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Ellori's people

General info

Planet: local name unknown. SGC planet designation P4S-237 (Prophecy)

The people have an ancient prophecy that one day strangers would come through the chaapa'ai (stargate) to slay the gods and free their people. (Prophecy)

The people live in what appear to be at least semi-permanent tents (all black) around the entrance to the naquadah mine, and are very poor. (Prophecy)

Although Baal, their supposed god, hadn't shown his face in a hundred years or so, his " emissary" still arrived regularly to pick up the tribute -- Lord Mot (who in fact was stealing the tribute, which Baal had long forgotten about). (Prophecy)

Mot earned the enmity of the local village when, after a winter that had brought a terrible sickness (so that many of the villagers couldn't work, and thus there wasn't enough naquadah to meet the tribute), he chose ten of the sickest -- including the headman's son-in-law -- and executed them in front of the entire village. Most of the villagers wanted to be rid of him more than anything. (Prophecy)

The locals have a strong sedative -- kelmina root, which can knock someone out for hours, even a Jaffa. (Prophecy)

Known natives


Still believed that the Goa'uld were the rightful rulers of the planet. When he realized that Ellori was happily colluding with SG-1 and SG-15 to destroy Lord Mot and free the locals, he called Mot on a long-range communicator and got him to come a day early, before anyone was prepared. When SG-1 and SG-15 escaped, he took it upon himself to sound the alarm, inadvertently warning them that they were being pursued and giving them time to prepare for an attack. Mot was displeased -- he'd allowed the escape, hoping the Tau'ri would walk into the trap he had set by the stargate (and give him access to the SGC by having first opened the gate and sent the IDC). Mot ribboned Chazen nearly to death for upsetting his plans only Natania's interference (she shot Mot) saved Chazen. (Prophecy)


Local headman, to all appearances. Father of Natania. He started dropping hints as early as possible about wanting SG-1 to free his people from Lord Mot after a while, they stopped being hints. He had a personal reason for wanting Mot dead or gone: the previous year, after a bad, illness-stricken winter for the village in which they couldn't mine enough naquadah to meet the tribute, Mot took ten of the sickest -- including Ellori's son-in-law -- and executed them in front of the entire village. When Mot arrived a day early to put down the signs of local rebellion, he held Ellori in the village, to make an example of him. (Prophecy)


Ellori's daughter. Widowed after Mot took her husband as one of the ten sickest villagers and executed them all as punishment to the village for not having mined enough naquadah, after a winter filled with terrible sickness. She was completely in sympathy with her father's plans to rid the village of Mot's rule. After Chazen captured SG-1 and SG-15 for Mot, she drugged the guards and freed both teams, leading them back to the stargate when Jack told her they couldn't rescue her captured father without reinforcements. While they were off battling a Jaffa ambush, Natania took matters into her own hands: she shot Mot twice with a Tau'ri pistol, killing him (and saving Chazen's life -- Mot had been ribboning him to death at the time). Strong, smart, practical, capable woman. (Prophecy)


One of Chazen's followers he was sent to check on the prisoners after Chazen heard Hammond warning them about a trap on their captured radios. (Prophecy)



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