept under very tight security -- even the mention of the incursion had been wiped from all records. Area 51 spent some time working on developing similar items, but without much luck. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Page-turning device (PTD)

Ma'chello's altered PTDs, which contain Goa'uld-killing bioengineered thingies. Ma'chello's inventions are activated ten at a time by the PTD. They infiltrate the host body, killing the symbiote, and die when they recognize the protein marker. In an uninfected human they cause symptoms of schizophrenia, including increased dopamine levels, migraines, paranoid delusions, and auditory and visual hallucinations. (Legacy)


Two of the 'rifles' from Bedrosia (carried back by Sam and Teal'c). (New Ground)

Quantum mirror

Found on P3R-233, and gives access to alternate realities. (There But for the Grace of God, Point of View)

The mirror's controller isn't precise: as long as it's not turned off, the mirror remains connected to the same reality, but otherwise it goes to a random reality (although relatively close to the one it was on the last time it was active), and the correct one has to be found by 'flipping channels', as it were, until finding a match.(Point of View)

Hammond wanted it destroyed after the mission to the alternate reality to help Dr. Carter and Kawalsky contact the Asgard no indication of whether that happened or not. (Point of View)

Sub-space transmitter

Tollan sub-space transmitter left behind by the Tok'ra so that the SGC can contact them. (Show and Tell)

Symbiote poison

Formula for symbiote poison, which the Tok'ra saved on a crystal and which Sam took possession of. The poison kills any symbiote exposed to it. (Summit)

The SGC (or more likely, Area 51) had been working with the Tok'ra on refining the symbiote poison, developing one that was more stable and easier to produce than the original, but just as deadly to Goa'uld symbiotes. The new version of the poison was bright blue. (The original had consisted of two different gases, one red and one yellow, that needed to be combined to become virulently toxic. (Endgame)

Because of its virulence against all Goa'uld symbiotes, including those carried by Jaffa (which in turn would kill the Jaffa), the SGC promised never to use them except as a last-resort defense. (Endgame)


Several TERs left behind by the Tok'ra so the SGC can find/fight Reetou (Show and Tell)


Zero point module.

An Ancient power source that draws its energy from subspace.

Technically, the ZPM that Jack and SG-1 brought back from Praclarush Taonas was kept at the Antarctic site, to power the defensive weapon there. The ZPM was brought to the SGC to power the gate for a trip to the Pegasus Galaxy, though, which drained it completely. (Stargate Atlantis: Rising)

SG-3 brought a second ZPM through the gate to the SGC after Camulus told Jack about a world with an Ancient device -- the ZPM wasn't 'plugged in'. Before they sent it along to Antarctica to be used in the Ancient chair there, the scientists ran some tests on it, then dosed it with gamma radiation when they dosed the entire base. It began to glow oddly, and the scientists discovered it had been laced with a violently explosive element that went off when exposed to electrical current. They didn't send the ZPM to Antarctica -- presumably, it's in storage safely away from any current. (Zero Hour)

In late 2004, the SGC gained a fully charged ZPM, which had been buried in a tomb in Egypt. (Moebius part 2)

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As of mid-2003, the SGC has access to all the output of a naquadah mine being worked by a group of Unas, who have made a deal (brokered by Daniel) to hand over all the naquadah they mine as long as it gets used in the fight against the Goa'uld. (Enemy Mine)

The supply isn't limitless, but it should be big enough to keep the SGC and Area 52 supplied with enough naquadah to build whatever they need. (Enemy Mine)

Naquadah-enhanced bomb

Anna/Sekhmet used it to try to destroy Los Angeles in a bid for freedom. (Resurrection)

(nb: It's possible that Barrett and the NID took this, but it's much more likely that the SGC took it to give to Area 51 for study.)

Naquadah-enhanced nukes

Ability to build a naquadah-enhanced nuke that packs 1,200 megatons -- the most powerful bomb ever built on Earth (equivalent to 1 billion tons of TNT) (Failsafe)

Particular bomb used against the asteroid in Failsafe:

deactivation code: 03310310

faulty design: wires from timer to detonator were all yellow -- there was supposed to be a red one to cut to deactivate the bomb

toolbox on back: S6/94882

Naquadah reactor

Technology for a naquadah reactor (Learning Curve)

Portable naquadah reactor

Can be used as a power source to manually dial the stargate. (New Ground)

If a feedback loop is created within a naquadah reactor, it will build up energy rather than releasing it, and create a powerful bomb. (Scorched Earth)

If it overloads and explodes, it would destroy an area several miles in circumference. (Allegiance)

If its output is modified to generate a high-energy EM field, in the range of 400-700 nanometers, it can be used as a sort of TER, to locate phase-shifted beings previously invisible, by exciting the phased particles enough to bring them into the visible light spectrum. (Allegiance)

top | Technology


(converted from alien tech, or invented as part of SGC research)

Armor plating

Since Kevlar won't stop the force of a staff blast, and regular armor plating in other bulletproof protection gets superheated from the plasma (thus literally cooking whoever's wearing it), the SGC began working on a new type of body armor. It's a ceramic polymer (fairly flexible) that resists the heat, stops the force of the blast (so it doesn't penetrate), and fits into the abdomen/sides of a standard SGC-issue vest. (Heroes, part 1)


The science staff at the SGC took an android body recovered from PX3-989 and began plans to incorporate the experiences of every SG team member since the inception of the program to create a  viable AI. (Avalon part 1)

The scientists who wanted to do this hadn't received any funding yet, and wanted Mitchell to back them on it. They had a 'concise but thorough' 380 page report for him to read. (Avalon part 1)

personal note: They never say exactly what the android is, but P3X-989 is Altair -- Harlan's world, where the robot SG-1 was created. It's possible that what was recovered  was a robot member of SG-1.

Automatic Terrain Radar System

Part of the UAV's monitoring capability, allowing for more a method to allow them to do more long-range reconnaissance. (One False Step)

Hyperspace-window generator

Based on naquadria, and much smaller than Goa'uld versions. Capable of being fitted onto a two-man ship. (Redemption, part 1)


Effective against Goa'uld communications and remote control of things like the transport rings. The existing jammer was too large to be very portable -- the SGC was working on a smaller version. The jammer was small enough to be installed in a stakeout van, though, and successfully kept Osiris from beaming back out of Daniel's home. (Chimera)


(Not even remotely SGC-specific, but I wanted to get this in somewhere, and this was the most logical place)

SGC laptops (as of sixth season) are Dells, probably the Precision M50. (Avenger 2.0)

Mimic devices

Based on those recovered from the Foothold aliens. Area 51 spent some time working in great secrecy on developing Tau'ri versions, but without much luck -- the longest any of them lasted was six-plus minutes, and three or four minutes was more common. (Smoke and Mirrors)


Not specifically SGC-related, but the launch function is. Launched from a device either connected to the gateroom's ceiling and lowered, or brought in as a crane of some sort. The launching system holds two missiles that are launched independently. (The Sentinel)


Not tech itself, but a key part of other technology. At some point during late 2000 or early 2001, the SGC gained an offworld trinium mine. (See nitpicks) (Between Two Fires)


Now have instruction sheets on how to repair Goa'uld systems (hyperdrive, life support, etc.) (Failsafe)


Not specifically SGC-related, but they get used a lot.

They function not only as recon (One False Step, Beast of Burden), but also paint targets for missile attacks. (The Sentinel)

The ones used by the SGC have SGC logos painted on the underside of at least one of their wings. (One False Step)

Virtual-reality training chair

The scientists at the SGC spent two years working on a chair they got from the Residents on P7J-989, turning it into a simulator that could be used by SGC personnel as a training tool. (Avatar)

The program interfaces the user's memories with the chair's matrix, so the simulation learns its realism from whoever's in the chair. (Avatar)

By all appearances, the science team were the subjects for all of the initial testing, so the program learned its parameters from them. (Avatar)

In 2004, it was ready for a real test. Teal'c tried it first, in a simulation of an Anubis drone (kull warrior) making it onto the base. He killed the drone in 49 seconds flat, and told Dr. Lee and his team that the program was too easy -- the drones were far more formidable than the simulation. (Avatar)

Dr. Lee asked Teal'c to help them build a better simulation, by letting them use his memories as he played the game to expand the game's parameters and difficulty level to something more realistic. Teal'c agreed. (Avatar)

Sam's contribution was a new code translation program, hooked up to the simulator, which allowed the science team to visually monitor Teal'c's progress on a computer screen as if watching a video game of Teal'c's point of view. (Avatar)

There was a two-second delay between the processor and Teal'c's perceived experience inside the game. (Avatar)

If I understand Sam's explantion correctly, this is what happens:

The processor sends information about a situation directly into Teal'c's mind, but not as sensory information -- it's pure data working on an subconscious level.

Teal'c's subconscious (stored memories, knowledge, personality traits, etc.) reacts to the data, and that reaction is sent to a data recorder.

The data recorder provides a graphic display for the people watching on the computer screen, and also sends the information to the processor, which incorporates it and:

The processor sends the new, cohesive information to Teal'c as a sensory experience.

The team planned to store every aspect of Teal'c's experience, then pick and choose what would be added to the final simulation program later. (Avatar)

Once Teal'c's mind was interfaced with the chair, the team couldn't remove the connection or cut power to the chair without endangering him. (Avatar)

The only way he could get out of the game was to complete the scenario (in this case, kill the kull warrior[s] invading the base) or head for the failsafe -- take the elevator to the surface. (Avatar)

The chair adapted itself to deliver a strong pain response when Teal'c died in the game, since Teal'c expected being shot to hurt. (Avatar)

The chair was limited to only non-lethal jolts, but the scientists hadn't factored in cumulative damage from multiple non-lethal jolts. (Avatar)

Shortcomings aside, if the scientists could get this into workable shape, it would be a tremendous training tool, letting new recruits get a taste of what they would be up against before they had to face it for real.

Voice disguisers:

Presumably engineered at Area 51, since the SGC didn't get them from any other source that we know of. Makes the user sound Goa'uld or Tok'ra, and can be turned on or off at will. (Proving Ground)

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One half-finished Goa'uld ship (unknown type), built by a bunch of cloned symbiotes as a way to escape Earth. (Nightwalkers)








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