Site layout and navigation

Why do you use so many frames?

How can I keep the left navbar when I break out of a frame? I wanted a direct link, but I still want to be able to move around in the page easily

Are you ever going to add images to the site?

Why doesn't the search engine bring up any results for me?

Do you have something like's Lexicon, where I can just look for a specific term and go straight to that listing?

Site info

Why does it take you so long to update?

What is it with you being pissy about the gate chevrons lighting up one by one? It happens all the time on the show, so it must be right.

If I send you my theory about why something happened, will you put it up?

Outside the specific SGA canon

Where's the Stargate SG-1 info?

I never watched SG-1, but want a little more background on the universe/characters -- what SG-1 eps would you suggest?

Where's the Stargate Infinity info?

Do you have spoilers? Do you have behind-the-scenes info? Can you ask TPTB something for me?

Why isn't there actor info on the site?

Why isn't there RPG info on the site?


Is it really okay to email you, or will I just be bothering you?

Why did it take you four months to answer my email? My friend wrote to you and you answered her the same day!

I know you said you don't like spoilers, but you *have* heard about X, right? I mean, everyone knows about *that*. So that's okay to mention, right?


Can I copy part/all of your site to put up on my own site? I'm doing one about X, and you've got everything I need.

Can I get notified when the site is updated? It's a pain checking back all the time when all I want is the new stuff.