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Last updated: April 12, 2006
through Duet

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NOTE: spoilers for unaired eps

PLEASE DON'T WRITE TO ME WITH SPOILERS about episodes that haven't aired yet in the United States, even little tiny minor ones that you assume everyone knows. I understand that most of the fandom loves and thrives on spoilers, but I genuinely do not. I don't download episodes, so I know nothing about anything that hasn't aired yet, from plot to cast/guest actors, and I Do Not Want To Know. I don't even watch the previews for the next week, or read the TiVo description before I see the episode. I also avoid rumors and speculation, and all cast/crew interviews. If you're not sure an episode has aired yet, check the SciFi episode guide -- if the episode isn't listed/linked, I don't want to know anything about it. This includes any and all information about Stargate SG1, including casting. Thanks.

Caveat Lector:

The flip side of that coin: These pages contain spoilers for every aired episode up to and including DUET. I don't claim that this is a complete collection of info, and I expect to be adding to it regularly -- both stuff from new eps, and stuff from older eps as I come across it. These pages also contain some personal opinion. I write this first and foremost for myself, and even if that weren't the case, everything I see gets filtered through my own perceptions before I can write it down. I try very hard to mark any place where I'm offering an opinion or an editorial comment, and to be as evenhanded and factual about everything else as possible, but I make no claim that this site is 100% objective.


All pages are accessible via the drop-down menu in the upper right portion of every page. There's also a site index, where every major term on the site is listed and linked directly back to its main entry. The search function (next to the drop-down menu at the top of each page) will bring you page links to find something within a page, use your browser's 'find in page' function. The search is advertising-supported I have no control over the advertising links that show up above the search results, but they're easy to ignore. If you can't find something using the search engine, try the site index  -- often, the problem is using a spelling different than the one I have on the site, which will return no search results.

There are also links across the bottom of every page for frames-free navigation, if you lose the frame or the drop-down menu isn't working. Those include links to my other pages. Throughout the site, a link to other information in this reference site will open inside the frame any external link will open in a new window, including links to my other pages. (If you notice an external link opening inside the frame, please let me know so I can fix it!)

Within each page, there's now a side navigation bar that you can use to get to any point within the page. My sincere apologies to anyone on a 640x480 resolution screen -- the internal frames are going to be basically  impossible for you, and my best advice is to click on the 'break out of the frame' link on any page, and navigate by the links across the bottom of the page.

I've tried to make it as easy as possible to find things via drop-down menu, search function, site index, and cross-reference links, but am always completely open to suggestions on how to improve it.



For the most part, spellings are taken from closed-captioning. I tend to pick one spelling and stick with it if the show is inconsistent -- usually the first I see, but sometimes I'll go with whatever seems more likely.

I use 'Atlantians' on the site to refer to the current inhabitants of Atlantis (the expedition team). My first instinct was to go with 'Atlantean', partly to differentiate from the 'Lantians' (the Ancients who lived there), but both closed-captioning and the official SciFi site use the version with the 'i' instead of the 'e', so that's what it is.

I use 'puddlejumper' as one word -- many other sources consider it to be two words. American English is trending steadily toward closing up two-word terms, and in this particular case, I felt that was the way to go, since the term isn't describing a type of airplane but a whole new flying craft.

Timing of events:

I consider each season to happen during a calendar year, running basically concurrently with the SG1-universe year. See my note on the SG1 site that explains why I went with a calendar year rather than airdates.

Season Year





Team makeup:

Logically, the team should be Sheppard, McKay, Ford (or Ronon, depending on season), and Teyla, since they're the ones who go offworld as the basic exploratory team. But the official site insists on listing Weir as part of the team, so I'm reluctantly going along with that. She has her own page under 'Team', like the others, rather than being included in the Atlantis Personnel page. But if I refer to the team elsewhere on the site, I mean the core four-person team.

Terminology note: Soldier

If I know precisely the correct service term to refer to someone in the military, I'll use it. If I'm not sure or am speaking generally of military personnel, I'll either use 'military personnel' (or sometimes just 'personnel', depending on the situation), or 'soldiers'.

I'm aware that Marines prefer to be referred to as Marines at all times, and that enlisted Air Force personnel are airmen, not soldiers. But given the mix of services - not to mention personnel from a variety of countries/traditions - and the fact that it isn't always clear who's what, sometimes I've got to go with a more generic term. The primary defintion for 'soldier' at is:

1 a: one engaged in military service and especially in the army b: an enlisted man or woman c: a skilled warrior

That covers all the military personnel on the base, when you get right down to it.


Last updated: April 12, 2006
through Duet

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Amendments, corrections, and additions are always welcome at arduinna@stargatehandbook .
All I ask is that you please don't include any spoilers, no matter how minor, for episodes that haven't aired yet in the US.
Many, many thanks to everyone who's pointed out mistakes and missing stuff that I should add.
If you've written to me and I haven't responded to you, I'm not ignoring you, just swamped.
I answer everything eventually, I promise.

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