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General info

A purely mechanical race, made of self-replicating material. Generally choose to appear in arachnid or insectoid shapes. (Nemesis, Small Victories, Enemies)

They can spray acid in defense/attack -- powerful enough to kill humans (Small Victories) or break through acid-resistant glass (The Menace)

Originally created as " toys" by a lonely, scared, childlike robot named Reese. (The Menace)

She was made of self-repairing nanobots, and used those to form her " toys" . (The Menace)

Her nanobots deactivated when separated from her body, but she seems to have been able to overcome that in making her toys, which were themselves self-repairing/replicating. (The Menace)

She could take any piece of metal, and, using her nanobots, reshape it into whatever she wanted, including the building blocks of her " toys" . (The Menace)

The people on her planet were scared of her and what she could do, and wanted to destroy her and her toys. She taught them to defend themselves (and her). (The Menace)

Reese's toys escaped her control and defended themselves right into the entire destruction of that planet, leaving her the only survivor. (The Menace)

After everyone was dead, the " toys" left, leaving her alone, so she went to sleep. (The Menace)

SG-1 found her, brought back to the SGC, and woke her up. (The Menace)

She was held on Level 21, between doors M-4 and M-6 (interior numbers on the exterior door, the M-4 door says M-5).

She told them she was was " asleep" to avoid the danger, and was waiting for her " father" to wake her up and tell her everything was okay. (The Menace)

She got bored again and started making " toys" once more, reverting right back to the (rather paranoid) pattern of feeling like she was under attack and using the toys as her defenders. (The Menace)

At least some Replicators managed to escape their original planet and make it to the Asgard galaxy, although it's not clear how. There were no active Replicators left on the planet when SG-1 came across it, just a few of the building-blocks. (The Menace)

Their odds of surviving in a new environment depend on numbers. (Nemesis)

They ingest metal, preferring the highest-tech equipment available. Energy blasts won't stop them, unless it's a blast strong enough to annihilate anything. (Nemesis, Small Victories)

Replicators can function individually, but all have the same goals: to survive and replicate. (Nemesis)

Intelligent, capable of learning and adapting. No apparent interest in communicating with any other races.

If they land on a planet, they'll eat everything in sight.

Projectile weapons can stop them, but not easily, and not completely -- Replicators can reform out of just a few shards. (Small Victories)

Attracted to the high-energy output of the Asgard transport beam, and if on an Asgard ship, are drawn toward the spot where something/someone gets beamed in. (Nemesis)

Neutronium is essential for the creation of human-form Replicators. (New Order)

All Replicators are part of a subspace network of communication going on all the time, keeping them in contact with each other. (New Order, Gemini)

A vast and ever-growing army of Replicators invaded the Milky Way under Replicator-Sam's leadership, focusing on the Goa'uld first. They went after the System Lord Council first, then spread out to attack various fleets throughout the galaxy, sweeping through the System Lords. When they boarded the ship that Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, and Bra'tac were on, one of them focused in on Daniel and apparently sent word back to Replicator-Sam, since Daniel was immediately beamed away. (Reckoning part 1)

Eventually the Replicators turned their attention to at least Earth as well, physically invading it by dialing in and hacking into the computer network to shut down the SGC's defenses (like the iris) -- it's not clear how many other non-Goa'uld worlds they went after, if any. After Replicator-Sam learned from Daniel's mind that there was a weapon on Dakara that could threaten the Replicators, Replicator-controlled ha'taks arrived in Dakara space and engaged both Baal's and the rebel Jaffa fleets. Eventually, with most of the opposing ships being routed, they landed on the planet itself and began moving in on the temple where the weapon was housed. (Reckoning part 2)

Before they could reach the weapon, Daniel took mental control of them, stopping them all in their tracks. By the time Replicator-Sam ran Daniel through and freed them all, it was too late -- Jacob had successfully modified the Ancient weapon to emit an energy wave that destroyed every Replicator it came in contact with, both on Dakara and throughout the stargate network, as (thanks to Baal) Jacob dialed out to every stargate simultaneously to disseminate the wave as widely as possible. (Reckoning part 2)


War with the Asgard

The Asgard found them on an abandoned planet and brought them aboard a ship to study, realizing too late what they had done. The Replicators learned everything they could about the technology on the ship then began conquering the Asgards's galaxy -- not to rule, just to self-replicate. They have no other purpose. (Nemesis)

The first thing the Replicators do on an Asgard ship is disable the sensors capable of detecting them. (Nemesis)

During a battle, they infested the Biliskner and began taking it over, despite Thor's best efforts. When they got into the computer, they found out about Earth, and headed the ship for it. (Nemesis)

On the Biliskner over Earth, the Replicators were going to ingest as much of the ship as possible without risking the hull's integrity, then land and go in search of more resources, according to Thor. (Nemesis)

They were on the verge of winning the war against the Asgard, which would leave them free to finish devouring everything in that galaxy and move on to ours, when the Asgard baited a trap for them, using the android Reese to call them all to the Asgard homeworld, Hala, where the Replicators were supposed to be caught by a time dilation device. (Unnatural Selection)

The Replicators figured out what the device was, and also figured out who and what Reese was. They decided that the next step in their evolution was to become more like their creator -- aspects of her technology were superior to their own -- and developed a cellular creature (rather than one made of relatively large blocks -- basically, they evolved into nanites) that took the form of a human. Presumably, having cell-level control over their forms allows the new Replicators to control such things as their density, allowing them to penetrate practically anything that's permeable in any way. (Unnatural Selection)

The flaw in Reese's emulation program was discovered during First's creation. They attempted to repair the flaw during Fifth's creation, but the Replicators disapproved of the result, considering Fifth to be far too weak. No other humanoid Replicators will be made with that flaw repaired. (Unnatural Selection)

The first of these celled creatures slid through a microscopic crack in the time dilation device's neutronium shell, and stopped it before it could activate. Later, the Replicators turned it on -- in reverse, speeding local time up by a factor of 10 squared (meaning that during one normal hour, four days pass in local time -- during one 24-hour day outside the bubble, 96 days pass in local time inside it). (Unnatural Selection)

Once they'd reversed the machine, the Replicators took full advantage and ate Hala bare, until there was nothing left for most of them to do but line the surface of the planet, covered in drifting dust. Some remained aloft in ships, guarding the planet while more humanoid Replicators were created. (Unnatural Selection)

When SG-1 arrived at the Asgards's behest to try to fix things, the Replicators chose to capture, rather than kill, them. They wanted to poke around inside the team's minds to discover everything they knew, including information about the SGC. (Unnatural Selection)

Leaving SG-1 alive was a mistake. Sam convinced Fifth to help them, and they reset the time dilator to its original function, trapping the Replicators on the planet in an extremely slowed time-bubble, so that a few days to them would be hundreds of years to the rest of the universe. Any Replicators in orbit who escaped before the time dilation field hit them were hunted down by the Asgard, although there's no final tally on whether they were all caught. (Unnatural Selection)

It took less than two years of realtime for the trapped humanoid Replicators to reach and begin modifying the time dilation device. (New Order)

Despite being on a planet that was breaking up as a result of a sudden black hole in the neighborhood (courtesy the Asgard, who had collapsed Hala's sun for that very purpose), enough Replicators managed to get together to form a ship and begin an escape attempt. It worked. (New Order)

They may have been using the time dilation device to somehow counteract the gravitational forces. (New Order)

They attacked the Daniel Jackson with a Replicator-missile of sorts -- it breached the ship's hull and the Replicators scattered around, gaining access to the computer before Teal'c started shooting. They discovered the location of Orilla, the new Asgard homeworld, and passed the information along. The Replicator ship, after kidnapping Sam, took off for Orilla. (New Order)

The ship was destroyed above Orilla by Asgard ships lying in wait, but Fifth managed to escape with Sam, and many Replicator blocks survived entry to rain down on the planet's surface, where they began replicating. They infested many of the systems on the planet, including those that were designed to house Asgard consciousnesses while they awaited new clone bodies. Without those, any Asgard death would be a true death. (New Order)

Before they could destroy the planet, Thor used a new weapon designed to disrupt the communication between replicator cells, rendering each one inert. He modified the hand weapon Jack had designed into a giant ship-based weapon that could send a blastwave across the planet's surface, disintegrating all the Replicators there.(New Order)

A few escaped, in the form of a ship controlled by Fifth. His " brethren" had collected enough neutronium while on the surface to create at least one more humanoid Replicator, which Fifth created in the form of Sam. (New Order)


Humanoid Replicators

Oddly, given that the creator they were basing themselves on was a black female, they were white, and both male and female, and their First was a male (where did they find a male template to use?) (Unnatural Selection)

Made up of millions of microscopic cell units organisms -- nanites. (Unnatural Selection)

At least six exist: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth (they're not much for original names). (Unnatural Selection)

Odd-numbered ones are male in form, even-numbered are female. (Unnatural Selection)

Fifth is the most " human" of the lot -- the others consider him deeply flawed. (Unnatural Selection)

Can communicate via speech. (Unnatural Selection)

They have some connection to insectoid Replicators at all times, but have to " merge" with them (we don't see how this happens) to communicate complex things, apparently. (Unnatural Selection)

Are capable of entering a human subconscious by sticking their hands inside people's heads (which apparently gives the nanites the Replicators are made up of a chance to mesh with human neurons enough to see what's going on in there). (Unnatural Selection)

After seeing inside several human minds, the humanoid Replicators were convinced that their species was far superior -- they likened it to a human seeing inside the mind of an animal used for food. (Unnatural Selection)

Are capable of being amused, of understanding at least the concepts of humor and pain. (Unnatural Selection)

Not restricted to their precise humanoid form -- Fifth had no apparent problem extending his hand out to have much longer fingers to stick them into Sam's head when she was trying to hold his hand away from her, and also seemed to be able to walk though walls (made of Replicator blocks). (New Order)

The Replicators created more than the six that SG-1 originally met, but it's unclear how many more. (At least one, male form, white.) (New Order)



Known Replicators


Male form. (Unnatural Selection)

Has an urbane manner about him -- god only knows where he picked it up from. He has the ability to be amused, and to understand at least the concept of emotional pain -- he uses the memory of Charlie's death, and Jack's guilt about it, to control Jack. (Unnatural Selection)

He thought Fifth was a fool, basically, both for his inherent " flaw" and for letting SG-1 trick him into letting them go and trapping the Replicators on Hala. (Unnatural Selection)

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Female form. (Unnatural Selection)

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Male form. (Unnatural Selection)

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Female form. (Unnatural Selection)

top | known Replicators


Male form. (Unnatural Selection)

Most " human" of the humanoid Replicators -- the others consider him deeply flawed. (Unnatural Selection)

He was the first to greet SG-1, and he was the one to bring them from the structure on Hala back to the X-303 to recover a bit.

He didn't enter any of their minds originally. When First went in after SG-1 recovered and Fifth objected to them being used like that again, First insisted he go in to see " the disorder, the chaos" , to compare himself to humans to see his own superiority. Fifth agreed, and took Sam's cue to go into her mind -- but instead brought her into his subconscious, in a small space where the other Replicators couldn't share his thoughts. (Unnatural Selection)

Sam convinced him that he was more human than Replicator, and that the Asgard device was only meant to give the Asgard and humans a chance to solve the Replicators's programming flaw. She (sincerely) promised to take him with them if he helped SG-1 escape he believed her. (Unnatural Selection)

While Sam and the others were unconscious again from having Replicators in their brains, he reprogrammed the time dilator, back to the Asgards's original plan. He was utterly confused when SG-1 left without him (on Jack's order), leaving him to face First and the others alone. (Unnatural Selection)

Survived the destruction of Hala and escaped with many non-humanoid Replicators, which grouped themselves into a ship. (New Order)

After a projectile made of Replicators breached the Daniel Jackson, with Replicators surviving to gather information about the ship, Fifth beamed Sam off and onto the Replicator ship. (New Order)

He was incredibly angry and hurt at being abandoned on Hala after Sam had promised to help him escape. (New Order, Unnatural Selection)

He stuck his hand in her head and started pulling out bad memories -- a snarling Unas, Jack in pain (possibly from Lost City, going into stasis), Daniel burning up (from Fire and Water), and piles of skulls in the first round, followed by more burning/flames, more skulls, Apophis forcing her to drink the Blood of Sokar, repeated spider imagery, Teal'c being hit with a torture stick, and a window [no clue what the window means] -- specifically to torment her, so that she would suffer like he had. (New Order)

He told her that thanks to her (and SG-1's) actions on Hala in trapping him, he learned cruelty, betrayal, and revenge -- like a real human (and unlike all the other Replicators). (New Order)

After Sam tried very hard to appeal to his better side, he changed tack -- he imprisoned her body and put her mind into a mental utopia of sorts, living on a farm in Montana with Pete Shanahan. (New Order)

" Pete" told her they'd been there for a year, since she left the stargate program because of mental stress. He said she was having trouble shaking the memories from the program, enough that she was seeing a shrink for it regularly, and that her lack of belief in the reality of the farm when she woke up was just a sign that she was having another episode. (New Order)

When she steadfastly refused to believe in the " reality" , Fifth relented and appeared in Pete's place, saying he'd done all this because he loved her. (New Order)

Sam was impressed that he had feelings, but shot him down, telling him she'd never be happy in his fake " reality" . He turned very cold, promising that she'd be unhappy for a very long time, instead. (New Order)

Can move through solid walls made of Replicators (because of his cellular-level control of his form). (New Order)

He was wearing a leather-looking strap as a bracelet, for some reason. (New Order)

All the while he was alternately torturing and trying to seduce Sam, he was directing the Replicators' infestation of Orilla, making them far more organized than the Asgard had ever seen before. (New Order)

When Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c beamed down to the planet to rescue Sam, and took on a whole lot of Replicators (Daniel and Teal'c using P-90s, Jack using the weapon he'd created with Ancient knowledge to turn the Replicators into little inert piles of metal scraps), Fifth went out to demand they stop, promising to kill Sam if they attacked him or his brethren any more. (New Order)

He went back into Sam's mental world to tell her they would have to leave, because thanks to Jack the Asgard had a means of fighting the Replicators. He was going to have to leave many Replicators behind in the city to be killed, because there was no time to wait for them. He told her her friends didn't care about her, because they were still killing Replicators after his ultimatum, and was not happy to find out that she believed that SG-1 knew she'd rather be dead than spend eternity with Fifth. He was in tears when she asked him to either kill her or let her go. (New Order)

Fifth left in his ship -- a giant spider-Replicator form, made out of " living" Replicators -- but did leave Sam behind to be found by SG-1. (New Order)

Having collected enough neutronium on Orilla, he created a new humanoid Replicator, identical to Sam. He told her that he would teach her everything he knew, and that while they would have to search for a planet for their brethren to propagate, everyone would soon know that together, the two of them could not be stopped. (New Order)

According to Replicator-Sam, he had amassed a good bit of knowledge about Ancient technology from databanks assimilated from captured Asgard ships. (Gemini)

nb: R-Sam is an extremely unreliable narrator, so there's no way to know if this is true or not. (Gemini)

He hated Jack a whole lot, knowing that it was Jack who originally ordered Sam to betray him back on Hala. (Gemini)

He believed Replicator-Sam was completely loyal to him, and trusted her implicitly when she went to play the humans for fools, assuming that he'd come out of the situation with enough information about the disruptor technology that he could protect himself and the other Replicators. Instead, R-Sam played him for a fool, manipulating the situation solely to her own advantage. He died when she fired the satellite disruptor weapon over the alpha site directly at the Replicator ship he was on. (Gemini)

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Female form. (Unnatural Selection)

Created shortly before SG-1 reversed the time-dilation device back to its original function. (Unnatural Selection)

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" Samantha Carter" , aka Replicator-Sam

Created after Fifth first captured, then released, human Sam -- he captured her both to have her with him forever because he loved her, and to torment her because she had betrayed him. (New Order)

He gave her all of the memories and knowledge he'd found in Sam's mind, along with her thought patterns, turning her into a true copy. (Gemini)

According to her, he gave her the information slowly, over time, trying to isolate aspects of Sam's personality to shape Replicator-Sam into a version more to his liking. But the aspects of Sam's personality that he was most drawn to were the aspects that had rejected him, so Replicator-Sam wound up rejecting him, too. (Gemini)

She's a completely unreliable narrator, so there's no way of knowing how much of this is true. (Gemini)

Her first memory was waking up in " that room" , but almost immediately other memories, of " her" childhood, started appearing. (Gemini)

This is likely entirely true -- she definitely had memories that human-Sam recognized immediately.. (Gemini)

Four months later, Replicator-Sam contacted the SGC from a planet on the outer edge of the Milky Way, using the IDC code she had from Sam's memories. She first sent a text message asking them to send a MALP, then, through that connection, told them that she needed their help: she wanted to be destroyed, and she wanted them to use the Ancient weapon Jack had designed to kill Replicators (the disruptor). (Gemini)

She was (apparently) given the location for the alpha site and gated in alone, then brought to what looked like an interrogation room (probably actually just a briefing room of some kind), where Teal'c guarded her with the disruptor  while human-Sam dealt with her via remote camera feed. (Gemini)

She was playing a dangerous game, manipulating both Sam and Fifth to put herself in a position of power, pretending to be helping each of them get the information they wanted. (Gemini)

Dealing with the humans, she trusted  her memories of Sam's life to let her manipulate the situation. She convinced Sam that she hated Fifth and everything he was doing, although she couldn't bring herself to act directly against him or her Replicator brethren. She played on Sam's sympathies, especially regarding suffering at Fifth's hands, and played on Teal'c's respect for people willing to die to do the right thing -- every time she told Teal'c to kill her, he believed her a little bit more (although he never truly trusted her), and Sam, especially, bought into it. (Gemini)

She claimed that Fifth had figured out how to overcome the disruptor's effects, and had changed all the Replicators except her -- he was coming, and there would be nothing the humans could do to stop it. (Gemini)

She gained Sam's trust enough that Sam actually alllowed Replicator-Sam to stick a hand in her head in order to share memories of what Fifth had done to R-Sam. (Gemini)

According to what human-Sam saw, R-Sam was made to shoot and kill everyone she saw after coming through the stargate back on Earth, including Jack (during an illusion/simulation in which she " was" human-Sam -- it was meant to force her to break the ties with her  old,  remembered  life,  so  she  could  be  with  Fifth). (Gemini)

She " let" human-Sam talk her into helping them defeat the other Replicators by re-modifying the disruptor

Once she had their trust enough that they were allowing her to examine the schematics for the disruptor, she told them that Fifth had been able to introduce a cipher into the kiron pathways that control the molecular cohesion of all Replicators, making them immune to the disruptor's effects. She claimed that he didn't change her molecular structure or let her know the cipher, because he was beginning to sense her withdrawal and didn't trust her -- she was " too much like [Sam]" . (Gemini)

She was lying -- she was trying to get enough information about the disruptor that she could actually create such a cipher to protect the Replicators. (Gemini)

She was careful to always let human-Sam talk her into the next step of whatever needed to be done, making sure she looked reluctant and even fearful, to let human-Sam think she was in control of the situation. (Gemini)

At the same time, she allowed Fifth to believe she was helping him out of loyalty and some sort of affection, keeping him updated on her progress in deluding the humans without ever giving away her actual purpose. (Gemini)

She was contemptous of Fifth, considering him weak and unworthy/unable to lead the Replicators. She kept that hidden from him, though. (Gemini)

After enough time studying the disruptor, she figured out how to create a real cipher, and implemented it in her own internal programming, becoming immune to the disruptor's effects. (Gemini)

When she judged the time was right -- basically, when Fifth and his ship was only 15 minutes or so away -- she told Sam she'd found the cipher and pretended to be modifying the satellite, not wanting to tip her hand yet. Shortly thereafter, she went into mental communication with Fifth even as she fired the (unmodified) satellite disruptor, destroying him and his ship while they were talking. (Gemini)

She took a few nanoseconds to gloat at Sam in the privacy of their minds, then, realizing that Sam would have set the naquadah generators to overload to blow the base, she melded with the base computer system and took everything offline, cutting off all power to stop the explosion and give herself time to make it to the gateroom. (Gemini)

Along the way, she took out pretty much everyone she saw. (Gemini)

In the gateroom, she merged with the computer again to bring the power up so she could escape, then used the computer to dial the gate (rather than the DHD sitting right there). Human-Sam and Teal'c tried to stop her, with Teal'c holding her by one arm so she couldn't complete her journey through the outgoing wormhole. Finally, she simply " disconnected" that arm, leaving it behind in Teal'c's hands to disintegrate. (Gemini)

She shut down the cohesive energy between the Replicator blocks/cells that made up the arm when she left it behind, to make it harder to figure out what she'd done to make herself immune to the disruptor. (Gemini)

With Fifth dead, she took over as leader of the Replicators. (Gemini)

Leader of Replicators

She deliberately approached a space station where the Goa'uld System Lord Council was meeting, letting herself be captured and briefly allowing the System Lords to think she was the real Samantha Carter. When Yu approached and demanded to know what she was doing there, she formed one of her hands into a long blade and ran him through. She turned to deal with the others, but it's not clear exactly what she did -- killed them outright, interrogated them, something else. At the same time, a Replicator ship approached the station. (Reckoning part 1)

My guess is that everyone aboard the station, including Yu and Oshu, is dead, but I have no concrete proof of that. (Reckoning part 1)

When her Replicators took the ship that Teal'c, Bra'tac, Sam, and Daniel were on, she spotted Daniel through their eyes and had him beamed out to her ship (either directly or relayed there, it's not clear). She wanted the knowledge of the Ancients from his brain, in hopes of gaining access to technology like the disruptor Jack had built. (Reckoning part 1)

She set up a fake reality inside his mind, pretending to be Oma Desala visiting him in a representation of the tent he'd lived in as Arrom, among the nomads. She couldn't maintain the illusion, though, because she didn't understand the zen koans Oma spoke in -- when Daniel quoted one to her, she was confused. (Reckoning part 1)

Having Daniel figure out who she really was didn't matter -- she'd already gotten the information she wanted, that there was a weapon on the planet Dakara that was capable of destroying the Replicators. (Reckoning part 1)

After discovering the information she needed, she realized that Daniel's subconscious was a veritable goldmine of information, and offered to join forces with him to unlock it. Daniel declined the offer. She drew information from his brain in a stream (which seemed to be merging with Replicator info in some fashion, presumably as she spread it out among all the Replicators to have enough storage space). She seemed genuinely surprised that he didn't want to join with her in learning everything there was to know in his subconscious. (Reckoning part 2)

She was really pissed off when Daniel called her on lying about the Replicators leaving Earth alone -- when he said " they're invading Earth right now" she realized that while she was rooting around in his mind, he was in her mind at the same time. She went so far as to accuse him of tricking her (his response: " You tricked me first." ). She tried to leave his mind and was very surprised when he caught and held her, refusing to let her go. She told him he couldn't stop or control her brethren -- he replied, " Not yet -- but I'm learning." (Reckoning part 2)

Eventually he learned enough to control the Replicators, but that released Replicator-Sam, who escaped his mind and returned them both to consciousness aboard her ship. She formed one of her arms into a sword and ran him through the chest, fatally. As he died (and began his ascension), though, the energy beam from the modified Ancient weapon swept through space where her ship was, disintegrating it. (Reckoning part 2)

She may or may not have survived the destruction of her ship -- she was engulfed in a white light that was probably just Daniel ascending and leaving his body behind, but could also have been a transporter beam. (Reckoning part 2)

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