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General info

Planet: Latona. SGC designation unknown.

Peaceful, nonconfrontational race. Their society has regressed technologically no one remembers how anything works anymore, content as long as it still works. They're dependent for their defense upon a weapon built by their ancestors. (The Sentinel)

The people of Latona ignored the Jaffa-imposed curfew and otherwise didn't prepare for Svarog's arrival, because they didn't understand that they were being conquered -- they have no real concept of true conflict on that scale. They have no wish to serve anyone, and didn't understand why the Jaffa and Svarog didn't just go away after being told that. (The Sentinel)

They are possibly related to the people of P2A-463 -- they share a similar written language. (The Sentinel)

" Led" (there doesn't seem to be much of a leadership structure) by Marul. (The Sentinel)

The Sentinel:

Built three hundred years ago by the Latonans's ancestors as a defense for the entire planet. It was created to free the people to pursue matters of the mind and spirit, without fear of invasion, war, or conquest. The people know that it's protecting them as long as a particular flame burns in the city. When an enemy ship appears, it gets " sent away" in a flash of bright light. The Goa'uld (or anyone else, for that matter) have never successfully invaded Latona since it was built. (The Sentinel)

Protected by a force field, supposedly impenetrable. The original NID team that discovered it got through in 48 hours when they returned with SG-1, they were through in a short time with Daniel's help. The patterns -- over a hundred of them -- in the mechanisms generating the force field change randomly, and the code that opens the force field changes constantly, relative to the harmonics of the notes in each pattern. To crack the code, you have to listen for the mathematical progression of the harmonic in each given pattern relative to its spectral equivalent. (The Sentinel)

Its caretaker is a human, somehow bound to it. Works in tandem with the Sentinel, giving the weapon purpose and direction (without the caretaker, the weapon won't fire). He wears a band around his wrist (deadman switch) -- as soon as the caretaker dies, the people in the city know because the flame goes out. The caretaker is the only person allowed to see the Sentinel. (The Sentinel)

Its condition is known by a flame in Marul's office -- as long as the flame burns, the Sentinel is looking after the planet, and is in turn being looked after. The flame can be fooled, though after Colonel Grieves killed the caretaker, Lieutenant Kershaw rigged a device that would convince the monitor he'd been wearing that he was still alive, so the flame never went out and Marul never knew that the planet was now unprotected. (The Sentinel)

Known Latonans:


The Latonans's leader. An inoffensive, seemingly ineffective man who nonetheless holds firm to his people's principles and laws. It might just be that he didn't understand what he was doing, but he stood up to a Jaffa commander who was trying to intimidate the Latonan people. He also called Jack on a few pertinent points -- like why should he believe Jack, if Jack admits that other Earth people have been lying to him. (The Sentinel)



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