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Atlantis Expedition

For information on specific individuals, see the Personnel page.


General info


At a rough guess (based on the size of the crowd in front of Earth's stargate waiting to go through), 50-60 people were part of the expedition. (Rising pt 1)

Still guessing (same basis): probably 15-20 or so of those were military, with the rest being civilian scientists. (Rising pt 1)

NB: Seriously, these are guesses. I doubt there are fewer than 40 total people/10 military who went, and I doubt there are more than 75 total people/30 total military, but anything inside that range is plausible.

It's also possible that a lot more came through, and they just weren't visible in that initial 'let's go!' scene. In terms of pure survival, it would be better if the numbers were in the hundreds rather than the tens.

The numbers may originally have been closer to 100-125.

Sheppard says that the nanovirus could kill a third of their population if it isn't stopped, and at that point, 5 are already dead, with roughly 15 more infected among the scientists, and another 20 or so in the mess hall. (Hot Zone)

According to Sheppard, including the Athosians on the mainland, there might  be  'a couple of hundred' people living on Atlantis as of mid-first season. That would seem to support the notion of 100-125 in the Terran expedition. (Sanctuary)

After the expedition's first year, the international committee granted it a significant increase in personnel and resources.  The  ZPM  made  it  possible  to  support  a  larger  contingent. There's no real clue as to what the numbers were at this point. (The Intruder)

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The expedition is made up of volunteers who knew they might never make it back home.

It consists of a mix of military and civilian, from all over the world.

In late 2004, relief showed up in the form of military personnel coming through the gate to help with Atlantis's defenses. It's not clear how many came through, but it appeared to be several dozen. (The Siege part 2)

Everyone being considered as an addition to join the expedition after the first year had to sign off on a blind one-year commitment, or they were knocked out of the running. (The Intruder)


The original military commander was Colonel Marshall Sumner. When he died on the expedition's first offworld mission, Major John Sheppard took over as ranking officer. (Rising pts 1 & 2)

The military personnel are primarily from the United States, but also include members from other countries, including South Africa and Japan. (Suspicion)

There are fewer military than civilian, but at least 10 survived the first few months, and probably a good many more. (Suspicion)

Sheppard, Bates, Stackhouse, Yamato, and an unnamed soldier were in the control room, Ford was offworld, and there were six soldiers standing ready at the stargate.

In late 2004, Colonel Dillon Everett took over as military command -- he'd been sent through the gate by Stargate Command to take over Atlantis's defense against the Wraith armada. He brought what appeared to be several dozen military personnel with him. (The Siege part 2)

Four of these were pilots. Each was given the ATA gene therapy almost as soon as they arrived, in hopes that they'd be able to fly puddlejumpers in Atlantis's defense. All four were later being trained by Sheppard in how to use a puddlejumper, so the gene appears to have taken effect for all of them. (The Siege part 2)


Most of the civilians are scientists, along with some medical personnel and Weir, a career diplomat/negotiatior.




Heightmeyer (psychology)






















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Original timeline (Before I Sleep)

Entire expedition, with the sole exception of Weir.

Rising pt 2

Colonel Sumner

The Storm

Two unnamed soldiers

The Defiant One



Hot Zone






The Brotherhood



The Siege part 1

Peter Grodin

The Siege part 2

Many soldiers  -- culled by Wraith darts during an attack, and killed by Wraith in the city.

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The entire expeditions wears a uniform of sorts, color-coded by division/department.


The uniforms are a greyed blue, with black accent panels on the jackets.

Under the jacket or with no jacket, military personnel wear a black shirt, either long-sleeved or short-sleeved with a partial zip from chest to collar.


Civilians wear tan with different colored accent panels, depending on their specialty.


Accent panels are cream.

Under the jacket or with no jacket, medical personnel wear a white shirt, either long-sleeved or short-sleeved with a partial zip from chest to collar.


Accent panels are blue-grey (a lighter shade than the military grey).

Under the jacket or with no jacket, science personnel wear a blue shirt, either long-sleeved or short-sleeved with a partial zip from chest to collar.


This is mainly Weir, whose sole function is command. Scientists and military personnel in the command structure wear science or military colors.

Jacket is the military grey, with red accent accent panels.

Under the jacket or with no jacket, command personnel wear a red shirt, either long-sleeved or short-sleeved with a partial zip from chest to collar.

Weir has several different styles of shirt, both short- and long-sleeved, some with zips and some without, but almost all red.

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The laptops used by the expedition are Dells (with an Atlantis logo on the casing). (The Siege part 3)

The clearest shot I've seen of this is just over three minutes into Siege part 3, when the self-destruct is being aborted.

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International representation

The expedition was an international effort, with more than a dozen countries represented. Any flag here is one I spotted and confirmed (with many thanks to the CIA World Factbook's ' Flags of the World' page)


Australian flag

(note: this could be wrong -- the flag was too far away to read precisely, and it could have been New Zealand's. But the stars looked white, not red, to me.)

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Belgian flag

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Canadian flag

Including at least one scientist (male) -- Dr. Rodney McKay

Including at least one gate technician (male). (The Siege part 2)

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Czech Republic

Including at least one scientist (male) -- Dr. Zelenka.

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Including at least one male -- not sure if he's a scientist or military personnel.

nb: The flag patch was far away and impossible to read precisely, so it's possible that this should be Yemen, not Egypt. But it definitely looked like it had the gold symbol in the center bar, where Yemen's is plain white. (Sanctuary)

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Gernam flag

Including at least one male who worked as a gateroom technician. (Suspicion, other eps)

I can't tell from his jacket if he's civilian or military.

Including at least one female scientist/tech. (Duet)

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Japanese flag

Including at least one soldier (male) -- Yamato. (Suspicion)

Including at least one scientist  (female). (Letters From Pegasus)

nb: I've consistently seen her referred to as Miko in the fandom, but I never caught a name for her in the episode or credits, so I'm  not  listing  her  name, at least not yet.

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Philippine flag

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Russian flag

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Scottish flag

Including at least one civilian (male) -- Dr. Carson Beckett (medical doctor)

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Including at least one male. (Rising)

nb: This is not Serbia and Montenegro -- this is the Serbian subnational flag, not the national one. This was the flag I couldn't for the life of me identify -- I'd been pointed early toward Serbia, but I had assumed it was the national Serbia and Montenegro flag, which was wrong. Eventually, someone (the lovely MK) narrowed it down to the Serbian subnational flag, above. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped with this, giving me suggestions and pointers. This was driving me bonkers, and I'm very happy to have it sorted out at last.

According to MK, 'He is also speaking Serbo-Croatian to a guy in camo next to him, saying that he'll see him on the other side - so the other guy is definitely from an ex-Yugoslav country, most likely either also Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, but also could be a Slovene or a Macedonian.'

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South Africa

South Africa

Including at least one soldier (male) (Suspicion, Hot Zone)

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Spanish flag

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United States

U.S. flag

Includes many of Atlantis's personnel

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United Kingdom

U.K. flag

Including at least one scientist (male) -- Dr. Peter Grodin.

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Including at least one scienitst (male). (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

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At least one more clear flag that I couldn't identify -- this has been identified as Serbia's subnational flag. Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions and pointers to different possibilities!

I may also have seen Greece, but the arm patch was too far away and even zooming in didn't help, so I can't swear to it.

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Base security

Security was originally the main military function, but as teams started going offworld, security functions began being split off more specifically. (multiple early eps)

At some point, either during the events of Suspicion or before that, Weir put Sgt. Bates in charge of security. (Suspicion)

Base protocol dictates that all senior officers be notified  about situations coded 'orange' and above. (Runner)

Caldwell counts as one of the senior officers in question, when he's on Atlantis. (Runner)

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Security teams

At least two security teams (1 and 2) were attached to the expedition, apparently made up of three people each, including Sumner, Ford, Smitty, and Parker. (Rising pt 1)

It's unclear who was on which team -- they were all grouped together all the time. (Rising pt 1)

Sheppard was specifically not a part of either team -- when Sumner gathered both teams to try to find a world the expedition could evacuate on, Weir explicitly ordered Sheppard to go with them. (Rising pt 1)

It isn't entire clear if specific security teams were continued past the very early days, or if security personnel wound up in a sort of pool from which they were assigned depending on the problem.

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Offworld teams

General teams info

The teams don't appear to have specific names (such as the SGC's SG-# system), but instead are referred to by their leader's name.

The teams appear to follow general SGC procedure of consisting of three fighters and a scientist. (Suspicion)

In Suspicion, it looked like Sheppard's and Stackhouse's teams went out together -- each was a four-man team, with three people in soldier-blue and one in scientist-grey.

People's function on their teams can be differentiated by their uniform -- military in blue, scientists in grey. (Suspicion)

It's not a pure grey, but that's close enough.

In general, the teams wear no identifying insignia offworld -- no Atlantis patch, no country-of-origin flag. (multiple eps)

top | Offworld teams

Bates's team

General info

Reconaissance team.

Team makeup

Sergeant Bates

Mission stats

They had discovered a world that would make a good alpha site -- all it needed was Sheppard's approval, which was apparently given once he looked it over. On their way back to the stargate and Atlantis, the Wraith appeared and 'tagged' the planet, forcing them to flee. (The Gift)

Lorne's team

General info

Exploration/reconnaisance team.

Team makeup

Major Lorne - team leader

Coughlin - military, rank unknown

Reed - military, rank unknown

Dr. Parrish - botanist

Mission stats

During what may have been their first mission, they found evidence that Ford was still alive. (Runner)

Sheppard's team

Note: The 'mission stats' section will not be a full accounting of every mission they go on, just highlights that strike me.

General info

The primary exploratory/reconaissance team. (multiple eps)

When they go out in a jumper, it's generally Puddlejumper 1. (multiple eps)

Team makeup

Major John Sheppard (leader)

Dr. Rodney McKay (scientist - astrophysicist)

Lt. Aiden Ford

Teyla Emmagen

Temporary additions:

Sergeant Stackhouse, Markham (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

It's never explained why they were part of the mission.

Mission stats

Out of its first nine missions, the team had come across Wraith five times. (Suspicion)

This went up to six out of ten on their first mission after the gate was re-opened. (Suspicion)

After the discovery that Teyla's locket has been acting as a beacon to bring the Wraith, the team (with several additions for the purpose) set a trap and captured a Wraith, bringing him back to Atlantis to question/study. (Suspicion)

Came under attack by what looked like a T. Rex on M1M-316 when they were checking it out as a possible alpha site. (The Siege part 1)

The team (or its members) is captured, confined, or imprisoned

Childhood's End

Entire team captured by village children soon after they crash-land on the planet.

Sheppard captured again, after he destroyed their Wraith shrine by pulling off the Wraith's arm and shooting the activated bracelet to make it stop transmitting.


Sheppard and McKay captured by Genii troops when they stumble upon the hidden Genii military installation. (Underground)

Teyla and Ford captured by Genii farmers and brought to the bunker where Sheppard and McKay were captured. (Underground)


The entire team (plus Weir) is knocked unconscious, and each is given a false reality to live in by the energy beings whose world they've unwittingly endangered.

The Storm

McKay captured by Kolya and the Genii strikeforce.

The Eye

McKay still held by Kolya.

Sheppard captured (briefly) by Genii soldiers.

The Brotherhood

Ford knocked unconscious and held hostage by Acastus Kolya.

Sheppard, Teyla, and McKay trapped in an underground chamber when Kolya knocks out Ford.

McKay held under guard by Kolya as he keeps looking for the ZPM, while Sheppard, Ford, and Teyla are trapped in the underground chamber unable to escape.


Sheppard and Teyla shot unconscious and captured by Ronon Dex.

McKay captured by Ford. who veered between treating him as an old friend and a captive he couldn't trust.

McKay, who had escaped from Ford by finally shooting him in the arm, was caught up in one  of  Ronon's  snare and held upside down by the ankle dangling in the air.


McKay culled by a Wraith dart, but relatively quickly rescued.

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Stackhouse's team

General info

Reconaissance team

Team makeup

Sgt. Stackhouse (leader)

Dr. Corrigan (scientist - anthropologist)


and one other military person.

Temporary additions:

The team brought Halling along as a guide to help smooth relations with some of the Athosians's trading partners, on at least three missions. (Suspicion)

Mission stats

The team went on a joint mission with Sheppard's team to a world with a very shy populace and some ruins covered in runes, for the first offworld mission after the stargate was reopened after the Athosians moved to the mainland. (Suspicion)

The team was assigned to check out five worlds as potential alpha sites, after the expedition lost their first choice to Wraith and their second choice to 'dinosaurs'. (The Siege part 1)

One of them turned out to be suitable. (The Siege part 1)

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Alpha site

General info

When the expedition realized that the Wraith were on the way and there was no real way to stop them, they began searching for and setting up an alpha site. Bates was in charge of finding a location -- he found one a week before the Wraith were expected to arrive, and completed the ground and aerial surveys. He said it was ready to begin setting up a base camp, pending Sheppard's approval. Sheppard approved it, but as they were getting ready to head back to Atlantis, the Wraith arrived and 'tagged' the planet, making it unusable. (The Gift)

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Discarded/rejected sites


The first alpha site decided on. Bates and his team found it  a week before the Wraith were expected to arrive, and completed the ground and aerial surveys. He said it was ready to begin setting up a base camp, pending Sheppard's approval. Sheppard approved it, but as they were getting ready to head back to Atlantis, the Wraith arrived and 'tagged' the planet, making it unusable. (The Gift)


It gets incredibly hot during the day -- it was being considered as an alpha site after the expedition's primary choice was marked by Wraith but was nixed when Sheppard mentioned the heat. (The Siege part 1)


This planet was 'Crawling with Genii spies' according to Bates -- it was being considered as an alpha site after the expedition's primary choice was marked by Wraith. (The Siege part 1)


According to Stackhouse it had 'lush surroundings' -- it was being considered as an alpha site after the expedition's primary choice was marked by Wraith until the found the 'dinosaurs'. (The Siege part 1)

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