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Episode Summaries: Season Two

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Second Season -- 2005



The Siege part 3

The Daedalus arrives and helps turn the tide against the Wraith ships, but before the city can celebrate, 12 more are spotted on the way. Meanwhile, Ford is rescued but is addicted to the Wraith 'feeding' enzyme, which has made him a little nuts. While the rest of the expedition deals with fighting off the Wraith and hiding the city beneath a cloak, Ford steals some enzyme, some weapons, and a puddlejumper, and flees through the stargate.

The Intruder

On the way back from Earth to Atlantis with new personnel and supplies, the Daedalus is overtaken by a Wraith computer virus that's designed to bring the ship to the Wraith. It's effectively an AI, adapting to anything they do to try to stop it and staying one step ahead of them.


While searching for Ford, Sheppard and Teyla are captured by Ronon Dex, a 'Runner' who was once captured by the Wraith and who  now spends his life running from them, being hunted and hunting them in turn.


McKay winds up with a passenger in his head after being culled by a Wraith dart along with Lt. Laura Cadman -- when they're rescued, only McKay's body rematerializes, with both their consciousnesses in it. Meanwhile, Ronon Dex starts to settle into the city.




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