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Elizabeth Weir


General background info

She's an expert in international politics, with strong diplomatic/negotiation credentials: she brokered a dozen of the most sensitive treaties of modern times, and mediated negotiations for the UN, as well as one in North Africa (it's not clear if that was on behalf of the UN or not). (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Daniel referenced some of her work when he drafted the first treaty with the Tok'ra. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Her father used to have weekly poker games with his friends when she was small -- she never paid much attention. (SG1: New Order)

Claimed to be unfamiliar with bluffing in any real practical sense  -- she said she didn't use bluffs in her international negotiations. (SG1: New Order)

She started her career as a political activist, lobbying against government spending on the military. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She has an aversion to the military -- but not a kneejerk, unthinking one. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She decided that the best way to stop the proliferation of weapons is to try to stop the need for them. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)










Marital status

unknown (see romantic interests)



none known


Other family






Romantic interests

Simon Wallace

Weir was involved to some degree with a man named Simon -- possibly married to him, but that's never stated (and neither of them were wearing a wedding band). (Rising pt 1)

When she was getting ready to leave for Atlantis, she created a videotape for him, explaining what she was doing and why, in the hope that President Hayes would grant him the security clearance he needed to see it. (Rising pt 1)

Personal note: Holy cow, that was cold. Really cold. She told him on a video?! If Hayes hadn't granted clearance, this poor guy would never even have found out what happened to the woman he apparently loves -- she would have just vanished, and he'd have been stonewalled making inquiries. I don't understand why she didn't take a couple hours out of her planning to go see him -- it's not like they were on a deadline that couldn't be moved back 12 hours. Yeesh.

When the opportunity arose to send a personal message back to Earth shortly before several Wraith hive ships arrived over Atlantis, Weir sent Simon another video-recorded message -- this time telling him that it was unfair of her to expect him to put his life on hold waiting for her, especially when she couldn't even tell him what she was doing. She told him not to wait any longer, and that her heart would always be looking out for him. (Letters from Pegasus)

He's a medical doctor. (The Intruder)

He was on Beckett's list of potential additions to the medical staff for the second year at Atlantis, but didn't sign the required commitment to the one-year term and was thus taken out of the running. Unlike the other possibles, he had security clearance and knew what he was being offered. (The Intruder)

Weir was determined that he come with her, refusing to hear what he was saying between the lines when he kept putting her off about Atlantis. He finally had to flat-out tell her he wasn't going. .(The Intruder)

peronal note: Considering how coldly she'd left him in the first place, and that she'd sent him a message a month or two earlier breaking things off and telling him not to wait any longer, it seems a bit pushy to just assume he'd want to go back with her. She could at least have sat down with him to talk things out first.

He met someone else while she was gone. (The Intruder)







Either she or Simon (or both) had a very nice house -- big, with a large back porch and a large yard. (Home)

NB: This could be completely innacurate, since it came from the hallucination created by the energy being of M5S-224, and not from an actual look at the house itself.






Pre-Atlantis career

She started her career as a political activist, lobbying against government spending on the military. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She has an aversion to the military -- but not a kneejerk, unthinking one. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She decided that the best way to stop the proliferation of weapons is to try to stop the need for them. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She's an expert in international politics, with strong diplomatic/negotiation credentials: she brokered a dozen of the most sensitive treaties of modern times, and mediated negotiations for the UN, as well as one in North Africa (it's not clear if that was on behalf of the UN or not). (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Daniel referenced some of her work when he drafted the first treaty with the Tok'ra. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

At least one of the negotiations she was involved with was regarding the Baltics -- it doesn't appear to have been particularly smooth sailing. ('Remember that miserable Baltic negotiation?') (Before I Sleep)

Kinsey gave her a ride to the White House for her meeting with Hayes, both because Hayes told him to explain the situation to her and because he wanted to sway her to his own side right off the bat. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Her initial reaction to his announcement that the Air Force was running a program using alien technology was to ask if it was a joke. After Kinsey handed her a note from the president ('This is not a joke.') and a confidential file with more details, she took it more seriously. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Later, she was brought to a room with boxes and boxes of confidential files about the program. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

During her meeting with Hayes, she assumed that she was being brought in to help negotiate with other Earth governments to deal with their wanting to be given control of the program -- she didn't believe herself qualified to negotiate with aliens. She assumed that Hayes wanted to put a friendlier face on the project than a military general, in preparation for the day when the program wound up going public. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She didn't accept on the spot, but did take the job. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Kinsey showed up as soon as her meeting with the president was over, to warn her to be careful who she trusted (including Hayes), saying that he (Kinsey) was the one person she wanted on her side, and the one person she didn't want to cross. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

Weir doesn't scare easily, and already had too much political acumen to let herself be swayed or intimidated by this. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She arrived at the SGC on Monday (her meeting with Hayes had been on Friday) and began to settle in, prepared to make changes that not everyone would be happy with. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

The depth and lack of windows unsettled her slightly. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

All offworld teams were recalled as of early Monday morning, either by her order or as Hammond's last order. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

The first SG-1 member she spoke with was Daniel, who immediately began impressing on her the need for and urgency of SGC operations, especially regarding Jack (who had an Ancient database slowly unspooling into his brain). (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

He challenged her to go offworld to see for herself what was going on, and why the Goa'uld were such an immediate, deadly threat. She appeared to be prepared to do so, but not immediately. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

The first alien visitor she met was Bra'tac, who came bearing news that Anubis was gathering his full fleet to stage an attack on Earth, and that he'd arrive within three days. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She met the rest of SG-1 in the meeting with Bra'tac -- with Kinsey also present. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She proved very flexible/adaptable, very quickly.

She followed along with no apparent trouble as Daniel explained that gate addresses could also be words, and that he was sure the words Jack had come up with were an address to the world of the Lost City. When Sam, checking the gate-address logs, said they'd already dialed that world and failed to connect, but that she could translate the address into a spatial point and they could go by ship, with Daniel suggesting the Prometheus, Weir didn't miss a beat, pointing out that the Prometheus was the Earth's last line of defense against Anubis. (SG1: Lost City, part 2)

She appeared to be running people through to the alpha site while Anubis's ships attacked Earth. When Kinsey showed up demanding to be added, she was fairly contemptuous of his cowardice. (SG1: Lost City, part 2)

A sudden power outage roused her suspicions, and she ordered a manual closing of the iris (over Kinsey's objections) just in time to stop a nuke (or worse) from destroying the base. (SG1: Lost City, part 2)

Over Kinsey's objections, she listened to a communication from SG-1, and, still over his objections, contacted Hayes and suggested that the Prometheus be used to buy some time to allow SG-1 to complete their mission. (SG1: Lost City, part 2)

Kinsey announced that her plan was insane, and he was relieving her and taking over. Hayes, fed up, fired him, and once Kinsey stormed off, told Weir to continue. He went with Weir's idea. (SG1: Lost City, part 2)

The negotiations with the High Council of the System Lords (in the persons of Yu, Amaterasu, and Camulus) were her first interplanetary negotiations. (SG1: New Order)

She steadfastly refused to help the Goa'uld in their battle against Baal, even when they offered hyperdrive engines as an enticement (without mentioning how many they planned to offer, and refusing to give a total number of their own ships, so Earth could plan to build an equivalent force). (SG1: New Order)

To emphasize the fact that Earth didn't need Goa'uld help, Weir told them that Earth had hyperdrive technology already, and that it was being implemented with the help of the Asgard. This was news to the Goa'uld. (SG1: New Order)

NB: (personal speculation) This may have nullified the entire Protected Planets Treaty. Although no mention was made of it, the fact is that one of the requirements of the treaty is that the Asgard not give technological help to any of the planets under its protection, and that helping even just one would nullify the entire thing. Earth is still listed in the treaty, so theoretically, all the treaty's provisions should still apply.

When Amaterasu implied (pretty broadly) that the System Lords would just let Baal know that Earth's Ancient weapon wasn't working, to trick him into going to Earth so Earth would have to destroy him anyway, Weir appeared to cave, agreeing to take him on. She followed it up immediately with non-negotiable conditions: Earth was to be given all of Baal's territory, armies, and ships in return. As she expected, this didn't go over especially well, and bought Earth a little time as the three negotiating Goa'uld had to contact the other System Lords to discuss the new situation. (SG1: New Order)

After temporarily bluffing the Goa'uld, while waiting for them to come up with an answer, Weir started thinking about reviving Jack from stasis, even without the Asgard standing by to save his life by yanking the Ancient knowledge from his brain before it destroyed him.

She specifically wanted the Anciented Jack (okay, terrible term, but you know what I mean), so he could use the weapon -- assuming it still had enough of a charge to be useful -- against either Baal or the other Goa'uld, because it was starting to look like Earth was definitely in for an attack, and soon. (SG1: New Order)

When the Goa'uld delegation was recalled to further discuss the issue, Weir was seeing them off, and was as surprised as they were when the stargate shut down.

When Daniel (who'd shut it down personally) came into the gateroom to explain that the System Lords were sending a ship to attack Earth to test its defenses, Weir declared that an act of war, and took Yu, Camulus, and Amaterasu (and Oshu, by default) prisoner, stripping them of diplomatic rights. (SG1: New Order)

After listening to an impassioned plea by Oshu (who basically told her that Baal's power would put Anubis's to shame if he succeeded in conquering the System Lords, and asked that she free them all to fight him, or at least to die with honor), she went to her superiors and was told to free the Goa'uld delegates. (SG1: New Order)

She was taken completely by surprise when Camulus requested asylum on Earth, but granted it. (SG1: New Order)

Shortly thereafter, Hayes requested that she switch jobs, and supervise the research at the Ancient outpost in Antarctica -- her particular skills were well-suited to handling the delicate situation with the various international claims already being made on the site. (SG1: New Order)

Before she left, she passed along the news of Hammond's new job, and Jack's proposed promotion. (SG1: New Order)

Her last official act as head of the SGC was to introduce the SGC to its new commanding officer -- Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. (SG1: New Order)


Atlantis career

Leader of the expeditionary team to Atlantis. (Rising pt 1, all other eps)

Her office was a smaller room off the control room, with clear walls and door -- it was connected to the control room by a bridge/catwalk thing. (Rising pt 1, multiple eps)

She was prepared to write off Sumner and the others after they were captured by the Wraith, on the grounds that she didn't want to risk anyone else, until Sheppard convinced her that they had to at least make the effort because it was the right thing to do. (Rising pt 2)

She knew it was inappropriate of her to suggest abandoning them -- she deliberately took Sheppard aside privately to discuss it with him, not wanting to have the conversation where anyone else could hear what she wanted to do. Sheppard called her on that. (Rising pt 2)

Despite claiming that she wanted to get to know the Athosians better, she seemed to make no attempt to do so -- Sheppard was the one forming connections there, while Weir basically ignored them. (Hide and Seek)

When Halling approached her asking to be allowed to contact Teyla, trapped aboard a puddlejumper stuck halfway through a stargate, and pray with her in his people's apparent equivalent of Last Rites, Weir shut him down completely, refusing to entertain the notion because it contradicted her own way of looking at the situation (which was not to admit that death was even a potentiality, much less allow people to prepare for it if they wanted to, because she believed any thought other than ' survival' to be inappropriate). (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

She had a confrontation with Dr. Kavanagh over his perception of her treatment of him in front of his research team: he believed she had humiliated him, and she wanted him to get over himself and get back to work trying to save the lives of six trapped people who only had minutes to live. When he kept going on about it, she threatened to exile him to a barren planet where he ' could be as self-important' as he wanted to be. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

After living on Atlantis for three months side by side with the Athosians, she still only knew a handful of them by name. (Suspicion)

She said she wanted to get to know them all personally to rectify that, but picked an appallingly poor way of going about that: formal meetings, at a briefing table, with Sergeant Bates and a person recording every word in attendance. The atmosphere was incredibly cold, distant, and intimidating. (Suspicion)

She suspended all gate travel ' until further notice' when she assumed that Atlantis was harboring a spy, presumably an Athosian. (Suspicion)

She put Sgt. Bates in charge of base/city security. (Suspicion)

She put the entire city under self-regulating quarantine when she was informed that a viral agent may have infected several scientists. (Hot Zone)

When the opportunity arose to send personal messages back home in a highly compressed data burst along with the official data being sent, Weir first sent individual messages back to the families of everyone who'd died under her command -- except Sumner's family. She left that for Sheppard, feeling that he would want it that way. She had to pause either during or after that, then eventually moved on to sending a message to the families of everyone else in the expedition, expressing her pride in and admiration of their loved ones for their heroism, resourcefulness, and determination. (Letters from Pegasus)

She was prepared to destroy Atlantis, but when Zelenka drew her attention to the Ancient database that they would also have to destroy, she started focusing on trying to save as much of that as possible, backed up to their own harddrives before they had to flee. She was intensely frustrated at Zelenka's estimate that  only  7-8%, or maybe 9%, of the database could be backed up, given their compression codecs and the amount of harddrive space they had. Zelenka had to point out that they were at war, and with war comes casualties. (The Siege part 1)

When the satellite only managed to destroy one hive ship before being itself destroyed (with Grodin aboard), Weir had no choice, and ordered the evacation of the city. (The Siege part 1)

She was relieved as leader when Colonel Everett stepped through the gate, on General O'Neill's signed orders. She accepted the new command structure, but was displeased to be left out of the initial tactical meeting. Sheppard backed her, telling Everett he was risking alienating everyone on the base by cutting her out of the loop. Everett relented, letting her sit in on the briefing.. (The Siege part 2)

She contacted the Genii on Sheppard's suggestion (with Everett's knowledge), hoping to get them to agree to give Atlantis their nuclear weapon to use against the Wraith. When the Genii agreed to let one unarmed representative through to discuss the matter, Weir went. (The Siege part 2)

She was blindfolded and brought to a room in the underground facility, where Prenum told her he was surprised at her audacity at going to the Genii. (The Siege part 2)

Weir told him that the Atlantians still had something the Genii wanted -- not just C-4, but a chance to test their nukes against the Wraith, with no repercussions from the Wraith. He told her they'd been and gone already -- the Genii had managed to shut down their reactors in time, and while hundreds of people had been culled on the surface, thousands more had been safe underground, and now the Wraith would have no more interest in their planet. After they went back and forth a few more times, she finally got through to him that she had offered the C-4 regardless -- he didn't need to trade her for it -- and that rather than incorporating it into their weapons and testing them on nothing, this was his chance to have them tested against hive ships with no danger to themselves, with enough C-4 left over to power dozens more bombs. He eventually went for it, and sent her back to Atlantis free and with the prototypes. (The Siege part 2)

After the siege, she brought her senior staff back to Earth through the stargate to be debriefed and take part in selecting the additions to their departments. (The Intruder)

When General Landry told her that Caldwell was their choice for new military commander of Atlantis, Weir insisted that, instead, Sheppard be given a promotion to lieutenant colonel and be confirmed in the position, after functioning as commander for the previous year by default. She totally disregarded their concerns about his record and behavior in her determination to get Sheppard back at any cost, going so far as to tell Landry he didn't want to fight her on this (military decision) because she,  as  civilian  leader  of  the  expedition, had the support of the president and their foreign allies. (The Intruder)

She had absolutely no idea how to approach or handle Ronon Dex when Sheppard told her he'd asked Ronon to be part of her team. She wound up simply giving Sheppard full responsibility for him. (Duet)



She speaks five languages -- including Russian and probably Latin, since she was familiar enough with it to know that 'derentis' wasn't Latin. (SG1: Lost City, part 1)

She picked up a sixth during her time at the Ancient outpost -- Ancient. (Hide and Seek)

It isn't clear if she's fluent in it yet, but she knows enough to translate a prayer spoken in front of her (although she seemed slightly uncertain about the precise accuracy of the translation). (Hide and Seek)

Her ability with Ancient apparently lent itself to realizing that the Wraith language McKay had found on a salvaged data recorder was a derivative, and once she knew that, she managed to translate at least some of it. (The Gift)



Pain & Death

Severe injuries / illness






Confirmed deaths



Confirmed kills

Note: Wraith are very, very hard to kill, and humans may have access to medical help. A kill actually has to be confirmed by someone on the screen, or has to be incredibly obvious, for me to count it.



Personal enemies






A few months after arrival on Atlantis, she was complaining about her knee a bit (enough so that McKay remembered and made sure she had the easiest of the grounding stations to deal with, but not so much that she was limping). (The Storm)



Doesn't particularly like football (but doesn't put it down, either). (Hide and Seek)


Musical tastes



Food preferences

Likes microwave popcorn (Hide and Seek)


Personal habits



Random misc

Consistently uses the first names of civilians under her command, and uses first names occasionally for military personnel (usually when she wants to emphasize a bond of some sort). (Rising pt 1, multiple eps)

Kept her birthday private -- she was surprised when Sheppard knew when it was and handed her a gift. (Before I Sleep)

Apparently thinks of herself as 'Elizabeth' , not a diminutive -- original-timeline Weir called current-timeline Weir 'Elizabeth' when they met. (Before I Sleep)

When the original-timeline version of her died, she cremated her and scattered her ashes over Atlantis. (Before I Sleep)

When the opportunity arose to send personal messages back home in a highly compressed data burst along with the official data being sent, Weir first took care of her official duties -- messages to the families of the dead, then messages to the families of the living expressing her pride and admiration for her people -- then sent her own personal message: a recording for Simon telling him to stop waiting for her, and to move on with his life. (Letters from Pegasus)

From the hallucination imposed by the energy beings of M5S-224

NB: None of this information is guaranteed to be correct, since the energy beings failed to create a perfect illusion. Take all of it with a grain of salt.

Drove a red convertible BMW back on Earth (Home)

Had a dog named Sedge. (Home)

It's possible that she'd never seen Hammond in anything other than dress blues -- all her encounters with him inside the hallucination had him in full uniform. (Home)


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