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Pegasus galaxy

General info

Pegasus is a dwarf galaxy in the local cluster, discovered by A.G. Wilson in the 1950s. (details)

When the Ancients arrived there millions of years ago, it was a lifeless galaxy. They started seeding life on thousands of worlds. (Rising pt 1)


Known locations for ZPMs


Three ZPMs, all totally depleted. (Rising, Before I Sleep)


One ZPM, almost entirely depleted, used to created a shielded area on the planet so the local children can live in safety. (Childhood's End)


One ZPM, potentially fully charged. This was found by Sheppard's team but taken away by the Daganians, to be hidden on another world against the day the Ancestors would return and reward them for their faithfulness. (The Brotherhood)



War between the Ancients and Wraith

After watching new life that they had seeded develop civilizations on a thousand worlds, the Ancients stumbled across a " terrible enemy" -- the Wraith -- asleep on a dark world. Confident in their ability to handle anything (and sure they were more advanced than anything else out there), they woke the Wraith, totally unprepared for what would follow. (Rising pt 1)

The Wraith swept through the galaxy, feeding on the defenseless human worlds until only Atlantis was left. (Rising pt 1)

The Wraith were stubborn, laying siege to the planet/city for years, until finally the Ancients decided the only way to try to save their race was to evacuate. They sank the city beneath the ocean (still protected by its shield) and everyone who was left escaped through the stargate to Earth. (Rising pt 1)

Before they left, someone recorded a holographic message explaining what had happened and why, in case anyhone managed to find the city again. (Rising pt 1)


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