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Daniel Jackson


General background info

A linguistic archaeologist who got laughed out of his field for suggesting that the pyramids were landing platforms for UFOs, and who promptly got snapped up by the Stargate program (in the person of Catherine Langford) where he found out his theories were right.

Joined Jack, Kawalsky, and Ferretti (among others) on an exploratory mission to Abydos. During their visit, Abydos was visited by Ra, and in the ensuing fights Daniel died saving Jack's life, was revived, talked Jack out of blowing up the locals, and helped Jack to blow up Ra and Ra's ship instead. And he fell in love.

After the first mission to Abydos, he remained behind and married Sha're, and stayed there for more than a year before Jack came back for him.

Teal'c snatched Sha're (along with Skaara) while Daniel was off talking to Jack and Sam, and Daniel returned to Earth demanding to be part of the team that went to rescue her. Hammond eventually agreed, and Daniel joined SG-1, as a permanent member, as it turned out.

Over the years he's lost a lot of his naivete (like wondering if the thumps against the iris could possibly be people), and learned a lot about weapons, strategy, and tactics. But while he understands military thinking better, he still doesn't think that way himself.

Ascended to a higher plane of existence after being exposed to lethal levels of radiation. See detailed explanation. (Meridian)

Returned (in ascended form) to make sure Jack wasn't alone while he was being repeatedly tortured to death by Baal. (Abyss)

He was technically not allowed to interfere, but wiggled around the rules a bit both to see Jack (claiming that he wasn't interfering, he was consoling a friend) and to give Teal'c an unobtrusive nudge in the right direction to rescue Jack (not explicit in canon, but very strongly implied by the timing of events). (Abyss)

He offered to help Jack ascend, as the only way he could keep Baal from destroying him (through repeated torture and trips to the sarcophagus). (Abyss)

Returned in ascended form a second time to help Teal'c survive a horrible situation: deliberately sharing Junior with Bra'tac to keep them both alive, for days (The Changeling)

He worked his way into Teal'c's hallucinations, helping Teal'c stay focused on holding on until things got better, then easing him out of the hallucinations by pointing out that just maybe, they weren't the reality. (The Changeling)

Returned in ascended form a third time to encourage the Abydonians to fight Anubis, and to recruit Jack (and the rest of SG-1) to the cause. (Full Circle)

This time around he couldn't just wiggle around the rules -- he wound up actively, then enthusiastically, interfering:

He helped SG-1 find the hidden chamber that led to the Eye of Ra, and served as a sort of liaison between Jack and Anubis when they were making deals over the Eye. (Full Circle)

He contacted the System Lords and told them of Anubis's plan, which resulted in them rallying behind Yu to confront Anubis with a fleet of motherships. (Full Circle)

He confronted Anubis directly, prepared to do battle with him to drive him off. (Full Circle)

Oma took exception to his interference, and drove him off before he could destroy Anubis. (Full Circle)

' Descended' -- returned to human form, very probably against his will -- after attempting to face Anubis down himself (it's not clear how long afterward he was returned to human). (Fallen)

He was returned with no active memory of who he was or what had happened to him, and was found by nomads on a planet once belonging to the Ancients. (Fallen)

A couple of months later (he had been found ' two moons ago' ), he was found by SG-3, led by Colonel Reynolds, and brought to SG-1. (Fallen)

He still didn't remember any of them, or his former life, at all. He chose to go with them all anyway, and was brought back to the SGC to regain his memory and take his place on SG-1 again. (Fallen)


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July 8, 1964 or 1965

([August] 1969 ' I was four and a half in 1969'

Forever in a Day: Birthday is ' July 8'

1965 is the more likely/accepted year.

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Orphaned at 8, put into foster care when his grandfather chose not to adopt him or be his guardian. (Crystal Skull)

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Marital status

Widowed -- Sha're

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None known

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Other family

Claire and Melburn Jackson

Daniel's mother and father.   (Gamekeeper)

Both were killed in 1972-73 when slab of rock fell on them in the NY Museum of Art as they set up an exhibit. (Gamekeeper)

Nick Ballard

Daniel's grandfather. (Crystal Skull)

Nick had decided not to adopt Daniel after the death of Daniel's parents. (Crystal Skull)

He was there at the funeral, though, and afterward, took Daniel to a restaurant where Daniel ordered waffles. (Threads)

Dutch (The Other Side)

He was an archaeologist with radical ideas, last seen willingly hanging out with giant aliens. (Crystal Skull)

Nick and Daniel had been estranged for several years, ever since right before Daniel joined the stargate program. They'd had a huge fight over Daniel's theories about aliens, and Nick had kicked him out -- Daniel had assumed that meant Nick never wanted to see him again. (Crystal Skull)

When SG-1 went to get Nick to see if he had any information that could help them retrieve Daniel after he vanished from looking into a crystal skull, Daniel and Nick patched up their differences (which turned out to be pretty minor). (Crystal Skull)

Nick went with them back to the planet of the giant ghostly aliens, and wound up staying behind to study them, at Quetzlcoatl's invitation. (Crystal Skull)


Probably no siblings -- there's never been any mention of any. 

Definitely no sister. (Holiday)


Father-in-law. (Stargate the movie, multiple eps)

Daniel began his relationship with Kasuf by giving him a 5th Avenue bar. (Stargate the movie)


Brother-in-law. (Stargate the movie, multiple eps)

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Catherine Langford

They met when she recruited him into the Stargate program, and after Daniel got back in touch to tell her about finding out about Ernest, they appear to have stayed in fairly regular contact. (Stargate the movie, Torment of Tantalus, Heroes part 1, Moebius part 1)

She died in late 2004 (apparently of natural causes) (see note). (Moebius part 1)

Daniel had spoken with her just a week before her death. (Moebius part 1)

He spoke at her funeral, about her sense of wonder and how important she had been to his life. (Moebius part 1)

" Catherine Langford was more than just kind and generous. She had a gift of an endless, open-minded, child-like curiousity. She saw the world not for what it was, but for what it could be. And she saw potential in people that others failed to recognize. Like her father before her, her contributions to science have changed the world more than most people know. I, for one, have no idea where I'd be today if I'd never met her. She changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined.' (Moebius part 1)

She left him her Eye of Ra pendant specifically (her niece Sabrina brought it to the funeral to hand to him), along with 'a few odds and ends' -- basically her entire collection. According to Sabrina, she thought of Daniel as a son. (Moebius part 1)

Among the collection was an original 1889 edition of The Eye of the Sun -- the only one in known existence -- detailing the symbols and rituals of the worshipers of the sun-god Ra. It included a drawing of what could only be a ZPM. The worshipers referred to it as the Heart of Light. (Moebius part 1)

nb: Technically, as of the end of Moebius part 2, none of this had happened, including her death -- the episode ended two weeks before Moebius part 1 began. But since the timeline was smoothed out, I see no reason to think that Catherine didn't die at some point after the team came back from their fishing trip to Jack's cabin.

Dr. Robert Rothman

Archaeologist (deceased as of 2000).

Daniel's research assistant while he was working on his dissertation. (Forever in a Day

Presumably, Daniel later brought him into the SGC (no canon on that, but it seems pretty likely).

Was a little too skeptical to be any help rescuing Daniel in Crystal Skull.

Jack had to shoot him after he was infested by a primitive Goa'uld on the original Goa'uld homeworld. (The First Ones)

Sarah Gardner.

Old colleague/girlfriend, whom Daniel hadn't seen since before the first mission to Abydos. She was taken over by Osiris in 2000 and left Earth. (The Curse)

She returned to Earth, as Osiris, in seventh season, and was captured by SG-1. Osiris was successfully removed from Sarah, who is presumably once again living on Earth, and possibly continuing her career. No canon at all on what she did with her life after being de-goaulded, though. (Chimera)

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Romantic interests

[drug- or otherwise affected]

Sarah (The Curse)

Sha're (Stargate the movie, multiple eps)

[Shyla] (Need)

Ke'ra (Past and Present)

Anise (Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer)

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PhD archaeology.

Presumed Master's, maybe PhD linguistics (MGM press kit info says PhDs in anthropology and linguistics)

Studied archaeology under Dr. David Jordan, possibly in Chicago. (The Curse)

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Home / surroundings

Moved several times during the series.

First-season apartment was in a three-story building, possibly 1152 Mainland Street (address from Holiday, second season) and was a bit smaller and darker (dark wood walls, dark furniture, brick fireplace). Purple-ish Oriental-type rug in the living room. Had a fishtank. No balcony. Many, many artifacts, but far fewer weapons on the walls. (Fire and Water) He still seemed to be living in this building during Forever in a Day.

Next known apartment was in a different building, Apt. 8-3. (The Light). Doorman for the building. Well-appointed kitchen. Large living room, walls covered in artifacts and weapons (nice sword collection). Piano near the far wall, by the balcony. Small balcony, but big enough to jump off. There's a study off the living room, with a computer. The bedroom seems to be next to the kitchen, with a door leading into the living room. Big bed. (Forever in a Day, The Light)

Housed at least temporarily on the base in one of the VIP quarters on Level 25 (possibly in 2513-18 -- the numbers weren't completely clear, I could be off on this), which had been set up with various of his old belongings (books, artifacts, etc.) to make him feel more at home and spark more memories. Jack had also hung on to some of his more personal items (e.g., a framed photo of Sha're), and added them (or had them added) to the room. (Fallen)

At some point after his return to the SGC, he moved to a single-story house on a relatively suburban-looking street (# 4075). His bedroom was full of artifacts on the walls and every visible flat surface. (Chimera)

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As of early 2004, most likely a red Jeep Wrangler with removable soft top (year and exact model unknown, but relatively recent). (Lost City, part 1)

nb: This is a guess, based on the fact that the car was not in the driveway when Sam was at the door, but was in the driveway when Daniel and Teal'c were at the door. It's possible that it's Teal'c's, even, but he's not driving it several episodes later, in Affinity, so it seems unlikely.

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(see Weapons for Daniel's SGC history with weapons)


Worked in the Yucatan. (Brief Candle)

Apparently did some work in Wales. (2001)

He'd published at least one paper theorizing about the Hyksos ruling dynasty that was apparently not entirely in step with current thinking (the dream-Sarah called them ' truly ground-breaking, if a little audacious' when Osiris was recreating Sarah's and Daniel's history in dreams to get him to help her.) (Chimera)

Golden boy of archaeology until he started spouting theories of cross-pollination of ancient cultures, and claiming that the pyramids were actually landing pads for alien spaceships.

Still had enough respect to fill a hall (in the Park Plaza Hotel -- city unknown) to give a talk on his theories, but by the end of the talk had been laughed out of academia. He had also been evicted from his apartment, and his grants had run out. Catherine Langford gave him a shot at the SGC, and with nothing better to do he took it. (Stargate the movie)

SGC years:

He translated the capstone that had been laid over the stargate in Giza in just two weeks -- the team working on it had spent two years at it without figuring it out. (Stargate the movie)

He was completely involved (barring a year of living on Abydos, but even then he was continuing his research on the Abydos cartouche, and a year of being ascended) in the project since the first mission to Abydos.

After the second mission to Abydos (to retrieve him) he joined the SGC, and SG-1 in particular, as his only way of finding Sha're. ' Rank' is Civilian Advisor Joint Forces.

Spent many years working as a civilian member of SG-1, the SGC's flagship team. Also helped with research, and was occasionally loaned out to other teams who needed his help with archaeological matters (A Matter of Time, The First Ones)

Offered his resignation to Hammond when he was suffering the beginnings of massive withdrawal from the sarcophagus, because he wanted to go back to Shyla's planet (and the sarcophagus). (He passed out before Hammond could refuse it.) (Need)

The final loss of Sha're and the Harsesis child's being sent to a safe place outside of Goa'uld reach didn't seem to have affected his underlying commitment to the SGC. (Forever in a Day, Maternal Instinct)

His name is still remembered by people in the field (Hathor), although he's dropped completely out of sight since 1995. (The Curse)

He hasn't published a paper since late 1997 at best (Crystal Skull -- Nick says he hasn't published in two years).

Finally ' left' the SGC to continue a more metaphysical journey when he was fatally irradiated and chose to ascend to another plane of existence. (Meridian)

Returned to the SGC after descending from the higher plane and re-integrating with SG-1. (Fallen)

Stayed focused on finding the Lost City of the Ancients, sure it would hold the weapons and technology Earth needed to defend itself from Anubis. (seventh season overall)

When Dr. Weir took over the SGC after Hammond's transfer out, Daniel was the first member of SG-1 to talk to her, trying to impress upon her the importance of the SGC's current missions, particularly regarding the Lost City and Jack, who had an Ancient database in his mind right then. (Lost City, part 1)

Thanks to Jack, Daniel figured out that gate addresses could be pronounced as words -- each symbol is a syllable. (Lost City, part 2)

He translated a bit of Ancient text for Trust operatives when Teal'c's friend Krista was being held hostage. (Affinity)

Although he didn't know it at the time, he gave them the command codes for Osiris's al kesh, abandoned in orbit when Osiris was captured on Earth (Chimera). (Endgame)

He conducted the (joint) interview with Sgt. Davis and the other sergeant on duty the night the stargate was stolen from the SGC. (Endgame)

He questioned Dr. Bricksdale after he was captured helping the Trust. He even shooed the SFs out of the room at one point, to be a little blunter with Bricksdale about just how much info the SGC had about him (namely, his $2 million Cayman Islands bank account), and to suggest that the SGC would be willing to work something out in terms of letting Bricksdale keep the money. (Endgame)

Got assigned for an indeterminate time to the Ancient outpost to continue the search for the Lost City. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Eventually he figured out that they'd all missed something: the Ancients had moved on to another galaxy. Once he realized that the ' seventh' gate symbol they'd found (the symbol for Earth, the point of origin) was really the eighth, he also found the actual seventh symbol, completing the address. With that, it became possible to travel to what they hoped would be Atlantis, if they could find enough power for the wormhole. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

He helped talk Jack into allowing the mission to Atlantis to go forward, but couldn't get permission for himself. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Over Jack's objections, he was hand-picked by Hammond to join the Prometheus crew (led by Hammond himself) to travel to the Pegasus galaxy and check up on the Atlantis expedition. The mission was scrubbed when it was interrupted by Vala. (Prometheus Unbound)

In early 2005, Daniel requested and received reassignment to Atlantis, and began packing up his things. Vala's arrival put a crimp in his plans -- she locked them into a pair of bracelets (kor mak) that caused collapse when their wearers were too far apart for too long, and he missed his shot at the Daedalus. (Avalon part 1)

When they found the treasure Vala had been looking for, Daniel also found a book that explained the origins of the Ancients -- they were the Altera, who had come to Earth (Avalon) after a journey of possibly thousands of years. (Avalon part 2)

See the SG-1 entry for more info.

Diplomatic/negotiation highlights:

Drafted the first treaty with the Tok'ra, referencing Dr. Elizabeth Weir's work. (Lost City, part 1)

When Jack inadvertantly offended the Goa'uld at the negotiating table with the Asgard and the Tau'ri, Daniel wrote up a formal letter of apology that got them all back to the table. (Fair Game)

Was being used for his diplomatic/negotiating skills got sent to Russia (language skills can't have hurt there) along with Major Davis to negotiate for the loan of the Russian DHD, needed to rescue Teal'c from inside the stargate. He's the one who made the deal happen. (48 Hours)

Negotiated a very lucrative peace agreement with the Unas on P3X-403 -- the Unas will mine the naquadah on the planet and give all of it to the SGC, for use in the fight against the Goa'uld. In return, the humans won't go into the mine and desecrate it (since it's a sacred burial ground to the Unas). (Enemy Mine)

Continuing his diplomatic track, Daniel was largely in charge of negotiating with/mediating for the Langarans during talks about evacuating their world ahead of an imminent, deadly naquadria explosion. They weren't particularly cooperative with his efforts to save them and their people, being more interested in internal bickering and finger-pointing. (Fallout)

He appeared to be Weir's primary advisor on how to handle the System Lords who came to Earth to discuss a treaty: he warned her not to trust them under any circumstances, told her how to get them safely to Earth by routing them via a neutral planet where they could be searched and cleared before being allowed through Earth's stargate, and was part of the negotiations themselves, although Weir was definitely the primary negotiator. Later, he translated the message from the High Council of the System Lords recalling the delgation, and stopped them from leaving, telling Weir that the System Lords were sending a ship to attack Earth to call their bluff. (New Order)

Was sent to Moscow to try to find out what was going on after Kinsey was snatched by Trust agents who wanted him to set up a meeting between them and General Kiselev. (Full Alert)

He was surprised to find out that Colonel Chekhov's right-hand man was a woman, Captain Daria Voronkova. (Full Alert)

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I don't go through and figure out his (or anyone's) pay every year, but the rates I list here should give you an idea of what the interim pay would have been.

Note: There are a variety of ways to look at Daniel's pay -- my best guess is that he's paid as a civilian in a senior-level and scientific or professional position, and I go with the pay granted for someone in the Denver-Greeley area (I can't find one for Colorado Springs). The root source I use is http://www.opm.gov/oca/04tables/index.asp (this is the 2004 set of tables, but they have several years' worth available. I used the appropriate year each time to come up with the numbers here).

As of 1999:

$110,956 to $133,700 (the pay range for civilians in senior-level and scientific or professional positions). Could be getting hazard pay on top of this.

As of 2002

(based on the 2002 salary table for senior scientific or professional positions):

$112,315 to $138,200. I'd guess, given his importance to the project, that he's at the high end of this (although given his shaky status in his field, maybe not). He could also be getting hazard pay on top of this.

As of 2004

(based on the 2004 salary table for senior scientific or professional positions):

$122,408 to $145,600. Again, my assumption is that he's earning the high end of this, given his importance to the project, and the fact that he's both a linguist and an archaeologist. He could also be getting hazard pay on top of this.

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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23 as of 1998 (1969)

Presumably more now

He learned to read Atanik in about 30 seconds in Upgrades -- and possibly learned many more languages during that ep.

Has definitely added the Ancients's dialect [Window of Opportunity], although he can't be considered fluent in it.

Has picked up the bare beginnings of the Unas language (or a dialect of it), about 70 words. (Beast of Burden)


Abydonian/ancient Egyptian/Goa'uld (multiple eps)

Ancients's dialect (not fluent -- Fifth Race, Window of Opportunity)

possibly still not fluent, but getting steadily better -- Lost City parts 1 and 2

German (1969)

Middle English (Demons)

Russian (1969, 48 Hours)

Spanish (confirmed in Evolution, part 1 -- presumed prior to that, from his mention of being on a dig in the Yucatan in Brief Candle)

Unas (not fluent, but getting steadily more passable -- Beast of Burden, Enemy Mine)

Presumed to know

Dutch (because of Nick)



Can read

Ancients's dialects (Window of Opportunity, Chimera, Lost City parts 1& 2)

Atanik (Upgrades)

Ancient Celtic (a Welsh branch) (2001)

Cuneiform (Babylonian/Sumerian?) (Fire and Water),

Phoenician (probably not fluent, but still good at it) (Serpent's Venom)

Russian (The Tomb)

Definitely can't speak

Chinese (at least one dialect/version) (Fragile Balance)

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Pain & Death


Severe injuries

Reverted to pre-human in The Broca Divide.

Addicted to sarcophagus. (Need)

Tortured in The Devil You Know.

Appendicitis. (Nemesis)

Attacked with ribbon device:

Ra ( Stargate the movie) (nearly killed him)

Klorel (Within the Serpent's Grasp) (incapacitated)

Amaunet (Forever in a Day) (incapacitated)

Osiris (The Curse) (attacked his attacker while she was ribboning him)

Osiris -- multiple times, over several nights (at least six), while he was asleep. On the final night, he was ribboned a second time, more severely, for a total of at least seven ribbonings. (Chimera)

Kidnapped along with Dr. Lee by what is presumed to be Honduran anti-government revolutionaries. (Evolution, parts 1 and 2)

They were held without water or food for two days in an attempt to break them. (Evolution, part 2)

Tortured with electroshock after days with no food or water, while Rafael questioned him as to the nature of the ' Fountain of Youth' box. He didn't tell them anything. (Evolution, part 2)

After Dr. Lee (tortured like Daniel) broke and told Rafael what the device was, Daniel was taken for more interrogation, where he discovered Rafael had turned the box on, and was already starting to go a little nuts even from that brief exposure. (Evolution, part 2)

Daniel started breaking himself and Dr. Lee out as soon as he got back to the shack where they were being held, using a shoe and a piece of cloth to force a board out of the wall. (Evolution, part 2)

He got them out and running into the jungle. When Lee collapsed, Daniel sent him off the ' path' and told him to hide, in hopes that Rafael and the others would bypass him while chasing Daniel. It worked. (Evolution, part 2)

Daniel got shot in the thigh and slammed into a tree, with Rafael and two others right on his heels. Rafael was about to go at him with a machete when Jack arrived and killed all three of them. (Evolution, part 2)

Zatted then shot in the shoulder in Lockdown, while suffering a physical reaction to the ' infection' of Anubis. The combination was severe enough that Dr. Brightman implied his life had been in danger at least briefly before she got him stabilized, and he was confined to the infirmary for a while. (Lockdown)

Various injuries during an attack on the Rand Protectorate's capital city, including facial lacerations, a possible head wound (he was unconscious for an undisclosed period, and his memory of the attack was sketchy), and an injured arm that required a sling. (Icon)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Severe emotional trauma

Watching parents die as a child. (Gamekeeper)

Kidnapping of Sha're. (Children of the Gods)

Being used/raped by Hathor to create more infant Goa'uld. (Hathor)

Watched whole world be destroyed. (There But for the Grace of God)

Death of Sha're. (Forever in a Day)

Driven apparently insane by Ma'chello's little bug, which created an entirely different reality for Daniel. (Legacy)

(nb: this is also listed under Possessions/controlled, because it fits in both places)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Under Hathor's 'spell' in Hathor.

Under Seth's 'spell' in Seth.

Driven apparently insane by Ma'chello's little bug, which created an entirely different reality for Daniel. (Legacy)

(nb: this is also listed under Severe emotional trauma, because it fits in both places)

Consciousness switched into Ma'chello's body, then Jack's, and finally back into his own, while his body was occupied by Ma'chello, then Jack. (Holiday)

Implanted with alien device that strongly influenced sensation and decisions in Urgo.

Taken over by aliens in Foothold.

Had the minds of 12 people (including at least one woman) dumped into his brain, in a bizarre attempt to save their lives after their bodies died. (Lifeboat)

Osiris spent several nights ribboning him to make him controllable then entering his dreams via modified Tok'ra memory devices, in order to get him to give her the location of the Lost City of the Ancients by translating an Ancient tablet. (Chimera)

First dream: ' Sarah' introduced herself. (Chimera)

Second dream: ' Sarah' flattered him with everything she had (sticking to academic flattery), and he asked her out. (Chimera)

Third dream: They were clearly dating by this point. She showed him a tablet with Ancient writings on it, claiming it had been found at an excavation in Morocco the month before. She said it had been carbon-dated at more than 10,000 years old. Daniel could read at least some of the text in his dream, even though there would be no way for the Daniel of the time to have done so. (Chimera)

Fourth dream: ' Sarah' set up an intimate dinner for two in his office, suggesting that he needed a break. He told her he'd translated a fair amount of the tablet, enough to know that it was a sort of map to a city where an ancient race of humans once lived -- a place of great power. The translation included the phrase ' point of origin.' (Chimera)

Fifth dream: Daniel was frustrated by his inability to complete the translation. ' Sarah' gave him a key word that he needed, which confused him -- he didn't understand how she could have known that. She kissed him, and he remembered that it was their two-month anniversary and they were supposed to have gone out for dinner. ' Sarah' laughed it off, which threw Daniel even more -- in the original scenario, she'd walked out. ' Sarah' said his research was going to change the world, and she wouldn't stand in its way. (Chimera)

This was different enough that he told the specifics to Teal'c and Sam (he'd been telling them the generalities to this point), along with his feeling that he wasn't in control of the dreams -- he was just along for the ride. Teal'c began to get suspicious that Osiris was controlling him in his sleep, and Sam and Daniel agreed, and brought the matter to Jack and Hammond's attention, with a plan to use the knowledge against Osiris by trapping her after Daniel finished the translation and figured out where the Lost City really was. (Chimera)

Sixth dream: A setup, specifically to catch Osiris, as well as hopefully to let Daniel finally remember the location of the Lost City.

The SGC had set up surveillance cameras in his house and the rest of SG-1 were staking out his house, complete with Goa'uld-technology jamming device to keep Osiris from beaming back out once she appeared. (Chimera)

In the dream, Daniel appeared frustrated by his inability to finish the translation, saying he was sure that a particular set of seven symbols were an address that led directly to the Lost City. As ' Sarah' kept encouraging him, he told her flat out that he didn't know -- he'd never known. (Chimera)

Osiris broke the dream and Daniel woke up to see her standing over him. She ribboned him again, much more severely, but was interrupted by Jack, who shot a tranquilizer dart at her. She deflected it back at him and tried twice to beam out, then gave up and left Daniel writhing on the bed and Jack nearly unconscious on the floor. She got out of the house and engaged in a firefight with Sam, but got taken out from behind when Jack managed to get to the door and shoot a trank into her. (Chimera)

Anubis briefly took possession of him in an attempt to escape Earth through the stargate. While possessed, Daniel took an SG-11 team member hostage, was zatted by Teal'c, tried to shoot Jack (never got the shot off), and was shot in the shoulder by Jack. (Lockdown)

Unlike everyone else who had been infested by Anubis, Daniel was able to consciously remember being possessed almost immediately, as soon as Sam told him that they believed an alien entity had taken him over temporarily. Moreover, he knew immediately that it had been Anubis. (Lockdown)

(Goa'ulded as a virtual-reality avatar -- not at all real, but if you're a vidder looking for a clip of glowing-eyed Daniel, here it is. (Avatar) )

Replicator-Sam stuck her hand in his head and shoved him into a faux world -- which he was aware wasn't real, but wasn't aware had been created by the Replicator. (Reckoning part 1)

He was back in his tent among the nomad people he'd descended among, dressed as Arrom. 'Oma Desala' appeared and began telling him he had a choice to make, trying to guide him toward finding the Ancient knowledge he needed to defeat the Replicators. In reality, it was Replicator-Sam, trying to get that knowledge for herself to defend her brethren. (Reckoning part 1)

He flipped control of the situation, going into Replicator-Sam's mind (with the aid of some of the Ancient knowledge she'd retrieved from his subconscious) while she was distracted by what she was seeing in Daniel's mind, and began tracking the movements of the Replicator army and learning how she controlled them. When he realized that they'd invaded Earth, he called her on it, saying she'd lied to him (and when Replicator-Sam, surprised and angry, accused him of tricking her, saying 'You tricked me first'). Replicator-Sam tried to leave his mind after she figured out what he was doing, but by then he'd gained enough control to stop her, telling her that it was too late for her -- he was learning to control the Replicators. (Reckoning part 2)

When he finally knew enough he siezed control of the Replicators, stopping them in their tracks, literally, no matter where they were. But to do so, he had to release his hold on Replicator-Sam, who escaped his mind and ran him through. (Reckoning part 2)

Not strictly either being possessed or being controlled, but Daniel's consciousness was swapped with that of a man named Harrid when he used an Ancient long-range communication device to make contact with people in the Ancient's home galaxy. (Avalon part 2)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain and death

Confirmed deaths

First mission to Abydos -- killed by Ra. (Stargate the movie)

Killed by Apophis with a staff weapon. (The Nox)

Suicidal depression followed by deep coma followed by flatlining as a result of Goa'uld pleasure-palace influence (The Light).

(Robot-Daniel decapitated by a human proving his loyalty to Cronus. Beyond the decapitation, his body was destroyed when a bomb housed in his chest was exploded. Double Jeopardy)

(see note) Exposed to massive radiation from a device housing an unstable radioactive variation of naquadah: 8-9 grays (gray = the amount of energy actually absorbed by any tissue or substance from exposure to radiation) of neutron radiation to his right hand, with full-body exposure of more than 7 grays. (This is a fatal level, when absorbed so quickly -- see the Merck Manual for details.) (Meridian)

The radiation sickness followed a standard path: nausea then tremors, convulsions, and ataxia (inability to coordinate muscular movements) then (or simultaneously?) necrosis (surface tissue, brain tissue, and internal organs begin to inflame and degrade). All that happens within 10-15 hours, and his death would come from either drowning in his own blood and fluids, or bleeding to death. There is no medical treatment to stop this. (Meridian)

Daniel didn't believe the SGC should go to offworld allies to help them, but they did anyway. Attempts to contact the Asgard and Jacob to help him failed, however. Sam attempted to heal him using the Goa'uld healing device, and sent him into seizures instead. (Meridian)

Oma Desala appeared to him inside his mind, and began to guide him further along the path to ascension. After bringing Jack into his mind to explain what was going on, Daniel asked Jack to stop all resuscitation attempts. Jack did, and Daniel ascended to a higher plane. (Meridian)

nb: this isn't a true confirmed death, since Daniel is still alive in another form. It also isn't a near death, or a presumed death, or a severe injury, or any of the other categories I've got to sort out damage. Only Daniel could manage to die and not die at the same time!

see Daniel-as-adopted-Ascendant for more details of his life as an ascended, and Ascension and post-descending for details of his interactions with the SGC.

His death officially ended when he returned in human form, with no memories of either of his previous lives. (Fallen)

Run through by Replicator-Sam aboard her ship, right before it disintegrated around them. (Reckoning part 2)

This is again only partially a confirmed death, since once again he was given the option to ascend, and thus existed in another form for a while (even if it was a limbo-type form). But his body did die. (Reckoning part 2, Threads)

This could also have been listed as a presumed death, since his friends had no idea what had happened to him until he descended again. (Reckoning part 2, Threads)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Virtual deaths (confirmed)

2 times while fighting kull warriors on the base as a pure avatar. (Avatar)

2 times as himself, inside the game. (Avatar)

These numbers are solely for those that were shown on screen -- multiple others occurred offscreen (at least for the avatar-only Daniel), during other rounds of the same simulation. (Avatar)

Several times, Daniel's avatar was a Goa'uld (once visibly, on screen). (Avatar)

These are not real deaths -- they occur in a virtual-reality training program. I'm listing them here mainly for vidders looking for clips.

Nevertheless, while Daniel had no connection to the deaths before he entered the game to save Teal'c, any death after that was one he felt to a certain degree. When his avatar died, his body reacted. (Avatar)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c

top | Pain and death

Near deaths

Crushed by rockfall in Need.

Suffocated/strangled in Prisoners.

While in Ma'chello's body, entered a coma, suffering from acute pulmonary damage, dying of old age. (Holiday)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Presumed deaths

Staff-weapon wound & exploding ship in Serpent's Lair.

Nem's planet -- presumed burned to death. (Fire and Water)

The memorial service had full military honors (barring the gun salute, since it took place inside the gateroom), with Jack giving the eulogy. (Fire and Water)

Supernova in Enemies.

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Confirmed kills

Note: The team shoots at a lot of people. The people they shoot at generally fall down. That doesn't count as a confirmed kill -- Jaffa, especially, can heal from a lot of apparently fatal wounds. I only count it if someone checks and says ' he's dead' , or if someone gets zatted twice, or it's otherwise perfectly clear that there's no way this person is getting back up without being brought back from the dead. (If they later come back from the dead, it still counts as a death. It just means they get to have more than one.)

Ra (Stargate the movie, with Jack)

Tankful of baby Goa'uld. (Bloodlines)

A Jaffa in the corridor outside Rya'c's chamber. (Family)

One of the Jaffa guarding Rya'c in the clearing. (Family)

Reetou rebel. (Show and Tell)

Countless Replicators. (Small Victories, Menace, Enemies, New Order)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Personal enemies


compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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General background | Life | Profession | Pain & Death | Misc.



Musical taste


top | Miscellaneous

Food preferences


Puts a lot of sugar in his coffee. (Threads)

nb: We never actually saw him drink any of the coffee in that particular mug. But there was really a lot of sugar in there.

Chocolate-walnut cookies (Forever in a Day)

Decent beer, not cheap stuff ('I don't like beer' to Jack's offer of twist-top domestic in Shades of Grey, but has clearly ordered a glass of good beer in Upgrades, and seemed happy with Guinness in Lost City).

Steak and potatoes. (Upgrades)

Waffles (Window of Opportunity)

Sesame thingies (movie, The First Ones)

Tea (possibly -- there's a kettle boiling on his stove, and it's unlikely he'd drink instant coffee at home) (The Light)

Doesn't like salo. (Full Alert)

top | Miscellaneous


Chess (Legacy)

Piano (possibly -- he definitely has a piano in his apartment) (The Light)

top | Miscellaneous

Ascension and post-descending

Path to ascension | First ascension | Post-descending | Second ascension

Path to ascension:

Began on Kheb, when he spent time with the monk learning to accept his own abilities and put his trust in Oma Desala. (Maternal Instinct)

The monk told him he had burdens he had to put down before he could go on a journey of oneness, including his hatred of the Goa'uld. (Maternal Instinct)

When Daniel tried to light a candle with his mind and couldn't, the monk told him not to believe that he could, but to trust that Oma Desala could. When Daniel went with that, the candle lit. (Maternal Instinct)

He also learned to lift objects, like Jack's weapon, and was convinced that staying in the temple with the monk would allow him learn to do incredible things. (Maternal Instinct)

He believed he was being taught because Oma didn't want to give him the child until he knew how to protect him properly. (Maternal Instinct)

When he finally spotted Oma and followed her through a wall to the chamber where the child lay, he at first believed that he was meant to take the child. It didn't take long for him to realize that the point of all those exercises was to show him that Oma had done all the work, not him, and that Oma could keep the child safer -- he had to give up Sha're's child to keep him as safe as possible. (Maternal Instinct)

Second major step was about a year later, when Shifu, the harsesis child, returned to Abydos and sent for Daniel, then returned to the SGC with SG-1. (Absolute Power)

When Daniel tried to talk Shifu into accessing his memories of the Goa'uld to help the SGC defeat them, Shifu put Daniel into a deep dream/vision state. (Absolute Power)

In the dream, Daniel had been given all Shifu's knowledge, and began using it to help fight the Goa'uld. But despite his (genuine) good intentions, he also began using it to set himself up as the sole power on the planet, a despot more than willing to murder millions to make a point. (Absolute Power)

When he came out of the dream, he understood the dangers of too much power and knowledge, and stopped the Tok'ra from trying to access Shifu's Goa'uld memories. Shifu told him that they'd meet again someday, on the great path. (Absolute Power)

First ascension

After ascending, he returned in ascended form, to help Jack when he was being repeatedly tortured to death by Baal. (Abyss)

Returned a second time to give Teal'c the hope to hang on until he could be found and healed, after an ambush against rebel Jaffa that nearly killed Teal'c (and Bra'tac). He appeared within one of Teal'c's ongoing hallucinations (of himself as a firefighter) as a psychologist, helping ' T' deal with being a kidney donor. (The Changeling)

Returned a third time to encourage the Abydonians to fight Anubis, and to enlist Jack (and through him the rest of SG-1) to the cause, eventually pitching in and helping for real, despite the rules forbidding it. (Full Circle)

Returned a final time, in human form, after either the Others or Oma apparently cast him out. He had no active memory of who he had been, although the memories were still there, waiting to return (eventually). His death is officially ended. (Fallen)

According to Oma, it was Daniel's decision to descend after the events of Full Circle (although he didn't choose the naked part himself). (Threads)

See Daniel as an adopted Ascendant for details of his life in that form.


After descending, he was found naked by a group of nomads, who named him ' Arrom' -- ' naked one' . A couple of months later (he had been found ' two moons ago' ), he was found by SG-3, led by Colonel Reynolds, and brought to SG-1 -- he still didn't remember any of them, or his former life, at all. He chose to go with them all anyway, and was brought back to the SGC to regain his memory and take his place on SG-1 again. (Fallen)

His first regained memory was Sha're's name. (Fallen)

As his memory returned, he regained most of his pre-ascension memories, but at first none from his time as an ascendant. The first of those memories he regained was of Rya'c and Bra'tac, imprisoned on a penal colony. (Orpheus)

Used to feel that he didn't really belong anywhere, and had hoped that ascending would change that. His efforts to free Bra'tac, Rya'c, Teal'c, and Rak'nor from a death camp after he had descended made him realize how important his life with the SGC really was, and he finally felt like he was a part of something important. (Orpheus)

As of late seventh season, he had most of his memories of his life as an ascended being back, but there were still a few holes. (Heroes, part 1)

Second ascension

When Replicator-Sam killed him by running him through, Daniel ascended again -- sort of. Oma brought him partway and told him the choice was his, again: ascend completely, or be dead. (Threads)

She brought him to a place he recognized as the restaurant where Nick had brought him after his parents's funeral. He'd ordered waffles then, so Oma brought him waffles this time, as well. (Threads)

outside-the-show-universe note: this was Der Waffle Haus, from Dead Like Me.

One of the other patrons handed him a newspaper (the Ascended Times) with his picture in it and the headline 'Jackson Still Undecided', which also had an article about Anubis's plans to wipe out all life in the galaxy. (Threads)

After reading the article about Anubis, Daniel asked if Oma  was going to do anything to stop it. When she said no, and told him that he couldn't leave to handle it himself because he wasn't ascended yet (walking out the door would mean choosing death), he asked her to ascend him. She pointed out that the rules would forbid him from helping his friends anyway, then got a bit testy when he pointed out in turn that once he was ascended, he could choose to take human form again. She told him that while that was true, he wouldn't be able to ascend again, because she certainly wouldn't help him a third time. (Threads)

He started talking to the other patrons in the restaurant, to no avail. Oma told him they wouldn't talk to him: they were actually the Others -- some Ancient, some not -- who were there to watch both him and Oma. (Threads)

The only one who would talk to him called himself 'Jim'. He seemed friendly but kept pushing at Daniel, dropping bits of information and distrust about Oma, until Daniel finally followed his clues to the knowledge that Oma had been the one who ascended Anubis. Oma, furious, kicked 'Jim' out of the restaurant, and started answering some of Daniel's questions about Anubis. He was horrified when he realized that the Others let Anubis run basically free just to punish Oma -- she had to stand by and watch as he wreaked havoc, unable to interfere. He confronted the Others, saying it had been long enough, again to no avail. They totally ignored him. Oma stopped him, gently, saying that to the Others, it was clear that they hadn't made their point: she kept breaking the same rule, helping people ascend. It was her only way to atone, since she coudn't undo the damage she'd already done. (Threads)

When 'Jim' came in again to basically gloat about how Anubis had tricked the Jaffa into dividing their forces, and was busy killing the Jaffa left to guard Dakara, Daniel started wondering what it was he had against Oma. When Jim said he thought Oma was great, she'd ascended him, Daniel finally twigged that Jim was actually Anubis. When Anubis gloatingly talked about going back to take care of things now that his forces had retaken Dakara, Daniel tried a last-ditch method of stopping him -- ran straight at him. And through him, since Anubis was energy and Daniel wasn't. Seeing that was enough to tip the balance for Oma, though -- she told Anubis she was going to do something she should have done a long time ago, and then engaged him in a battle that would keep him totally occupied. As long as she was fighting him, he would only be able to fight her back. They vanished in a tangled ball of glowing energy. (Threads)

Daniel somehow ascended all the way at least long enough to descend properly (this time, naked in Jack's office), apparently with his memories intact. It's also possible that while he was ascended, he slowed/stopped the base's self-destruct, which had been engaged as soon as an unauthorized dial-in had started up, on the assumption it would be Anubis dialing every gate in the system to send a killing blast through. (Threads)

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On the first mission to Abydos, Daniel was handed his first weapon -- a pistol -- by Brown, after they spotted Ra's ship atop the pyramid for the first time. (Stargate the movie)

The first weapon he fired was a staff, given him by one of Ra's Jaffa so he could execute Jack and the others (he turned and fired at Ra and the Jaffa instead, but missed). (Stargate the movie)

First used a pistol when he and Jack snuck into Ra's temple with a caravan of Abydonians -- he helped take out the Jaffa who found them out. (Stargate the movie)

Armed and organized the militia of Abydonian boys who guarded Abydos's stargate. (Children of the Gods)

Carried a standard-issue sidearm and knife on every mission thereafter, and occasionally used a P-90 as well.

(back to Daniel, Career)

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First mission to Abydos

Stuff on his table while trying to translate the capstone for the stargate:

' The Face of Tutankhamun' by Christopher Frayling (god only knows why -- it lent a nicely Egyptian-artifact-y feel, but the title was too obvious and there's no reason for Daniel to be using it)

Nature Valley granola bar (red package)

choco-chip cookies

some kind of crunchy-salty snack pack. (Stargate the movie)

Stuff that he packed for the trip to Abydos (very small selection, from multiple bags that he brought):

' Egypt Before The Pharaohs' by Michael A. Hoffman

several 5th Avenue bars

Catherine's eye-of-Ra pendant (Stargate the movie)

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Had hallucinations and delusions while infested with Ma'chello's little Goa'uld-killing bug, as well as elevated dopamine levels in the left hemisphere of his brain, all of which led Dr. MacKenzie (and Fraiser) to diagnose him as having had a psychotic break into hebephrenic schizophrenia (Legacy)

Almost immediately after being infected in the Linvris chamber, he thought he felt something brush up against him. (Legacy)

Back on base, coming out of the shower, he heard someone calling his name. (Legacy)

Later that day/night, he heard voices again, and opened his office closet door, where they seemed to be coming from. His closet was filled with a stargate event horizon (without the stargate), and when he touched it, his hallucinations cranked up a notch: he felt a hand grab him around the neck, and saw the face of one of the dead Linvris, coming out of the wormhole and then yanking him back into it after him. (Legacy)

He theorized that although the Linvris hosts had died, the Goa'uld themselves had not, and were after him to turn him into a host. His only alternative theory was that he was having a nervous breakdown. (Legacy)

He heard a stargate wormhole engaging in storage armoire in the VIP quarters where he was being monitored, but when he opened the doors, didn't see a wormhole event horizon. (Legacy)

While starting to play cards with Jack in the VIP room (after handily beating him at chess), Daniel hallucinated a mature Goa'uld symbiote crawling up Jack's arm and around behind his neck, infesting him. He collapsed almost immediately afterward, and was admitted to a psych ward, medicated, and put in a padded room. (Legacy)

When Amaunet was ribboning him, just as Teal'c was about to shoot her, Daniel went through a multi-stage hallucination, likely triggered somehow by Sha're (who was trying to get a message to him about the harsesis child), that pulled him through the stages of grief so that when he came out of the hallucination and saw her truly die in front of him, he was sad but functional. (Forever in a Day)

First stage:

He woke up in the infirmary, and had to be shown Sha're's dead body. Teal'c said he'd done it, and Daniel promptly started freezing him out. (Forever in a Day)

Second stage:

He woke up in the infirmary again, remembering his last dream/hallucination, to find Sha're alive and well -- SG-1 took her to the Tok'ra after Teal'c shot her, and removed Amaunet while healing Sha're. (Forever in a Day)

Sha're told him she only came to tell him about the boy, and then got sucked into the wall and vanished (more or less). (Forever in a Day)

Third stage:

He woke up in the infirmary, apparently back in the first hallucination, with Sha're dead and her body still on base. (Forever in a Day)

This one continued, with him handing in his resignation. Robert Rothman was assigned to SG-1 in his place. (Forever in a Day)

Jack tried to talk him out of it, to no avail. Teal'c tried to find a way to ask Daniel's forgiveness -- Daniel told him there was no such way. (Forever in a Day)

Sam, Jack, and several airmen helped him move his stuff out of his office and into his apartment. He planned to find a remote dig. (Forever in a Day)

Fourth stage:

He woke up in his own bed, with Sha're next to him. She told him he had to continue his travels through the chaapa'ai, so he could find the boy. She also told him that to continue his travels, he must first forgive Teal'c, who did what was right. (Forever in a Day)

Fifth stage:

He woke up alone in his bed. At Sha're's funeral, he performed the ritual weighing of her heart against a feather, and watched as she was buried. (Forever in a Day)

Kasuf told him he still hadn't heard Sha're, and to go to her. Sha're was standing by a tent, and told him he must forgive Teal'c, and that together they must find the boy, because he is harsesis, containing all the secrets of the Goa'uld. Then she got sucked in by the desert and sky, and vanished. (Forever in a Day)

Sixth stage:

Daniel woke up in bed, alone (and wearing a t-shirt, instead of being bare-chested). He returned to the SGC to see Sam. Meanwhile, Jack had a few pointed things to say to Hammond about Rothman. (Forever in a Day)

Teal'c welcomed Daniel back, clearly expecting no response, and Daniel told him he'd done the right thing. (Forever in a Day)

Daniel asked Sam if it's possible for a ribbon device to carry a mental message along with it. She eventually agreed that yes, it probably was. He returned home, to find Jack and Kasuf in his living room (Jack broke the lock to get in). (Forever in a Day)

Kasuf took him to task for quitting the SGC, saying that Sha're wanted him to continue to ' travel among the gods' so he could find the boy. He sent Daniel into the bedroom to ask her himself. (Forever in a Day)

Daniel opened the bedroom door onto the planet where Amaunet had taken the Abydonians. Sha're beckoned him into Amaunet's tent, where he started to feel the ribboning again, and heard Sha're saying ' come to me, Daniel' . (Forever in a Day)

Seventh stage:

He woke up in his bed, in a t-shirt and sweats again, and went back to the base to talk to Teal'c. He asked about the offspring of two Goa'ulded hosts -- Teal'c explained about harsesis children. (Forever in a Day)

Daniel went to see Hammond, just in time to hear Jack complaining about Rothman. Daniel agreed to rejoin SG-1, saying that there was something through the stargate that he still needed to be the one to find. Jack kicked Rothman off the team. (Forever in a Day)

SG-1 traveled through the gate to a world with pink trees, where there were no big signs of civilization, so Daniel was set to look for little signs -- itsy-bitsy artifacts and the like (to Jack's amusement). (Forever in a Day)

As the others moved off, Daniel pretty much instantly turned and activated the stargate, running through it alone. He came through on the world where Amaunet had taken the Abydonians, and walked into the tent, seeing a burn mark on the rug where Teal'c had killed Amaunet. (Forever in a Day)

Sha're appeared and told him he was the only one who could save the boy -- Amaunet had sent him into hiding with her closest aide, and had taken the Abydonians as a show, so Heru'ur wouldn't know that the child had been her true goal. Daniel asked where she'd sent the boy and Sha're nearly got sucked back into the tent, but recovered to tell him Kheb. She made him promise to save the child, then kissed him. (Forever in a Day)

While Sha're was kissing him in the hallucination, Daniel flipped back out into reality, with barely a second gone by -- the gun that had started falling from his fingers at the beginning left his hand and hit the floor. Teal'c shot Amaunet a moment later, and she fell. She died before Sha're, who had time to tell Daniel she loved him. Teal'c apologized sincerely -- Daniel was able to tell him he'd done the right thing. (Forever in a Day)

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Time spent trapped offworld

Not imprisoned, just unable to contact/return home without help

About four days, with Sam and Teal'c, in a secret underground base on P2X-887. (Zero Hour)

Six weeks in the Rand Protectorate, after being caught in the midst of a war. (Icon)

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Old timelines

Original timeline

Traveled back to 3,000 BC with Jack and the rest of SG-1 in the time-travel ship they found on Maybourne's world, in an attempt to find and take a ZPM from Ra before he could leave the planet with it. He made contact with two locals and made arrangements to stay with them till the next day, when Ra was having an audience. (Moebius part 1)

When they headed back to the jumper with the stolen ZPM to find it surrounded by Jaffa (and pretty clearly outlined by the drifted sand piled up all around it's cloaked form), Sam told them they had no choice but to lie low and hope to participate in the uprising against Ra. They couldn't risk fighting the Jaffa and altering the timeline. Daniel suggested putting the ZPM in the First Dynasty tomb that he knew would be discovered a month before they'd left in the time-travel jumper, to make sure that it arrived in the future even if they couldn't. (Moebius part 1)

Trapped in the past, Jack and Teal'c couldn't take the thought of living out their lives under Ra's rule, and tried to kickstart the rebellion. Jack, Sam, and Teal'c were all captured and executed -- Daniel was the only survivor.  He  continued  working  with  Kapet for five years until the altered-timeline Sam, Jack, and Teal'c arrived. When Jack and Sam were in danger of being captured or killed by Jaffa around the jumper they were trying to fix, Daniel, Teal'c, and Kapet started the rebellion. It appears to have worked. (Moebius part 2)

Interim, altered timeline

See Daniel Jackson on the altered timeline page.

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Random misc

After his parents's funeral, Nick brought Daniel to a restaurant where Daniel ordered waffles. (Threads)

outside-the-show-universe note: this was Der Waffle Haus, from Dead Like Me.

No history of schizophrenia in Daniel's family. (Legacy)

Used a combination of Abydonian and English to talk to Sha're (' Sha're, ben qua ri Jack and his friends to see the vili tao an.' ) (Children of the Gods)

Learned midwifery on a dig in the Yucatan. (Brief Candle)

Has delivered 3 babies as of mid-fourth season (one in the Yucatan pre-show, one in Brief Candle, and the Harsesis child in Secrets)

Owns an ancient Egyptian game -- the Jackal and the Hound -- that belonged to a Pharaoh's daughter (god only knows how it wound up in Daniel's possession, along with all his other artifacts). (Fire and Water)

Played it once with Teal'c. Made him feel like he was touching history. (Fire and Water)

Definitely began looking for Kheb after Sha're told him that's where the Harsesis was sent -- in Foothold, SG-1 came back from a planet Daniel had thought might be Kheb because of the ruins there. (Foothold)

Doesn't believe in ghosts. (Legacy)

Briefly at the top of the hierarchy in Hadante prison, after it appeared that he had killed Vishnoor, the bully who used to run the place. (Prisoners)

Pictures on his desk of himself (apparently) on a camel near a pyramid (on Earth), and Sha're. (Seth)

Used Netscape, not IE, for a browser. (Seth)

Taught Teal'c how to drive (the bus, in 1969) (Smoke and Mirrors)

Possibly afraid of heights (Thor's Chariot)

Seems to spend more time with the military than with the scientists on base -- can lose patience with them (The Fifth Race)

Sings decently. (Urgo)

Has an unfortunate tendency toward getting involved with women who have, or wind up having, a strongly sociopathic side (Sha're/Amaunet, Ke'ra/Linnea, Sarah/Osiris)

Probably banned from O'Malley's Bar and Grill (Upgrades)

Has a namesake out there -- Dan-ell on Argos (P3X-8596), named after him after he delivered the boy. (Brief Candle)

After looking into the eyes of a crystal skull identical to the one his grandfather, Nick Ballard, had found in Belize in 1971, Daniel was shifted out of phase with the physical world, and spent several days helplessly watching his friends try to figure out what had happened to him. (Crystal Skull)

Has briefly flown a ha'tak vessel. (Enemies)

Has served as a personal attendant to a Goa'uld System Lord (Yu), and attended a System Lord summit meeting. (Summit, Last Stand)

Is clearly getting more comfortable around tech, at least Goa'uld tech: knows enough about flying a cargo ship to use maneuvering thrusters to slow the ship without being told to do so, and doesn't hesitate when Sam tells him to bypass power from hyperdrive, just gets up and heads for the correct console to do it. Possibly the ten days in transit on a barely working ship gave him the incentive to learn it. (Failsafe)

Still better at thinking outside the box than pretty much anyone -- he came up with the idea of extending the cargo ship's hyperdrive field to encompass the entire asteroid that was threatening Earth, so they could ride it through Earth to the other side safely. (Failsafe)

While shooting video of a wounded airman who wanted to get a last message to his wife, just in case, Daniel inadvertantly also filmed Janet Fraiser's death by a staff blast. (Heroes, part 2)

Although he was originally highly resistant to the idea of anyone outside the SGC ever seeing the tape, he willingly chose to leave it in Bregman's hand (he actually gave it back to Bregman, after Bregman had returned it), wanting people to know what an extraordinary person she was. (Heroes, part 2)

Tried to interface with an Ancient face-grabbing database in a desperate bid for knowledge, but Jack stopped him and took his place, knowing that Daniel would be needed to translate. (Lost City, part 1)

Stopped by Jack's place on Saturday morning (the next day) with Teal'c (and doughnuts) to talk to Jack, who had taken the weekend off to deal with some personal matters while waiting for the Ancient knowledge to start taking over his brain. (Lost City, part 1)

Sam was already there, and the four of them sat around in Jack's living room, drinking Guiness and eating doughnuts and chatting (at least in part about the Simpsons) for a while -- long enough for Daniel to start getting drunk -- before Hammond showed up with some bad news of his own: he was being transferred out of the SGC. (Lost City, part 1)

Stationed in Zone 3 on base during the phase of lockdown that was intended to try to force Anubis into using his asceneded powers, so that the Ancients would notice and deal with him. (Lockdown)

When Teal'c was trapped in a virtual-reality simulation, Jack, Sam, and Daniel all volunteered to go in after him to help pull him out. Daniel was the one who was sent in, because he didn't have the military tactical knowledge that the others did, for the game to draw on to make things even more difficult. (Avatar)

The first time Teal'c spotted him in the game, he shot and killed him, believing him to be a Goa'uld. He kept shooting him every time, until Daniel finally snuck up on him and zatted him. (Avatar)

Watches the History Channel. (Affinity)

Gave Teal'c a fern as a house-warming present. (Affinity)

He was wearing a North Face jacket (specifically the Denali Thermal Jacket, I believe) while assigned to the Ancient outpost. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Apparently takes or keeps his notes rather haphazardly -- when Jacob/Selmak were using Daniel's notebooks to translate Ancient writings, Selmak remarked that '... and if there is an organizing principle to Doctor Jackson's notes, I have yet to discover it.' (Reckoning part 2)

The Ori scared him more than the Goa'uld ever did. (Origin)

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